June 28, 2008

The Hot Dog and Jesus Awards Day 12

JONAH: Well, well, well after a day of rest, relaxation, and recuperation I'm back, we're back, everyone's back.

The day of voting for Fan Favorite gave us the day off here but after a whooping 24 votes the Fan Favorite has been decided - he pounded dudes, he roughed up Nate Gerbe, he contracted mono - ladies and gentlemen, the 2007-2008 Fan Favorite - Mr. Eric Gryba.

*Gryba's footsteps are felt as he approaches the stage - he shakes the building*

GRYBA: Gryba thanks fans. Gryba thanks friends. Gryba happy to receive this award. Doesn't have to punish mother or father. Gryba thinks sisters has something to do with success, especially with these pictures with Hot Dog man. 

Gryba doesn't care. Gryba puts award in trophy case. Gryba now go celebrate with pong. All females invited.  

JONAH: That Eric Gryba, he scares me and shakes the foundation I stand upon. Regardless, he didn't scare you all as he makes it clear he's everyone's favorite athlete. Congradulations to you Eric.

Folks now we move onto a more serious award. It's not really an award where there are nominees or voting or really any competition. However, this could be the most important award that is given out during these marvelous awards. Each year someone does something that really stands out and sets them above the rest of everyone else. We recognize these people who shine year by year, but what about those people who really stick out during their entire lifetime? Well, they deserved to be honored too don't they? YES THEY DO. So, without a real surprise the Hot Dog and Jesus established the Lifetime Achievement Award. In this envelope I hold in my hand I have the winner of this very special award. 

*Opens envelope*

Wow, I really didn't see this coming. People the first Hot Dog and Jesus Lifetime Achievement Award goes to....


*Some boos  from the crowd. Most are in utter astonishment.*

I'm gonna accept this award on my behalf. I don't know what I should say - I mean, I suppose I'm accepting this because I worked to be a trailblazer, basically my entire life. It wasn't easy being the roaming reporter this year in Agganis Arena - I would get booed anywhere I went, people would throw stuff at me, including one time, human feces, I really wasn't given a chance. But Hot Dog and Jesus always believed in me - they always supported me and they're showing it by giving me this award for a lifetime of achievement. I thank you Hot Dog and Jesus and I hope to continue to achieve throughout my life. I don't think that it will be a problem. 

People, that's all for today. Join us tomorrow as we draw closer and closer to the culmination of the Hot Dog and Jesus awards.

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