April 29, 2008

America East Women's Lacrosse Championship - 4/27/08: Boston University - Your Champions

Never have I ever been so emotionally invested in a women's lacrosse game. This game was actually a lot of fun. Let me sa though, most women's games are fun because they run up the score and blow the other team out.

However, this time, this game was fun because it was GOOD lax. It was competitive, intense, physical, violent, and fun to watch. The final tally was 9-8, BU of course, in overtime. It should've ended 8-7 in regulation but UNH applied a strategy I just found out is commonly used in women's lacrosse - BU scored with about 10 seconds left; celebration, happiness, high-fives, the whole works was the scene in the BU stands for about 30 seconds. Then we realized something was taking far too long to resume play and those final 10 seconds. UNH challenged whoever scored (I think it was Sarah Dalton) - challenged the legality of her stick. In women's lacrosse if there is any pocket on the stick (I guess) it is deemed illegal. As games go on the netting is worn down more and more and it becomes looser. This commonly creates a larger pocket in the stick and can become illegal.

Pretty crazy, ain't it.

I did learn something very interesting at this game - women's lacrosse likes me for who I am, not my hot dog being.

During halftime someone from, what we believe, was the field hockey team came over to Jesus and I and the dialog went as follows:

HER: Hey, the lacrosse team wanted me to ask you two something.
ME: Sure, what would that be?
HER: They want you to take your uniforms off because they said they don't do well when you wear them. (The score at halftime - BU: 3 UNH: 4)

Yes, she called them uniforms. I quickly thought back about the times we've worn the costumes to watch them play - Home vs. Stanford Last Year - W, First Round of the NCAA tournament last year - L, Home vs. George Mason - L, and now down a goal. It made perfect sense, so off they came. And for women's lacrosse the "uniforms" will never be back on, it's just the way it is for that sport (this season) at least.

And hey, since we took it off for you lax team, time we get paid back: take it off (for us and 5 of our friends).

BU went on to win and I got to witness an America East title. SWEET. They deserved it - this team is damn good and they have the potential to make it very far, maybe even win the NCAA title. Saturday at 1 pm the ladies take on Sacred Heart in the NCAA play-in game. Why the play-in game? Because last year the America East finished as one of the bottom two conferences in Division 1. The bottom two conference winners play in the play-in game, and wa-lah - BU plays on Saturday.

Finally, I need someway of knowing what is going on on the field. I have no idea what calls are being made - on who or for what. Like when they were examining the stick - no on in the stands had any clue what the deal was. Also - no one (not even the parents) knew how overtime worked. An announcement would've been nice, but whatever. I don't know if there's an answers for these requests, but I can dream.


Anonymous said...

Traci Landi scored the goal that was taken away

Jesus said...

the anonymous commenter speaks the truth