June 26, 2008

The Hot Dog and Jesus Awards Day 11

JONAH: Welcome back, welcome back. It's not much of an award giving out day, but it's interactive I can tell you that. We need your help.

Today's award is indeed the Fan Favorite award - only thing is we haven't had any fans vote on it. Hot Dog, Jesus, myself - we all need your help. We want you to vote all through tomorrow to determine who is the fan's most favorite player this last year. Here are your nominees:

Eric Gryba, Hockey
Best Known For: Messin' Dudes Up

Scott Brittain, Basketball
Best Known For: Being from Canada

Christine Kinneary, Basketball
Best Known For: Assist-Machine

Lauren Morton, Lacrosse
Best Known For: Pounding Girls (on the field)

Tunde Agboola
Best Known For: Tunday - February 12, 2008

These are your nominees for Fan Favorite. Rock the vote and check back tomorrow to see who wins. Also, tomorrow, even more Hot Dog and Jesus Awards!

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