May 11, 2008

I'm not leaving BU until they physically force me to.

Finals "week" (actually three weeks long for me this semester) is painful. Not painful in the sense that I have to study too often -- that's never really been my style. It's more painful just thinking about the exams. Asking me to study during such a stressful period would be too much. Anyways, after I envision myself taking an exam for a few hours, I'm way too exhausted.

That's where sports come in. A societally acceptable alternative to productivity. Fortunately, I've based my life around this principle. 

This Sunday, #6 BU women's lax takes on conference rival and nationally ranked #13 UNH in the first round of the National Tournament as BU initiates their quest for a national championship.

I already bought my bus ticket to Towson, MD in anticipation of seeing BU in the final four, so I have a lot more riding on this game than other games. If we lose, not only is the team eliminated, but I have a round-trip ticket to below the Mason-Dixon line with no real reason to go. I had a friend who once crossed that line. Three weeks later, the doctors told him he had clamidia. 

If all else fails, I can make a trip to illustrious downtown Towson. Here's the most action-packed, industrialized picture I could find:

Well, enough dancing around the topic. It's playoff time.

BU takes on UNH at Nickerson Field tomorrow at Noon. I get to test out my flag waving skillz as one of the future "leaders" of the Dog Pound. Hopefully I will be able to watch the Terriers during every tournament game, as their next opponent (if all favorites advance) will be UPenn and all contests after that will be in lovely Towson, MD.

Despite recent incidents  pertaining to lax players asking The Hot Dog and I to remove our costumes mid-game due to "bad luck," I still support the Terriers every step of the way. Who cares if they don't respect the miracles that our costumes clearly create when we step into a sporting venue? I won't take it personally.

Am I right?




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