April 3, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 9 - #1 Jaime Beith vs. #3 Sarah Shelton

The final four is slowly filling out in as 2 of the 4 slots are now filled. The sophomore class is showing its dominance as #31 Kimie Matsuo punched her ticket to Cheyenne after taking down #41 Emily Plucinak in a tight matchup.

Here is what the bracket looks like now: 

Now it's time for the freshmen to get in on the action. 2 freshmen sensations in #1 Jaime Beith and #3 Sarah Shelton go head-to-head today in what looks to be an interesting matchup.

As with every Dance Team matchup, we remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:
- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Let's meet the contestants:
#1 Jaime Beith
Name: Jaime Beith
Number: 1
Hometown: Franklin, PA
Education: CGS'11 - Biology with specialization in Ecology and Conservation Biology

Jaime Beith is back after a first round blowout. She holds the all-time tournament record for greatest margin of victory after taking home 71% of the vote in the first round against Senior Co-Captain Amanda Looney. Sure, there have only been 8 total matchups in tournament history and that record may not seem so prestigious, but like Hank Aaron's homerun record, that will never be broken.

Oh wait. As long as no dance team members are on steroids, then Jaime has that record sealed up.

Anyways, my good friend The Hot Dog irrationally argued for Jaime's size as a negative factor in the mud wrestling category. Let me present you with some scientific evidence (scientifically backed by Professor Magee). A simple derivation will prove my point:

Pressure = Force / Area
Therefore Force = Pressure * Area
Jaime Beith = little to no area
"The same force used on a greater surface area allots for less pressure. Pressure is necessary to bring the 'pain train' in a mud wrestling match because it is directly proportional to the amount of force used, but for Jaime's opponent to apply as much pressure as she normally would, this given opponent would have to emit a greater force on Jaime than on the average dance team member."
-Professor Magee

So there you have it, everyone. Jaime actually holds the upper hand in the pool of mud.

This girl learned the hard way--Don't mess with Jaime.

Well that's enough physics for one day, let's look at some pictures (click to enlarge).

I'd just like to say that the headband Jaime is wearing on the picture to the right says "Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity." Take that any way you want.

#3 Sarah Shelton
Name: Sarah Shelton
Number: 3
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Education: CAS '11
Dance Background: Trained in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet for 11 years
Favorite BUDT Memory: Taking corny family pics every time we get together
Interesting Fact: I was in a professional production of Disney's High School Musical during summer
Career Goals: Not sure yet...but I know I want to keep dancing

Much like Jaime, Sarah currently holds a Dance Team Tournament record for most votes ever received in a single round. But it is a new round, so will her MVP performance in round one roll-over into a crucial matchup against tougher competition? Only time will tell.

An inside source told me that, aside from the thirty United States Marines that Sarah gave food poisoning in Korea back in the day, she happens to be a very talented cook that knows how to make a hell of a couscous dish.  

Sarah once wore the wrong number to one of the home games this year. I admire her style, she always keeps fans on their toes. And my god, was I confused; I thought her evil twin sister locked her in the Case Gymnasium storage closet, only to dance in her place like nothing ever happened. That would have made for a nice bedtime story, but I guess I'll have to wait for another day.

Instead of letting you in on anymore secrets, here are some pictures (click to enlarge):

Choose Wisely


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sarah is fierce as hell

Anonymous said...

Both of these girls are amazing and beautiful!