August 28, 2008

Season Preview: Men's Soccer

Tomorrow kicks off the men's soccer season. Of course they play Boston College at Boston College. Such a fitting start to the year. Oh, and BC is preseason ranked #4. Again BC shows the world that money can by you anything, even an ovelry high preseason rank.

As I gave you with the women's soccer team I'll provide some insight and some things you might what to know as the men's soccer team begins their sure-to-be triumphant season.

2007 Record: 9-7-4

In depth:
Conference: 3-2-3
Home: 6-1-2
Neutral: 1-1-0

Dominant on Nickerson. Too bad that old turf is gone. Let's hope that didn't have anything to do with it.

Credentials: The Terriers lost in the conference quarterfinals to UNH on Penalty kicks. They recieved an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament but lost 2-1 to the Minutemen of UMass. Last year was the first time since '91 that the Terriers were an at-large build, which is quite an accomplishment.

Key Losses: Captain Defender Derek Puerta and Midfielder Kevin Grammer. That's about it. Those are the seniors who left at least. It's like BU basketball circa 07-08. Let's hope not with similar results.

Key Returnees:
Leading scorer, Sophomore midfielder and America East Rookie of the Year Aaron O'Neal, Junior Defender Shaun Taylor, Junior Midfielder Samuel Appiah. Just look at him, you know he runs like a 4.3 40.

BU returns 17 members from last year while they bring in 12 freshmen. That is not a typo. The freshmen on the team represent roughly .006% of the incoming class. Think about that. College Soccer News ranked BU's incoming class in the Top 40. That's gotta count for something. Maybe a Rookie of the Year for someone?

Who's Gonna Have to Step Up: Senior forward Shaun Taylor.

It's time he stop intimidating everyone in the dinning hall and start intimidating people on the field. And he oughta back that name (with different spelling) with some huge hits. He should probably just change his number to 21, in honor of the late/greate Redskins DB, of course.

Oh and the Freshmen. One in particular - Stephen Knox. He's a member of the U-20 Trinidad and Tobago National team, was the starting center forward for the U-17 National team during the FIFA U-17 World Cup and scored 21 goals for his nation. Dropping that fun fact should be a good enough pick up line.

What the Coaches think:
Third. That's where they were picked to finish last year. With a simliar team and much younger team, that pick isn't too surprising.

1. Vermont (5), 60
2. Binghamton (3), 53
3. BU, 51
4. New Hampshire (1), 38
5. UMBC, 35
6. Hartford, 32
7. Stony Brook, 29
8. Albany, 17
9. Maine, 9

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:
- BU outscored their opponents 26 to 19.
- The Terriers averaged more than a shot a game than their opponents.
- 25 yellow cards for BU on the year. That's a little more exciting than the lady's 6.
- Only 73 corners for BU. 84 for their opponents.
- While BU gets a lot of yellow cards they were outfouled by their opponents 299-307.

Hot Dog's Predictions:
This is really teh type of year that could be simply amazing or simply awful. It could totally go either way because of the youth of this team. They are youthful, but at the same time they return a lot. This is the type of mix and chemistry that could be beneficial.

- Final Record:
This is going to be a tough year with an incredibly tough schedule.

- Final Finish:
Unfortunately, I don't think the Terriers can live up to last year. Being young has nothign to do with it - it's a tough tough schedule. If the Terriers can win the AEC tournament they have the potential to be a Bracketbuster in teh NCAA's. I think the Terriers will make it to at the conference semifinals. Depending on who they beat in non-conference play can and will determine if they are deserving of an automatic bid.

2008 Schedule:

8/29 - @ #4 BC
8/31 - vs. #13 UMass
9/6 - @ #2 UConn
9/12 - @ St. John's
9/14 - vs. Rhode Island
9/17 - vs. #11 Brown
9/20 - vs. Colgate
9/23 - @ Northeastern
9/30 - vs. Harvard
10/4 - vs. Albany
10/8 - @ Stony Brook
10/11 - vs. Binghamton
10/15 - @ Maine
10/18 - @ New Hampshire
10/22 - vs. Vermont
10/25 - @ UMBC
11/1 - vs. Hartford.

Well, here we go. This should be an adventure. But don't forget about this:

Woopty woo!

August 26, 2008

Nickerson Got a Makeover

While many of you were getting a tan at the beach over the summer BU's very own Nickerson Field was also going through a stage of self-improvement. Massive self-improvement.

What happened?

Well, that little stage-type thing was demolished. It's still unclear how or why that thing got put in in the first place, but now no one needs to worry about it - or whatever shady activities went on in it past sundown.

The old FieldTurf that had been in place since 2001 has been replaced with newer, sexier, state of the art FieldTurf. Just look at it. Don't you want to lie naked on it and find out what it feels like. Little bity fresh tire chunks gettin' all up in your shoes and hard to reach places. I want to bury my nose in it and just smell how new it is.

In addition, at some point a 400 meter track will be put in - a huge upgrade from the dirt path that ran around the edge of the field.

What's great is anyone can experience this upgrade, not only the athletes. Intramural sports will play numerous games on it, students will be able to go down on a beautiful week day and toss a frisbee, play wiffleball, and even work on their tans.

Unfortunately there is no smoking, eating, or drinking on the field. So my dream of a cigar-style welcome back BBQ/dance team/stripper party at midfield of Nickerson is a total pipe dream.


Now let's get a hot new scoreboard in there too. Maybe a big-ass video screen.

And why stop there? Ever seen Case Gymnasium? It's great for a high school gym. Or a college venue in the 70's. I hope that'll get sexed up soon too. Your tuition at work!

August 24, 2008

A Year!

It has been an entire year since Jesus and I started this blog. Who would've thought it would last this long?

I'm glad we're still doing what we're doing. While it's a lot of work it's also a lot of fun to be able to write whatever I want and to describe what I experience with Boston University sports.

I hope that our content and entertainment value has gotten better over time. It's my goal for this year in Terrier sports to cover a lot more and to get a lot more descriptive and in depth.

In this upcoming year we're going to provide you with exclusive Hot Dog and Jesus pictures and videos - media you won't find anywhere else. We'll pursue the athletes you want to know more about with exclusive HDJ interviews. We're going to try to make our site a go-to for Terrier sports. If this means a war between us and CSTV since they own, so be it.

In other news the BU women's soccer team lost their first game of the season to Boston College 1-0. So it begins - BC's already a game up on the Terriers and school hasn't even started. Goalie Janie Reilly did elevate her game - 8 saves. A close loss to start the season against a ranked team ain't that bad. It just sucks it's against BC.

August 23, 2008

Season Preview: Women's Soccer

It's a good thing that the Women's Soccer teams game isn't until 7 pm tonight because this article still works as a season preview.

Now here at the Hot Dog and Jesus blog we've been known to cover four Boston University topics pretty exclusively: Women's Basketball, Men's Hockey, Men's Basketball, and the Dance Team. However, it's one of my goals in this upcoming year to cover any and every BU sport there is.

Hence the BU Women's Soccer preview. I'm not going to lie - I had to do some research to learn more about this team. I really didn't know anything off the top of my head about them.
So here is the 4-1-1 about the lady Terriers:

2007 Record: 11-7-3

In depth
Overall: 11-7-3
Conference: 6-1-1
Home: 5-2-2
Away: 5-4-1
Neutral: 1-1-0
All-time: 160-81-25

Credentials: America East regular and tournament champions. Eliminated first round of the NCAA tournament. 2-1 vs. Wake Forest. Last year marked the Terriers 3rd straight NCAA tournament appearance.

Key Losses: Goalie Christina Reuter, 21-game starter Defender Shannon Mullen, 21-game starter Defender Elizabeth Speck.

Key Returnees: 2007 America East Defender of the year/Leading goal scorer for the Terriers Casey Brown, 1st team all AEC members Midfielder Marisha Schumacher-Hodge and Midfielder Emily Pallotta, Striker Farrell McCleron. The team returns 21 members, 9 starters.

#10 Marisha Schumacher-Hodge

Who's Gonna Have to Step Their Game Up: Goalie Janie Reily. She started in 6 games last year, letting in 3 goals and saving 29. But Hot Dog, she has a .906 save %, that's like better than Brett Bennett! Why does she have to step it up? Because she will be the starter. Her workload will triple and she'll have to be a force in net. It will help to have so much returning talent but she will have to serve as a constant in goal.

What the Coaches think: AEC coaches are picking the Terriers to win the conference. Unanimously. The preseason coaches poll looks like this:

1. BU (64 votes)
2. UNH (52)
3. Stony Brook (46)
4. Maine (45)
5. Hartford (40)
6. Binghamton (26)
7. Albany (23)
8. UVM (19)
9. UMBC (9)

Oh UMBC, the leagues ragdoll. How did you ever manage to become D1?

Go on and celebrate, we're preseason favorites

A Look Into Some Key 2007 Stats:

- BU outscored their opponents 25-13.
- BU was outshot by their opponents 238-259. Thank you stellar goaltending.
- Stellar goaltending is correct - BU had 108 saves. Their opponents racked up 88.
- BU had 100 corner kicks during the season. Opponents only took 67.
- BU kept their mouths/emotions in check - 6 yellow cards for the Terriers, 13 for their opponents.
- The Lady Terriers averaged 193 in attendance at home, 278 on the road.

Hot Dog's Predictions:

- Final Record: 12-5-2

- Final Finish: This team has loads of potential. They return a lot and have a lot going for them. There is pressure on them to perform but I expect them to rise up to the challenge. This team will win the AEC regular season crown and the tournament. They'll outdo themselves from last year and win at least one NCAA tournament game. The Lady Terriers will do this even though history is working against them. BU has won the AEC regular season and tournament in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2007. It's an Olympic year so if the Terriers are keeping consistent with the pattern they shouldn't win the America East.

2008 Schedule:

A tricky non-conference lineup if I must say so myself.

8/23 - vs. #14 Boston College
8/28 - @ Rhode Island
8/31 - @ South Carolina
9/5 - @ Princeton
9/7 - @ #11 Connecticut
9/12 - vs. Wisconsin
9/14 - vs. Northeastern
9/19 - vs. Milwaukee (MGC)
9/21 - @ Minnesota (MGC)
9/24 - vs. Brown
9/28 - vs. Albany
10/1 - @ Darmouth
10/5 - @ UVM
10/9 - @ Binghamton
10/12 - vs. Maine
10/16 - vs. New Hampshire
10/19 - vs. Stony Brook
10/23 - @ UMBC
10/26 - @ Hartford

MGC - Minnesota Gold Classic @ Minnesota.

Good luck ladies. I'll be there to support you this season and I hope people can attend Nickerson and fuel your fire to another America East title and NCAA tournament birth.

August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Flute Guy

He's of legal drinking age. Who knows how many more women will be carrying his seed now. I do know that the number of women who want to has tripled in the last hour. Damn Flute Guy - women want to be with you, men want to be you ( and in some cases be with you).

August 17, 2008

Things Already Looking Good For The BUDT

You might be getting tired of all the BUDT updates you're getting over this entire summer. But hey, if we don't do it, who the hell will?

There is a contingency of BUDT fans. I'll go so far as to call them fanatics. Of course Jesus and I are at the forefront of them. So for them, for us, these updates are much appreciated.

You'll get a full season preview of the dance team soon enough but for now here's what has gone done in the month of August:

The BU Dance Team participated in the NDA College Camp. It takes place annually in August because that is usually the time dance teams start preparing and really begin their upcoming season.

BUDT absolutely dominated the camp - 1st place and winners of the Best All Around Dance Team in Division 1. Winners of the Most Collegiate Dance Team in Division 1. Both these awards ammount to a partially paid trip back to Dance Team Nationals in April of 2009.

Now, Jesus and I have been on the BUDT bandwagon from the beginning. We always knew the massive ammount of potential (and hotness) that this team has. If you ask me this is a team of destiny - destinied to bring BU it's first national title since 1995. I hope I'm wrong and some other team wins it all before the BUDT, but then again, I hope I'm right and the Dance Team takes home a title.

In addition to all these team awards two dancers were recognized for their individual achievements. The 2008-2009 All-American Dancers are:

Rachel Scott

Team Co-Captain Kaitlyn Busconi

At least we all know that one team has been working tirelessly during the offseason.

August 9, 2008

Summer in the City

So last week 24 student athletes from BU volunteered at the University's "Summer in the City." This event was
"a free day-long community outreach effort aimed to bring together the various Boston neighborhoods. The Terriers volunteered at the event that, in conjunction with the City of Boston and Mayor's Office, hosted games at the Fitness and Recreation Center as well as performances by 4Peace & Floorlords and American Idol finalists Paris Bennett and Brandon Rogers at Agganis Arena."

I attended because some BUDT members put on a performance, and everyone knows, I never miss a BUDT performance.

While I was at this event I was able to catch up with some athletes. Some were more banged up physically than others. Take Scott Brittain for example who had an air cast on with what he was calling a stress reaction in his leg. Chances are he will be fine, but I won't deny that I cried myself to sleep later that night knowing he could be hurt.

Much like some being more hurt than others, some volunteered more than others. I saw the Dog Pound's leader for next year - Michael Salem - walking around with Rhett. They went to the bathroom together so I followed, you know, trying to get a word with Mike and definitely not trying to sneak a peak at anyone.

So I make it into the bathroom and walk to the last row of lockers. Once I get there I'm greeted my Mike as whoever is in Rhett is taking the head off. After I get a handshake from Salem I look to see who it is in Rhett today - the most unlikely of people.

Marques Johnson. The suit made him look like he had just been pumping himself with roids all summer, and there's nothing wrong with that. It was a good look if I can say so myself.

On top of that I now know where some of the BU football team's pads ended up.

It was a pleasant and hilarious surprise. At least we know now that if Marques pisses Wolff off at some point during the year he has a backup plan.