April 22, 2008

A Month in Review: March 2008

It's been a long time since I've done this because, well, it's been depressing. And hard to think about how all three seasons ended. Nonetheless:

March 2008:

Men's basketball record: 1-2
Men's basketball record at home: 0-0
Men's basketball record away/neutral: 1-2
Men's basketball when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 1-1

Men's hockey record: 4-3
Men's hockey record at home: 3-1
Men's hockey record away/neutral location: 1-2
Men's hockey record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 3-2

Women's basketball record: 5-1
Women's basketball record at home: 1-0
Women's basketball record away/neutral: 4-1
Women's basketball record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 0-1

Terrier's February record: 10-5
Terrier's record at home: 4-1
Terrier's record away/neutral: 6-4
Terrier's record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 4-3

Everything ends. Except when you're BC hockey.

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