April 5, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 11 - #38 Jorie Larson vs. #3 Sarah Shelton

I am writing this live from Cheyenne, WY as the BU Dance Team Tournament Final Four kicks off with the final matchup of the East side of the bracket. #38 Jorie Larson takes on #3 Sarah Shelton in what looks to be a very competitive race to the finals.

Here is what the bracket looks like now:

And for a slightly zoomed in view of the first final four matchup, take a look:
As with every Dance Team matchup, we remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:
- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Bios might get a little repetitive after so many rounds, so we're just going to combine the first two rounds when doing write-ups:

Let's meet the contestants:
#38 Jorie Larson
Name: Jorie Larsen
Number: 38
Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL
Education: COhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifM '10 - Broadcast Journalism
Dance Background: Lake Park High School Lancettes Dance Team four years, eleven years of studio jazz training
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Cape Cod retreat, team dinners at T. Anthony's, team breakfasts at West, weekend get-togethers
Interesting Fact: I was a gymnast for about ten years
Career Goals: I want to be a local Chicago news anchor, or write for a magazine

This all comes from Jorie's
provided bio.

Jorie has the fresh legs as she received the first-round bye and only competed in one previous round in this tournament. The second round saw Jorie come from 40 votes down with just 3 hours to go to take home the victory. I am told that she has groupies all over Comm. Ave. that were camping out in tents until Jorie's final four matchup just to get the first vote. I admire the dedication.

If you've ever spent less than 3 seconds around Jorie you'll know that she is insanely nice. I don't know how she does it. I can tell Jorie has never killed anything - no bugs, no ants, no earthworms, nothin'.

Jorie is currently the youngest officer of the Dance Team, holding down the secretary position. Unfortunately, such organization would do nothing during a mud wrestling match.

She was also part of one of the most amazing Dance Team performances in recent history:

Oh, and you know who else wears number 38? My role model.
The 2008 NL Cy Young Winner: Kyle Kendrick. Believe the Hype.

Here are some pictures of Jorie for your own benefit (Click to enlarge):

#3 Sarah Shelton
Name: Sarah Shelton
Number: 3
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Education: CAS '11
Dance Background: Trained in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet for 11 years
Favorite BUDT Memory: Taking corny family pics every time we get together
Interesting Fact: I was in a professional production of Disney's High School Musical during summer
Career Goals: Not sure yet...but I know I want to keep dancing

Sarah took down a surging Jaime Beith in the regional final as she continued her hot streak coming into Cheyenne.

She currently leads all dance team members in total votes and comments on blog entries with her in it. She also holds the individual records for each, receiving 287 votes and 20 comments in the first round.

An inside source told me that, aside from the thirty United States Marines that Sarah gave food poisoning in Korea back in the day, she happens to be a very talented cook that knows how to make a hell of a couscous dish.

Sarah once wore the wrong number to one of the home games this year. I admire her style, she always keeps fans on their toes. And my god, was I confused; I thought her evil twin sister locked her in the Case Gymnasium storage closet, only to dance in her place like nothing ever happened. That would have made for a nice bedtime story, but I guess I'll have to wait for another day.

Instead of letting you in on anymore secrets, here are some pictures (click to enlarge):

Choose Wisely


Anonymous said...

Somebody, who I will refer to solely as 'hot dog', is rigging this voting. I mean Sarah Shelton? Get real people.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate just because people love Sarah!! How could people not love her?? She has the looks, she's smart, and beautiful!!!

And her people in Oklahoma,Kansas, and Texas LOVE HER :)

The Hot Dog said...

If I could rig it I would. Too bad I don't have to cause she's winning on her own.

By the way first commenter, you are a COWARD.

Anonymous said...

First commenter sounds jealous to me.

Don't be a hater just because Sarah is smarter, more attractive, and has more friends than you!

Anonymous said...

Look, it's not that Sarah isn't great, she's just no Jorie. And that's for damn sure.

Jorie4L said...

In response to comment #4:

You are correct in saying that Sarah is smarter, more attractive, and has more friends than me. However, I am not in this contest, which makes your comment shallow and misguided. Jorie 4 life.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not trying to hate on Jorie (I'm sure she's a great person), but Sarah is a fabulous girl and I think she is amazing and worthy of winning every single vote.