August 17, 2008

Things Already Looking Good For The BUDT

You might be getting tired of all the BUDT updates you're getting over this entire summer. But hey, if we don't do it, who the hell will?

There is a contingency of BUDT fans. I'll go so far as to call them fanatics. Of course Jesus and I are at the forefront of them. So for them, for us, these updates are much appreciated.

You'll get a full season preview of the dance team soon enough but for now here's what has gone done in the month of August:

The BU Dance Team participated in the NDA College Camp. It takes place annually in August because that is usually the time dance teams start preparing and really begin their upcoming season.

BUDT absolutely dominated the camp - 1st place and winners of the Best All Around Dance Team in Division 1. Winners of the Most Collegiate Dance Team in Division 1. Both these awards ammount to a partially paid trip back to Dance Team Nationals in April of 2009.

Now, Jesus and I have been on the BUDT bandwagon from the beginning. We always knew the massive ammount of potential (and hotness) that this team has. If you ask me this is a team of destiny - destinied to bring BU it's first national title since 1995. I hope I'm wrong and some other team wins it all before the BUDT, but then again, I hope I'm right and the Dance Team takes home a title.

In addition to all these team awards two dancers were recognized for their individual achievements. The 2008-2009 All-American Dancers are:

Rachel Scott

Team Co-Captain Kaitlyn Busconi

At least we all know that one team has been working tirelessly during the offseason.


J. Manuel said...

good stuff brian. BUDT is a group of winners

Tall-boy said...