August 26, 2008

Nickerson Got a Makeover

While many of you were getting a tan at the beach over the summer BU's very own Nickerson Field was also going through a stage of self-improvement. Massive self-improvement.

What happened?

Well, that little stage-type thing was demolished. It's still unclear how or why that thing got put in in the first place, but now no one needs to worry about it - or whatever shady activities went on in it past sundown.

The old FieldTurf that had been in place since 2001 has been replaced with newer, sexier, state of the art FieldTurf. Just look at it. Don't you want to lie naked on it and find out what it feels like. Little bity fresh tire chunks gettin' all up in your shoes and hard to reach places. I want to bury my nose in it and just smell how new it is.

In addition, at some point a 400 meter track will be put in - a huge upgrade from the dirt path that ran around the edge of the field.

What's great is anyone can experience this upgrade, not only the athletes. Intramural sports will play numerous games on it, students will be able to go down on a beautiful week day and toss a frisbee, play wiffleball, and even work on their tans.

Unfortunately there is no smoking, eating, or drinking on the field. So my dream of a cigar-style welcome back BBQ/dance team/stripper party at midfield of Nickerson is a total pipe dream.


Now let's get a hot new scoreboard in there too. Maybe a big-ass video screen.

And why stop there? Ever seen Case Gymnasium? It's great for a high school gym. Or a college venue in the 70's. I hope that'll get sexed up soon too. Your tuition at work!

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DJ Capobianco said...

Awesome entry on the transformation.

I feel bad for the athletes--especially the female teams--who have to play at Case. It's smells of second-class status (perhaps literally).