June 18, 2008

The Hot Dog and Jesus Awards Day 4

The greatest summer event to hit the internets since the Rick-Roll was created: The Hot Dog and Jesus Awards; Day 4.
JONAH: Welcome to Day 4! I don't know if I can handle all these awards! And all these days of awards! It's almost too much. Whether you, I, or anyone else can handle it, there are more awards to cover and I wouldn't want it any other way. Although, when the Hot Dog and Jesus signed me to this 17-day contract for $12, I didn't expect it to be so physically and emotionally taxing. I've already lost twelve pounds! But enough about me, let's get back to the awards.

Today's category is the one we've all been waiting for: The Most Hated Opposing Athlete. Here to present the award is the man with no hatred in his blood, unless the person of discussion is not a Terrier: Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore.

DEAN ELMORE: Thank you for the pleasant introduction, Jonah. I tell ya, folks, that Jonah is a cool cat. Perhaps the nominees for Most Hated Opposing Athlete could learn something from our outstanding host. Here are the top five worst human beings to cross paths with BU athletics this year:

Will Creekmore (Missouri St. Basketball)

Best Known For: Putting his own life on a pedestal and transferring from BU to Missouri St. this year with NBA expectations

Deb Dale (UNH Lacrosse)
Best Known For: Her goon status on the UNH lacrosse roster and her intentional rough play on BU's co-captain Molly Collins

Brett Gifford (Albany Basketball)

Best Known For: The haircut he sports in the above picture, only reflected by his ridiculous style of play

Nate Gerbe (Boston College Hockey)
Best Known For: Being the most overrated midget ever

Marques Blakely (Vermont Basketball)
Best Known For: The worst attempt at a mohawk ever.

And after seeing so many qualified nominees, it was surely hard for the Hot Dog and Jesus to come up with a winner. Nonetheless, they fought through the adversity and picked the worst athlete.

Drumroll please...

...And the winner is: Nate Gerbe of Boston College! 

He's so excited to receive this award. Perhaps someone should tell him that's not a compliment. Eh, maybe not. Anyways, back to our host, Jonah.

JONAH: Thank you very much, Dean Elmore. And what a lovely day 4 we all just witnessed down here in Montgomery, AL. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as exciting! Tune in tomorrow as we follow up with our fifth day of coverage here at the Hot Dog and Jesus awards.

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