June 17, 2008

The Hot Dog and Jesus Awards Day 2

JONAH: Wow, what an exciting day for awards ceremonies here at Garrett Coliseum in gorgeous Montgomery, Alabama.I mean, the HD&J day 1? 2 awards given out? Garrett Coliseum! It's blowing my mind!! *Throws up in mouth a little, but swallows it back down* Excuse me!

Anyways, so much emphasis is put on the first year of college. I mean as a freshman you gotta get good grades, avoid drinking too much, avoid getting raped, avoid getting arrested, and some other fun stuff too. But the key is you gotta focus. Focus people, it's the secret of life. But hey, that's just one very accomplished college graduates opinion. *Winks*

Regardless, let's see who deserves to be the best first yearer. Our presenter...CAPE MAN.

CAPE MAN: Ooo, oh yeah. Yeah!! Work it.


Ooppps! Did you smell that? I think I just farted, and it smells like PASSION. Oh yeah, that's PASSION for the game, man, that's what it's all about. THE LOVE OF SPORTS!! *Performs a front flip*

Woooo! These freshmen, they're our future and we all need to honor that. The future, man!

Everybody, these are your candidates for the Freshman who elevated his/her game in 07-08 best - the Rookie of the Year nominees -
John Holland, Basketball
Best known for: 38 points vs. Hartford/Wanting a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries for free
Matt Killen, Basketball
Best known for: Only goaltending violation of the year/Chillin'

Colin Wilson, Hockey
Best known for: New England College Hockey Rookie of the Year and Hockey East Rookie of the Year. 2 awards. Impressive.

Nick Bonino, Hockey
Best known for: Wrap around goal(s)

Kati Nichols, Lacrosse
Best known for: Only BU freshman to represent the Terriers on the All-Rookie AEC team.

Krystyn McIntyre
Best known for: Being KMac

And...the winner is...drum roll please...
Mr. John Holland!!!

*John Holland receives the award, center stage, dressed to impressed, resembling more of a first round draft pick than anything else. CAPE MAN chestbumps Holland and falls backwards. He hops right back up and high fives Holland*

HOLLAND: I'd like to thank everyone. My coaches, my teammates, my fans, my friends and family. You believed in me and I believe in you. Imma make sure we carry our momentum and our skills into next season. GO BU!

JONAH: That CAPE MAN...he's something special. Day 2 is sadly coming to an end. But boy, wasn't that fun? I'm so ready to do it again tomorrow! I hope you are too. Join us tomorrow as we hand out some more Hot Dog and Jesus Awards.

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