August 24, 2008

A Year!

It has been an entire year since Jesus and I started this blog. Who would've thought it would last this long?

I'm glad we're still doing what we're doing. While it's a lot of work it's also a lot of fun to be able to write whatever I want and to describe what I experience with Boston University sports.

I hope that our content and entertainment value has gotten better over time. It's my goal for this year in Terrier sports to cover a lot more and to get a lot more descriptive and in depth.

In this upcoming year we're going to provide you with exclusive Hot Dog and Jesus pictures and videos - media you won't find anywhere else. We'll pursue the athletes you want to know more about with exclusive HDJ interviews. We're going to try to make our site a go-to for Terrier sports. If this means a war between us and CSTV since they own, so be it.

In other news the BU women's soccer team lost their first game of the season to Boston College 1-0. So it begins - BC's already a game up on the Terriers and school hasn't even started. Goalie Janie Reilly did elevate her game - 8 saves. A close loss to start the season against a ranked team ain't that bad. It just sucks it's against BC.

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