August 9, 2008

Summer in the City

So last week 24 student athletes from BU volunteered at the University's "Summer in the City." This event was
"a free day-long community outreach effort aimed to bring together the various Boston neighborhoods. The Terriers volunteered at the event that, in conjunction with the City of Boston and Mayor's Office, hosted games at the Fitness and Recreation Center as well as performances by 4Peace & Floorlords and American Idol finalists Paris Bennett and Brandon Rogers at Agganis Arena."

I attended because some BUDT members put on a performance, and everyone knows, I never miss a BUDT performance.

While I was at this event I was able to catch up with some athletes. Some were more banged up physically than others. Take Scott Brittain for example who had an air cast on with what he was calling a stress reaction in his leg. Chances are he will be fine, but I won't deny that I cried myself to sleep later that night knowing he could be hurt.

Much like some being more hurt than others, some volunteered more than others. I saw the Dog Pound's leader for next year - Michael Salem - walking around with Rhett. They went to the bathroom together so I followed, you know, trying to get a word with Mike and definitely not trying to sneak a peak at anyone.

So I make it into the bathroom and walk to the last row of lockers. Once I get there I'm greeted my Mike as whoever is in Rhett is taking the head off. After I get a handshake from Salem I look to see who it is in Rhett today - the most unlikely of people.

Marques Johnson. The suit made him look like he had just been pumping himself with roids all summer, and there's nothing wrong with that. It was a good look if I can say so myself.

On top of that I now know where some of the BU football team's pads ended up.

It was a pleasant and hilarious surprise. At least we know now that if Marques pisses Wolff off at some point during the year he has a backup plan.

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