May 25, 2008

A Look Back On The Big Happenings Of The Hockey East

There are really 3 major developments that happened after the BU season ended. To me at least. Some of them good, some of them not so good. At all. I guess we'll start from worst to best:

1. Boston College wins their 3rd National Title

It pained me to turn on ESPN during the Frozen Four and see BC dominating play for their final 2 games. First against North Dakota who really didn't show up and then Notre Dame. Watching the second leg of the semis, I needed Michigan to win because I knew Notre Dame wouldn't and couldn't beat BC.

At least you still have a sweet mullet. At age 5.

BC's road to the Finals was definitely one of the more difficult ones - 1 WCHA opponent and then 3 from probably the best conference - the CCHA. They turned it on when it mattered the most - playoffs. It got them a National Title.

I asked my friend who goes to BC what type of celebration they had for the team when they got back. He said there was some sort of ceremony but he didn't attend. From what he understood not many people did attend. He told me that the schoolwide response wasn't all that huge. People seemed more concerned with finals.

Now this is just one student at BC's impression. I know there were handfuls of students who probably celebrated like Com Ave kids did when the Sox won the World Series, but from what he told me, and what I understand, people didn't really care like they would if football had won a BCS game. Matty Heisman was getting more attention as a top draft pick candidate than Nate Gerbe and crew.

If BU won a National Title I think the campuswide response would be huge. By that point, everyone in the school would be immersed in the hockey team's success and a National Title really would do wonders for the spirit of the school.

Alas, BC wins it, and people don't really flinch. Again, some did, but for the most part I don't think most of the Eagles thought it was that big of a deal.


It's a shame. I thought having goalie Cory Schneider leave after his Junior year would be a good thing for the Terriers. Instead Freshman John Muse guides this team to it's third title. At least BU still has one more than them, even if it was f*cking forever ago.

I could throw in some more cliched responses to BC success and my jealousy, but I'll stop there. F M L

2. Brett Bennett and the BU hockey team part ways

Good and bad? I mean he didn't have a good year by any means - .888 save percentage and 2.64 GAA. Before most games people sitting with me and I would make an over/under for Bennett's save percentage. It was always around 87. This number should always, at least be in the 90's.

Throughout the entire year I supported Bennett in the controversy between him and Karson. Towards the end of the season, when Bennett had got the job because of Karson's carelessness in practice (slipping on a puck), I started getting fed up at the goalie situation.

Bennett acted like a rag doll in net. He would flop around and throw his body without any real skill. It was more like he was guessing and resorting to try to blindly throw any part of his body in front of the net rather than cutting off angles and actually playing goalie. I direct you to his tribute video:

2 Freshman coming in, with Adam Krause and Brett Bennett - there just isn't enough room for everyone. It had to have come down to a decision between keeping either Krause or Bennett. I had heard (simply rumors from people without legitimate sources) that Krause was going to go play at Alaska Anchorage in 08/09. I assumed that Bennett would be back. Maybe it was Krause choosing to stay, maybe it was Parker choosing Krause, I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer, but Brett is gone.

Who knows where Bennett will go next year? Grant Rollheiser and Kieran Millan will come in and try to be better than Brett. It won't be that hard, I don't think.

But again, BU will begin, and go through the year with a goalie controversy. Ya'll ready for that.

3. Nate Gerbe goes to the NHL

Gerbe was selected in the 5th round in the 2005 draft, but he could very well see time next season on the ice for the Buffalo Sabres.

This is a blessing for BU. Gerbe ate them up the entire year - 6 goals, 3 assists in 4 games. He scared the sh*t out of all BU fans whenever he was breaking down the ice, more specifically short handed. He was a pest and a diver and many times he played pretty dirty. He won't be missed by me, my friends at BU, or, I'm sure, any of the BU players.

I think it's a tough loss for BC though. Even worse than say Motherwell, or Schneider.

But I know the real reason Gerbe decided to leave. I mean, he would've had a great shot at another title and would definitely have been a front runner for the Hobey. Being a hockey stud at BC ain't easy with all those groupies. Man's got bills to pay.

He's kind of like George Foreman, except he named all his kids Nate.

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