April 7, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament - Day 12 - #31 Kimie Matsuo vs. #5 Grace Lam

You asked for it and you got it - the final FINAL FOUR matchup - the battle of the Asians - Grace vs. Kimie. Let's get it on!!

Last night, in Cheyenne, WY, Jorie Larsen took down Sarah Shelton in a hot showdown. I'm talking hot and close down to the wire. Anyways, the winner of today's matchup travels to the finals, tomorrow. WOW.

Once again, before you look into the bios/pictures I remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Now, let's take a look at the competitors:

#31 Kimi Matsuo

Name: Kimie Matsuo
Number: 31
Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Education: CAS '10 - International Relations
Dance Background: 12 years of ballet, 10 years of jazz, 7 years of tap, 6 years of lyrical, 4 years of hip-hop
Campus Involvement: CAS Honors Program, FYSOP, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society
Favorite BUDT Memory: Getting to know the new girls with "never have I ever" at the team sleepover... and finally meeting Kaitlyn's famous donkeys!
Interesting Fact: I can count to ten in six languages
Career Goals: After college, probably law school and a career in either law or international relations

This all comes from her provided bio:

As stated earlier, Kimie is obviously silingual. She speaks a ridiculous amount of languages. But can that help her in the ring?

Kimie has met Kaitlyn George-Busconi's donkeys, which as a matter of fact, do actually exist. I found out that is a 100% fact tonight as Kaitlyn lives in a Mass. mansion/palace (with a dance studio in the basement). I'm speculating like 8-10 bathrooms, 13-15 bedrooms. And pretty, just like KGB.

Let me tell you, from what I hear, Kimie is flat out bad at MarioKart 64. Not knockin' her, it can be a tough game (for some), but if you get in a 4 player game with her, know the worst that can happen is a 3rd place trophy.

Driving video game cars - does that translate to the essential Driving abilities category?

And just throwin' it out there - Kimie also has exactly 420 tagged pictures at the current moment.

Here are some more pictures of Kimie, just for you. And as they would suggest, Kimie has been skydiving, and is a Yankees fan. (Click to enlarge):

#5 Grace Lam

Name: Grace Lam
Number: 5
Hometown: San Marino, CA
Education: SMG '08 - Business Administration, concentration in Finance
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, pointe, and jazz at Pasadena Civic Ballet Centre. I began taking hip-hop classes in high school at Athletic Garage and the Edge. I was a 4-year member of the SMHS Dance Co. of which I was Student Choreographer my junior and senior year. I danced as a member of the chorus and was the Assistant Choreographer for my high school musicals Chicago and The Wiz. I was a 2-year member of the Varsity Pep Squad and served as captain of the Song Squad.
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority (undisclosed 'til after recruitment), Rho Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Going "around the world" at Nationals freshman year at Disneyworld, the creation of the Legacy, jammin' out to "Hey Baby" at the end of each basketball game,
Interesting Fact: I used to get paid to play the harp at weddings and other functions,
Career Plans: I'll be working as an ERS consultant for Deloitte based out of LA starting Aug 2008

Grace is the Captain of Terrier Dance Team and is an All-America. She is elite.

This time (write-up) I'd like to draw attention to who Grace commonly hangs out with:

Boston Red Sox Beast - #34 Big Papi

Boston Red Sox Centerfielder - #10 Coco Crisp
Boston Red Sox First Baseman - #20 Kevin Youkilis

New England Patriots Wide Receiver - #17 Chad Jackson

Hey what the hell is that, Chad? Is that snack food?

Tostitos? Poor form Chad. You're supposed to be staying physically fit.

So there you have it. I don't get to party with Boston athletes, but then again, I don't really want to. I'm fine partying with Jesus.
And apparently Grace is a Boston sports fan? From Cali and a fan of USC college basketball (and probably football). I smell some frontrunning.
With fellow Dance Teamers

Finally, Grace is from California, which generally produces better drivers than the state of New York. Could geography be the deciding factor in deciding the Driving abilities category? It could be the determining factor in this matchup.

Here are some additional pictures of Grace for your convenience (Click to enlarge):

Who's going to the finals. Only you can choose that.


Grace said...

i drive stick-shift. does that help my case?

Jesus said...

wow you really took me seriously when i told you to run with the asian theme

Jorie4L said...

So Grace knows David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, etc. That's pretty cool, but I'd bet Jorie knows Chase Utley and Brian Westbrook.