July 5, 2008

Who decided to have the NHL draft during HD&J awards?

Perhaps we've been too busy to analyze this year's draft. I mean, come on NHL, what were you thinking holding such an event during the biggest award show that the internet has ever seen. Well, even if we don't see eye to eye with the scheduling of the NHL, in no way does that mean the Terriers were poorly represented over in Ottawa a few weeks ago. 

Everyone had almost certainly projected Colin Wilson to dress in Scarlet and White next season, but in the back of our minds there was that shot of him signing away his rights to play amateur to go to the big leagues. 

And I'm not talking overseas in one of those intense broomball leagues which the Hot Dog and I will soon sign multi-year deals to:

I'm talking NHL. And Jack Parker said it himself:

Well, the Predators ended up taking this stud as just the seventh overall pick. 

So I should be excited, right?!? I think? Perhaps it's a little too high for my comfort zone, and if BU wants to be at all competitive next year, it starts in the stick of #33. I cheered when I saw how early he was taken. And then I had to stop and think about it. Did Ricky D stay after going #1 overall to the Islanders? 

I haven't had this many mixed emotions since I saw M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" and thought it was supposed to be a serious movie.

I mean honestly, plants killing people? That has comedy written all over it.

Anyways, not only has Colin improved drastically on the ice since arriving at BU, but I heard his stock really rose when teams found out he finally learned how to read and write.

Wilson seems rather intelligent in that video. That one year of college obviously did him very well, so who needs three more years, am I right???

Well, I could dance around the topic all night if I wanted to and there's obviously no right or wrong solution until we finally get Wilson's decision, but I can't help to speculate:

After such an awful season with BU, we can only hope Colin recognizes the potential that next year's team has. A very well-rounded senior class of Higgins, Yip, Lawrence, Gilroy, and McCarthy is certainly something to stick around for. And I've always been a Bennett supporter (I won't go as far as saying I was a Bennett fan), but having anyone between the pipes who does not go by the name of Kraus or Bennett is a nice addition by subtraction to this Terrier squad.

Speaking of which, Brett's replacement, Grant Rollheiser, went in the 6th round to the Maple Leafs. Sure, Bennett went in the 5th round and this could be a few more years of disaster, but look at how quick this guy moves.

If the camera can't get him all in on one shot, how can a puck get by him? Once again, technology speaks the truth.

And really, we are asking this guy to do a hell of a lot more than he probably expects. As a freshman goalie that isn't hyped too much, you normally wouldn't have to make an immediate impact, and the fans and coaches probably wouldn't ask you to. With this team, however, we seemed to falter (and rarely, yet sometimes, succeed) based on the play of our flimsy and sometimes makeshift goaltender. I hope he's ready for the expectations of carrying one of the more prestigious programs in the country. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

While we had a total of four draft picks taken in June, I'd like to address one more problematic situation that this team will encounter next season.

We will have two brothers on the same team with nearly identical first names. Victor and Vinny Saponari will both likely get a considerable amount of time on the ice, so what do we do for jerseys?!?

It reminds me of the situation that the Denver Broncos had a few years ago with too many D. Williams' on their squad. Perhaps the most memorable Williams of that bunch, Darrent Williams, ended up with his full name on his jersey: 

He ended up dying at the age of just 24 years old in a drive-by shooting, but he will clearly go down in NFL history as having the most BA jersey ever.

Vin. Saponari or Vic. Saponari on the back of a jersey would just be excessive, so I'm pulling for a full name jersey next season. My vote follows seniority, and I can't wait for third round draft pick Vinny Saponari to skate out on opening night to an irreplaceable jersey, certainly making him a fan favorite of mine. Victor, well, he just missed his shot.


Anonymous said...

It has become clear to me that you two are unquestionably closeted, costume covered homosexuals. Your story from high school to college is one of the queerest things to exist and I am so happy you two found one another early in life so you may patrol the world, hand in hand, for the rest of your days. Good luck on your relationship. It truly brightens my day to see your love blossom publicly.

Anonymous said...

yeah thats why brian is dating a hot chick from budt and ross is a mothafuckin p.i.m.p

The Hot Dog said...

I'm sorry, I can't help it that Jesus is my hetero lifemate in a non-sexual way.

jorie4l said...

Making anonymous posts on blogs is not an appropriate outlet for your latent homosexuality. You are the one who is the ball licker.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first guy. Gayest duo at BU. Unquestionably. I bet they hold hands at hockey games and suck each others thumbs at night. As a REAL fan of BU sports who doesn't need to try or be a make-shift mascot to be popular AND is a member of the Dog Pound, I urge you to shove your egos where the sun don't shine and motorboat each other on your way thru a life of gaydom.

The Hot Dog said...

HEY! The only time we hold hands at hockey games is during "Living On A Prayer." And that's only because Bon Jovi says to "take my hand and we'll make it I swear."

And as a LEADER of the Dog Pound I urge you to stop the hate, because at the end of the day we all root for the same team.

I won't call you a latent homosexual like jorie4l has, because, well, I have no idea who you are, but making anonymous comments on OUR blog doesn't really do much, because there will always be haters, I know this. It doesn't affect me to know that someone out there thinks I am a homosexual because I wear a costume to BU sporting events. I know I'm not - in fact the hot dog suit is the reason I'm dating a BUDT member. (They are female if you didn't know)

I'm not saying I'm better than you. I never have. But I am better than you when you use these type of phrases and language anonymously in regards to Jesus/my hard work, personal opinion, and writing.

If you have a problem and would like to settle it with me feel free to email me at thehotdogandjesus@gmail.com rather than attempting to belittle me on my own blog. Either do that or grow up.

Anonymous said...

to be a member of the Dog Pound all you have to do is put your name on an email list. congratulations. brag about it.

Anonymous said...

Only true homosexuals have to write paragraphs to defend their sexual orientation. Fruit Loop.

Jesus said...

i'll weigh-in on this ridiculous string of comments with a simple quote from Jay-Z:

Fuck critics, you can kiss my whole asshole. If you don't like my lyrics, you can press fast forward.

That is all.