May 20, 2008

BU @ UPenn - 5/11/08 - The End of the 2007/08 Year in Athletics

So I get to attend women's lacrosse games as a regular spectator - they no longer allow me to dress in costume. I wasn't in Boston for the first round game of the NCAA tournament against UNH, but I could go to the second round game at UPenn.

Before I get to the UPenn game I want to talk about how foolish the NCAA selection committee is. I'm putting aside the NCAA basketball tournament (UMBC's unfortunate draw against Georgetown). I want to talk about the lacrosse tournament. BU had to play in the play-in game because they were the America East conference winners. They had to play the Northeastern Conference winner - Sacred Heart. The reason there is a play in game...I'm not really sure, but I do know it's stupid. The AEC was one of the bottom two conferences in the NCAA last year. This means the winner of the conference had to play for a shot to actually be part of hte tournament. The whole play in thing, stupid and unnecessary.

So BU of course whoops up on Sacred Heart and gets a tournament bid. They were ranked Nationally at 6 and also had to play a game just to qualify for this tournament. So before selection Monday, I'm thinking, hey, maybe they'll get as good as a 4 seed.

They get a 7 seed and have to play #2 Penn in the second round if they win - a team they played in the first round last year...

Who do they play in the first round? UNH, the team they had to beat in the America East championship game, just to play in the play-in game, just to play in the tournament.

So right off the bat the AEC teams will go down from one to two. That's unfair. Two teams in the same conference shouldn't play one another in the first round. In the second round I understand, because that happens all the time in the NCAA hockey tournament, but eliminated a conferences chances to represent itself past the first round is truly wrong.

The NCAA committee is wrong to do that.

They made a mistake. BU won handily against UNH, but it wasn't fair to either team to have to play each other in round 1.

In round 2 BU had to play this UPenn team who had 1 loss all year and beat the 3 time reigning champion Northwestern. This is a good team.

They showed it. I had seen a lot of lacrosse the entire year, and I had never seen a team contain BU the way that UPenn did.

UPenn controlled the entire game. I wish they had kept track of time of posession because I'm sure UPenn at least doubled BU's ownership of the ball.

BU just didn't seem into it the entire game. Sure, they scored first, but after that it wasn't the same. They had a lot of trouble clearing the ball and getting it on the ground.

Sarah Dalton became a nonfactor, which essentially took away from a lot of the BU offense. Rachel Klein played an outstanding game in net, stopping 13. She was keeping BU in the game, but it wasn't enough.

I thought that BU was going to make a late push - they did, they had the shots, but they couldn't beat the goalie. And that's the break of the game. UPenn was the better team, they showed it. 8-5 was the final.

BU women's lacrosse was the last BU athletic team still competing. They wrapped up the BU year in sports - another year with no National Championships. But I'll take all the AEC crowns. Good season, good year, next year WILL be better.

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