April 29, 2008

BU Women's Basketball 2007-2008: A Season In Review

Coming into the 2007-2008 school year I can tell you I did not expect to go to many women's basketball games. I dedicated myself to hockey and men's basketball and gave myself the night off when the women played last year - I really didn't see that changing this past year.

I was wrong.

For the entire first semester I saw 20 minutes of women's basketball. That 20 minutes was the second half of the one Agganis game they had against Ohio State. It was a loss, at that time I didn't care, couldn't name more than three players on the team, and just brushed it off.

Soon after that game I realized that the women's team had more wins than the men's team did. They also had less loses. I figured I should show support for a team that was playing much better ball.

The first game I was able to attend was the first game of conference play against the conference front runner Hartford Hawks.

BU entered AEC play 7-6 and came off an enduring road trip in Virgina and then Kansas.

The night before the Hartford game (this was during winter break) I ran into Christine Kinneary and Cheri Rafo in the laundry room of my apartment complex. I had been in a Spanish class wit Christine so I kind of knew her. I told her that Jesus and I were coming to their game tomorrow and she couldn't have looked more excited. She was pumped we would be there, and as she proved to me this season, having us there supporting them, made her/them play out of this world.

The BU-Hartford women's basketball game at Case Gym on January 5th is the only game I have ever stormed the floor for. I had good reason to:

BU was down a lot, came back, took a lead, lost it, took it back, lost it, then made a F*CKING BUZZER BEATER. If there is anyway to win fans, that is it, because after that game I was hooked. I wasn't about to miss another.

BU traveled to Binghamton a week later and lost their first AEC game by four. This made me notice something interesting in BU's 8-7 record. 4-0 at Case. 4-7 at all other venues. The Terriers were proving dominant at the Roof early in the season.

And they displayed that dominance a week after the Binghamton loss against the Stony Brook Seawolved. 89-40 was the final score. For a while it looked like BU was about to drop 100 and it looked like Jessyka Burks-Wiley was going to score more than the Seawolves. Not only was it a great day on the court, but in the stands there was absolute magic - a boy became a man - flute guy was born. It was that day, January 19th, 2008 flute guy emerged, high on top of the perch at the roof, playing his flute, taking pictures, eye f*cking the sh*t out of women, and just owning all. God, what a day.

The Terriers road woes continued at Orono, Maine (where they consistently draw around 2,000 people for women's games.) An 82-77 loss to a team BU really should have beaten hurt and just showed where the team was most vulnerable - away from the roof.

On the 26th of January Jesus and I joined the team at their road game at UNH. We won the trip during the Hartford game in a timeout shooting contest - Jesus vs. me. The winner got two tickets to the UNH away game and got to travel on the bus. Basically, they were paying for us to go to their road game. And they needed us. We hadn't seen them lose and they hadn't won away from home in four games.

They needed us. In usual Terrier women's fashion BU won with seconds left on the clock on an Aly Hinton near buzzer beater put back.

The Lady Terriers stole that game. They played down to UNH's level and weren't the same Terrier team that played at Case. Nonetheless, they won and that's really all that mattered.

Once Jesus and i were back on the bus we got fist pounds from the entire team as they piled on. Everyone was happy and the entire team was grateful that we got to share that victory with them.

The team returned to the roof and dominated again, this time against reigning AEC champs UMBC. 72-62 final - never really that close. Well, if you count being down 19 at in the first close I guess. BU came out in the second half and completely dominated . When there is a 29 point turn around, I guess it is domination.

Three days later BU won their 7th straight at Case Gymnasium. Despite league MVP Courtnay Pilypaitis putting up a career high 40 points the Terriers won by 10. Again. This game wasn't close at all. BU jumped ahead, got an 18-point lead, and never looked back. Cheri Raffo scored a career high 27 (overshadowed by Pilypaitis' 40).

Next on the schedule - 2 road games/losses. One against Albany at 12 pm on a Wednesday. I didn't even comprehend why a game would be played at that time on a weekday. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Obviously, BU didn't like it either as they got torched 76-50. Oh and Chirstine Kinneary - only a single point.

No buzzer beater could help BU at Hartford three days later. BU kept it close against the conference favorites but still lost by 7. Kinneary had been assiting everybody for most of the season. But this game, she emerged as a scorer. Kinneary led all Terriers with 20. BU was 12-10 and done with their season series against conference best Hartford. BU looked like they could take anywhere from the 2-5 seed with seven games remaining.

BU returned home for back to back wins against Binghamton and Maine. Again, neither game was close. BU made a habit of going down early then coming back. Against fake BU, real BU, down by as many as 11 for most of the half, took a 2 point half time lead after 2 minute 12-3 run. After that there was no looking back. And again, Christine Kinneary scored a Terrier high 23.

At home, Maine was no problem. Everyone got in the action as BU owned all 40 minutes, finishing with a final tally - 77-56.

14-10 was looking good with 5 remaining. Jesus and I hadn't been at a game where BU lost. Unfortunately, there was only one game remaining that both Jesus and I could be at. All the rest the Terriers would have to do it themselves.

On the road, BU lost. These two things were starting to go hand-in-hand and made me nervous for the upcoming conference tournament (which wouldn't be at the Roof). Vermont dropped Boston 65-56. Coach Greenberg needed to find an answer for the road. And that answer couldn't include Jesus/my attendance.

The final home game that Jesus and I could attend was against UNH. Cheri Rafo was honored before the game for scoring 1,000 points in the game against Albany. And then the Terriers dominated again. AGAIN I tell ya. 66-39 was the final - BU hadn't lost when Jesus/I were there, hadn't lost at home, and hadn't disappointed me at any point in the season.

BU had to do the final three games on their own - 1 game in Stony Brook, 1 in UMBC and the final at home against Albany (during spring break/Men's AEC Conference Tournament). 3 W's. First in Stony Brook - Cheri, Chrstine, and Kasey Devine all got into the action with double digits. The Terriers defense held SBU to 58 and that was good enough with BU's 70.

The next victim - UMBC. The Retrievers felt the wrath of the 3-ball as BU dropped 16 trays on them. DAMN. It was a program high and 5 Terriers scored in double digits. That's a GG right there. (good game)

In the season finale at Case only 276 people were in attendance. It didn't help that it was spring break and that Jesus and I were in Vestal, NY for the men's tournament. Regardless, BU got it done in overtime 76-67. Again, BU had 5 players in double figures. Things looked good heading into the conference tournament. BU secured a #3 seed and a solid 18-11/11-5(AEC) record. This was better than the men.

BU's conference tournament started with UMBC. They made a statement against the old AEC champs - 88-59. That is a large playoff margin, pretty much a huge slap in the face to UMBC. I'm laughing just thinking about this margin right now. Yeah, Coach Kelly Greenberg, yeah. 4 Terriers in double figures in this one with Kasey Devin scoring a career high 26, when it mattered the most.

The next night the Lady Terriers made me physically and emotionally exhausted - and i didn't play a minute of it. I was at the UML-BU hockey game (a disappointing loss) and caught the last five minutes of regulation on a Agganis luxury box TV. Once regulation ended in a tie I sprinted to my friends place about 4 blocks from HAA. We caught the first and second overtime and all I really wanted to do once it was over was curl up in the fettle position and sleep.

It was an ugly game - 42% from the field. Christine Kinneary was shut down with only 5 points and 2 assists. 24 team fouls a piece. But there is an old saying - a win's a win. And that was certainly correct. BU held on to win 76-74 and was going to the 'ship.

And they were going in as HEAVY underdogs against the host Hartford Hawks. I couldn't miss that. I sacrificed what could've been the last hockey game for what could've been (and was) the last women's basketball game. I'd have it no other way.

BU got flat out, outplayed by the Hawks. They were the better team the entire year and they certainly were the better team in the Championship game. 61-45 was the final tally and from about the 7 minute mark on everyone in the arena kind of knew that Hartford was heading on. It was hard to watch the seniors cry as their college careers ended. It was over, the dream, the season, gone. They had a great season but didn't have anything other than 20 wins to show for it. BU wouldn't be heading to the NIT because the second place team in the conference enjoys that invitation - that was Vermont.

Hartford went on to win their first round NIT matchup over Syracuse and then lost against Texas A&M. Vermont beat Dartmouth in their first round NIT game, only to lose to BC. BU watched all of this from home.

In retrospect, I'm very glad I got into women's basketball. This season was rewarding because the team seemed to play better when I was there. Furthermore, this is the nicest team on campus, you can't tell me otherwise. They were genuine about how grateful they were that Jesus and I went to all their games. And I loved it. I loved seeing victory after victory and only expect to see similar results next season. I have to say, if the team can fix that road-game problem, things will be looking DAMN good in 08/09. Thank you ladies for a wonderful season.

America East Women's Lacrosse Championship - 4/27/08: Boston University - Your Champions

Never have I ever been so emotionally invested in a women's lacrosse game. This game was actually a lot of fun. Let me sa though, most women's games are fun because they run up the score and blow the other team out.

However, this time, this game was fun because it was GOOD lax. It was competitive, intense, physical, violent, and fun to watch. The final tally was 9-8, BU of course, in overtime. It should've ended 8-7 in regulation but UNH applied a strategy I just found out is commonly used in women's lacrosse - BU scored with about 10 seconds left; celebration, happiness, high-fives, the whole works was the scene in the BU stands for about 30 seconds. Then we realized something was taking far too long to resume play and those final 10 seconds. UNH challenged whoever scored (I think it was Sarah Dalton) - challenged the legality of her stick. In women's lacrosse if there is any pocket on the stick (I guess) it is deemed illegal. As games go on the netting is worn down more and more and it becomes looser. This commonly creates a larger pocket in the stick and can become illegal.

Pretty crazy, ain't it.

I did learn something very interesting at this game - women's lacrosse likes me for who I am, not my hot dog being.

During halftime someone from, what we believe, was the field hockey team came over to Jesus and I and the dialog went as follows:

HER: Hey, the lacrosse team wanted me to ask you two something.
ME: Sure, what would that be?
HER: They want you to take your uniforms off because they said they don't do well when you wear them. (The score at halftime - BU: 3 UNH: 4)

Yes, she called them uniforms. I quickly thought back about the times we've worn the costumes to watch them play - Home vs. Stanford Last Year - W, First Round of the NCAA tournament last year - L, Home vs. George Mason - L, and now down a goal. It made perfect sense, so off they came. And for women's lacrosse the "uniforms" will never be back on, it's just the way it is for that sport (this season) at least.

And hey, since we took it off for you lax team, time we get paid back: take it off (for us and 5 of our friends).

BU went on to win and I got to witness an America East title. SWEET. They deserved it - this team is damn good and they have the potential to make it very far, maybe even win the NCAA title. Saturday at 1 pm the ladies take on Sacred Heart in the NCAA play-in game. Why the play-in game? Because last year the America East finished as one of the bottom two conferences in Division 1. The bottom two conference winners play in the play-in game, and wa-lah - BU plays on Saturday.

Finally, I need someway of knowing what is going on on the field. I have no idea what calls are being made - on who or for what. Like when they were examining the stick - no on in the stands had any clue what the deal was. Also - no one (not even the parents) knew how overtime worked. An announcement would've been nice, but whatever. I don't know if there's an answers for these requests, but I can dream.

April 22, 2008

America East Lacrosse Tournament - Nickerson Field April 25-27th

Ya heard right. The Terriers (#1 seed) will play at 1 pm on Friday against SUNY-Albany (#4 seed). Come out and watch a dominant performance.

If When the Terriers win on Friday they play in the AEC Championship game at 1 pm on Sunday.

The women are going for their 4th straight title. DAMNNNN. But before they can get to that they take on Dartmouth University at 4 pm tomorrow.

A Month in Review: March 2008

It's been a long time since I've done this because, well, it's been depressing. And hard to think about how all three seasons ended. Nonetheless:

March 2008:

Men's basketball record: 1-2
Men's basketball record at home: 0-0
Men's basketball record away/neutral: 1-2
Men's basketball when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 1-1

Men's hockey record: 4-3
Men's hockey record at home: 3-1
Men's hockey record away/neutral location: 1-2
Men's hockey record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 3-2

Women's basketball record: 5-1
Women's basketball record at home: 1-0
Women's basketball record away/neutral: 4-1
Women's basketball record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 0-1

Terrier's February record: 10-5
Terrier's record at home: 4-1
Terrier's record away/neutral: 6-4
Terrier's record when Jesus/Hot Dog attend: 4-3

Everything ends. Except when you're BC hockey.

April 19, 2008

BU Basketball 2007-2008: A Season In Review

I know it's late, but I've had more time to reflect on this years season and really collect my feelings about what I predicted would be a championship season. Almost everybody did. In most preseason polls, including the AEC coaches poll, BU was picked to win the conference. I thought this would be the year - they had the returning personnel and what seemed to be a promising big freshman in Will Creekmore.

To me, when the season started, I thought Creekmore would make the biggest impact of the freshmen. He was like a slightly bigger Scott Brittain and I thought the two of them, down low in AEC play would be like the Twin Towers of San Antonio - Duncan/Robinson.

That turned out to be very wrong.

I had to miss Midnight Madness because of a prior commitment in a wedding - so I never got to enjoy Matt Killen doing the Soulja Boy.

The first game of the year was nothing short of magical. BU opened their season against St. Bonaventure and Case never looked so crowded to me. I thought that this year could be special in that Case could be that crowded every game. The Terriers won a game they should have, without real question. It was an exciting environment and seemed to hold promise for the upcoming season. Something that I really didn't realize until I looked up the box score - Creekmore never played. John Holland was the second leading scorer for BU with 12.

Mind you the Terriers got a victory without last season's RotY - Tyler Morris, and a banged up Ibrahim Konate.

This would be a high point in the first semester. After the Bonnies, BU dropped consecutive games to George Wasthington, St. Joe's, Northeastern, Marshall, Pitt and Manhattan. What was even worse in this stretch was rumors swirling about problems between coach Wolff and Corey Lowe; Corey didn't make the Marshall-Pitt roadtrip. It was truly a rough patch of the season for BU, and coming so soon really didn't make anyone feel good about the remaining 20 games.

The attendance was downright awful at the Manhattan game. Yes, there was the BU-BC hockey game an hour prior to the end of the basketball game - but athletics really didn't handle that well at all. There was no cross promotion and there was no incentive to go to the basketball game (especially with the teams 1-5 record at the time). And you know what, people didn't go. It seemed like a women's basketball game - Jesus and I were the only ones standing in the student section. And after loosing to MANHATTAN I was utterly depressed. Is this what BU basketball had become?

BU got their first win in 7 attempts on November 4th against Harvard but there seemed to be bigger things to worry about - Will Creekmore. And coming with that Dennis Wolff's abilities to keep players at Boston University. Creekmore's final game as a Terrier came against Manhattan - 3 points in 11 minutes. In total Creekmore played in 4 games, 50 minutes total, 11 points, 10 rebounds, 0 assists, 2 steals, 4 turnovers, 6 fouls, and 5/6 from the stripe. Not exactly impressive numbers, but good enough for Will to decide he was better than BU/Coach Wolff. I believe the exact date I knew for certain that Creekmore was leaving BU was December 8th, when I heard it from his mouth.

On one hand I took the "whatever" attitude - the, fine, you're loss, buddy [Creekmore]. Then on the other hand, I began to question Coach Wolff's likability and the way he handles himself with players and fans.

I think everyone who follows any amount of AEC basketball knows that Coach Dennis Wolff isn't the most lovable fellow. I think most people know that his players often times have trouble getting along with him - and some of these players showed their disapproval (see Will Creekmore, Etienne Brower, Tony Gaffney to name a few.) by leaving. Furthermore - Wolff with fans. You know, the coach is the figurehead of the team. Just like the dean is the figurehead of the school.

I look at BU's dean, Dean Kenneth Elmore, and then I look at BU's basketball coach, Dennis Wolff, and they couldn't be more different. Besides the bald part, they are completely different.

Dean Elmore is the most personal person I have ever met. He takes a genuine interest in the study body and shows that he cares. While a basketball coach doesn't have the same responsibilities as a dean, a coach should still be personal. He should still interact with the fans who show up and support the team more than anyone else. He should show he cares in some way. And I can't remember Dennis Wolff ever showing me he cares about me. His players do. The women's basketball team does. Basketball/Athletic Administration does. Coach Kelly Greenberg does. But Dennis Wolff has never said anything to me. I sit here and I think about this, and it makes me want a change.

It makes me want a coach like Hartford's Dan Leibovitz. I say his name for a couple of reasons - Leibovitz is a stand up guy. He's very personal with the fans, friendly, from Temple University and the John Chaney school of goonage/basketball, and seems outgoing.

My brother, father, and mother went to Regional NCAA tournament games in Denver. My brother wore a BU basketball shirt, because, well, that's how he rolls. Who other than Dan Leibovitz approaches my brother and asks him his affiliations with America East basketball? What ensued was a 15-minute conversation about how my family knows about the America East schools and the conference in general. With the Hartford coach.

Now I take this scenario and substitute some variables. I ask myself, would Dennis Wolff ever approach a 17 year-old wearing a Hartford basketball t-shirt? The answer is no.

And you know what - this is just my opinion. Wolff may be the nicest of individuals, but I don't see it, and I don't hear about that either.

I'm not trying to say that a team needs a friendly coach. I'm just sayin' that it could be nice. The team might actually enjoy playing. Possibly.

Alright, that was a deep rant, and we now come back to the lowest point in the BU basketball season - the conclusion of Out of Conference competition. After beating Yale, without Creekmore, BU lost another 3 in a row - @ Delaware, @ UMass, and @ Holy Cross. I was at all those games with Jesus and with a depressing/different BU team. I had to imagine this was just an out-of-conference thing. We'd get our act together and be the team everyone thought we would - undefeated in conference play. Look at me, I'm talking like I'm playing on the team. At that point Tyler was healthy, but didn't really show anything in his return, the team's defense looked stingy, and scoring seemed to be a major factor.

However, one player who was consistently stepping his game up was Carlos Strong. In OC play he was the second biggest scoring threat behind Corey. He proved that he could drop 20 in any game. Unfortunately, his scoring didn't produce victories as BU entered conference play a mere 3-9.

I was defeated - I was hoping that a 6-6 OC record was feasible. This 3-9 didn't bode well with the rest of the conference. It really didn't look like the early season #1 finish the team was projected to grab would hold up by any stretch.

AEC play didn't start well at all. A 20-point loss to Binghamton left me scratching my head. There wasn't anything good about BU basketball at that point in the year.

In what was the best game of the season up to that point, BU seemed to gain a little bit of control when they beat beat UNH 82-72. I wish I had been there because Corey dropped 30 and Dennis Wolff won his 250th career game. I wonder if there was any type of celebration/balloons? I would've thought balloons at the very least.

A loss to Hartford in a game in which the Terriers never really had any control followed UNH. The next AEC game featured the reigning conference champs, coming to Case in what would be the first game that students were back for conference play. It was "White Out Night" and the most heavily promoted BU sporting events I had ever seen. BU Athletics should be commended for the effort they put forth in getting students to fill an entire side of the stands. Too bad it was the side the NESN cameras were on so it never really appeared like the gym was more than half full on TV. BU didn't get a win, but it did produce one of the best pictures I saw all year:
Yeah, at least the dance team was performing well, and at every game in January. Nothing else seemed to be clicking.

BU came back with a victory their next game against perennial America East win Stony Brook. Nothing impressive because, really, there shouldn't be any question that BU will beat Stony Brook. They're like the Merrimack of basketball.

Back to back home losses against Vermont and UMBC led me to make an early (late) season conclusion - BU basketball sucks. The positive about these games - the only thing I took out of it - a new and improved look to basketball games at Agganis. It was promising to see a curtained off section and a tarped off section behind the baskets, with raised bleachers. This was a great move by Athletics if they have any intentions to play home basketball at HAA.

Where was I? Oh right, BU basketball sucked. Yeah, well I (kind of) ate my words, but at the time, you have to understand how I felt. BU was 5-14 and looked in no shape to make any type of noise in any tournament, anywhere. They were utterly embarrassed on their home court against UMBC and worst of all - Corey Lowe had sat out with a nagging knee injury. At that point I had pretty much written off the team. Where was our savior? I mean, I thought it was Corey but he was slowly but surely finding a way to escape the picture/mess BU bball was becoming.

And then he returned. In a most unusual fashion. Three special things occurred in BU's next game against Maine in Orono. First the savior returned - Corey, who made the trip and was not expect to play decided to suit up at the last minute. I mean this really wasn't expected at all - he had to wear #14 because BU didn't even bring the #13 jersey. Secondly, Scott Brittain dropped a career high 20 points and finally, this victory against the Black Bears started the winning streak the team so desperately needed. And in each game this team was looking better and better.

UNH was the next victim - things were coming together a little bit. Everyone started producing and started filling the duties of their given roles.

An ugly 4-point win over Stony Brook was still a win. Then came the game that I believed really changed BU's season. Binghamton, February 12th - a day that will forever be known as Tunday.

The Binghamton game was the best game I had ever been to. EVERYTHING was AWESOME. Every facet of the game - BU won by 26, John Holland began to look unstoppable with 25 points, MAX GOTZLER had a career high 13 points, everybody but Killen played. AND TUDNE AGBOOLA SCORED. That is why February 12th will forever be known as Tunday. With a 9-14 record I was actually starting to believe in this team. I think they started to believe in themselves too. On top of that they were all healthy, for the first time all season. Maybe I was too quick to write the team off.

Two nights later, on Valentine's day, the Terriers gave BU fans a little treat - on TV! BU beat UVM in what was, for me, the most gut-wrenching game of the year. I was nearly sick, watching the Terriers grab a 10-point lead then squandering it in the remaining minutes only to win because of a Mike Trimboli miss at the last second. Nonetheless, BU was 10-14 and climbing the AEC standings.

That Sunday BU traveled to UMBC. It would be a telling game for a couple of reasons - was this BU team for real? How good is UMBC? What's the deal with John Holland?

In a game that was basically ping pong with 10 players (back and forth and back and forth), BU lost by 3 points to end their 5-game streak. Questions were answered - BU was for real, UMBC was that good, John Holland has skillz but, still, he's no Corey Lowe.

The loss to the #1 team in the America East really didn't slow BU down. They came back hard against Maine with a 19-point win with 23 from Holland and then stole a game in their Brakcetbuster matchup against St. Peter's.

The season home finale was BU saying thank you to the fans who stuck with the team the whole way, or just jumped on whatever bandwagon there may have been. Against the beloved Dan Leibovitz, among many others, John Holland declared himself the America East Rookie of the Year, right there. Holland dropped a league high 38 points and WOWed the crowd.

Also, dance team member singing the National Anthem = instant victory. It happened twice. Just sayin', you might want to look into that for next year, Case.

Anyways, BU pounded Hartford in a 97-66 W. The most disappointing part - the bench couldn't get three points in three minutes. It kind of felt like a loss because of that.

The Terriers played themselves into potentially the #2 seed, heading into the last Sunday of America East basketball. Unfortunately, a loss to Albany (the 7th loss in a row to the Danes) dropped BU all the way to the 6th seed. A 6th seed finish in the America East (although the same record as the 4/5 seed) was not what I was expecting. But there was nothing to do about it. BU drew the Great Danes in the first round of the conference tournament, which was really the worst possible draw for them.

I'm convinced I died during that game. I've never been so exhausted from not playing a sport or running. I got tired from cheering and screaming. Does this mean that I'm fat?

I'm talking of course about the first round America East playoff game against the Great Danes of Albany. BU went down early, clawed their way back, took a lead, and didn't look back. Until there were 14 seconds left. With 14 on the clock Jon Iati nailed a 3 ball which sent the game into overtime. BU somehow found a way to take down the Danes and move onto round 2. I was ecstatic. It felt like we had won something that really mattered - but we had won nothing yet.

At 2 pm the next day the Terriers played their last game of the season. The entire game SUCKED. I went into it thinking that BU could own Hartford for the second straight game. But, it was fairly difficult, nay impossible, without John Holland IN THE GAME. Instead, BU played, but never really played in the game. Hartford killed the Terrier season with a final record of 15-16.

After a God-awful start, I accept this record. I accept what this team did in the face of coaching problems, a transfer, a very injury-prone team, and inconsistency.

BU got to the same place in the tournament they were the year before and that's frustrating for everybody. They finished with a better record than the 06-07 season, but with little difference in the tourney.

There's little to say. It was fun. It was certainly a roller coaster, and if anything I grew much more fond of the team and college basketball this season. I hope that next year will be better than this year. I think that's a given. I don't see how BU won't be picked to finish first again. If they were picked last year, shouldn't they be picked again? They lose no one and everyone has just gained a year of playing with each other.

I take that back - BU is losing Max Gotzler to graduation. Even though he's listed as a Junior with one more year left of basketball eligibility, Max has senior standing, creditwise, and will pursue a career once he graduates in May.

Another (kind of) question mark I have is Corey Lowe. I know it's all rumors and speculation, but I couldn't confidently tell you whether or not I think Corey will be playing for Dennis Wolff next year. He is a tremendous player with great talent. I want him to stay, but sometimes it doesn't work out and these players want to do what's best for them. I can't get in the way of that - I just support whoever plays in Scarlet and White.

Thanks basketball team, for the ups, the downs, the smiles and the frowns. Let's make a bigger difference, next season. I know we can. Thank you for reading my (now edited!) BU basketball novel.

BU Basketball - Working Hard In The Offseason

That my friends is Mr. Scott Brittain. And that is what his face looks like. He has now become the first half-Canadian, half-Asian college basketball player.

Scott took an elbow from Matt Killen in what I'm assuming (and hoping) was an offseason workout/practice.

I'm sure that bloody eye will clear up.

April 18, 2008

Jesus' Freep Article - 4/16/08

From Wednesday, April 16th's Daily Free Press:

"Some students dream of attending the Frozen Four in their time at BU. Some hope to storm the court at an America East championship game to celebrate a basketball team's punched ticket to the Big Dance.

I also dream of watching BU athletics succeed at a national level, but while those mainstream sports struggle to rise to the occasion, my backup team enjoyed some time in the spotlight last weekend.

While the spring sports battle through the heart of the season and the playoff push, one of the forgotten teams on campus - and in many cases a team few people know exists - concluded its season with a successful campaign on the national level.

The Boston University Dance Team traveled to Daytona Beach, Fla., to compete in the National Dance Alliance National Championships, and I made the journey to enjoy all six minutes of the dance team's routine Florida.
The BUDT has built the foundation for a highly successful program after years of being a small presence on campus. After witnessing the team's success outside of The Roof, it's even more disturbing to hear the club status of the dance team is in jeopardy for next year.

As a current club team, the BUDT is partially funded by the Athletics Department. Any possible demotion next year could lead to even fewer funds and - in the most extreme case - the inability to continue to perform at basketball games.

It's been hard to sleep at night with that thought in mind. I also heard from an unreliable source that 90 percent of the fans at basketball games really just come to see the dance team.

The dance team is already one of the few competitive squads that lacks either funding for a coaching staff or scholarships, and it's still able to enjoy a great deal of success despite many setbacks not experienced by varsity programs.

Perhaps my dream of a varsity dance team with its own on-campus facility and a season filled with dance-offs might never happen - and I'm willing to accept that. With the impractical varsity promotion likely out of the picture, the dance team's presence as a growing club sport needs to remain on campus.

It's no secret BU athletics wants to change its image in an attempt to gain student attendance and build support for athletic programs. Whether that comes in the form of marketing ploys or new facilities, I agree with the strides BU has taken to improve a game's environment.

One of the greatest reflections of what school spirit should be at a sporting event lies directly on the shoulders of the pep band and dance team. As the only stable on-court presence of school spirit, the dance team's value to BU athletics is more than just an appreciation for dance. With the cheerleaders' inconsistent attendance at basketball games this year, the future of BU spirit seems to be in peril.

Limiting our spirit programs on campus is the exact opposite of what to look for in a growing athletic program. As a representation of school spirit, the dance team's presence at sporting events provides for a positive environment.

The BUDT - also known to basketball fans around campus as "that group of girls that performs during halftime" - brings a lot more to the table than just a nice sight when fans are too afraid to glance at the scoreboard of a one-sided basketball game.

Ignoring the 1,200 miles traveled just to have this revelation, I enjoyed two days of watching intense dance competition and felt as though the fifth edition of the "Bring It On" movie series was being created before my eyes - yes, they've actually made four movies about cheerleading. Instead of a bland halftime performance, I found a team that has as much dedication as any other at BU.

After a sixth-place finish at nationals last year and boasting two All-Americans in senior captain Grace Lam and sophomore Allie Bradley, the BUDT looked to solidify itself as one of the dominant programs in the nation last weekend.

When the Class of 2008 entered BU as freshmen, the dance team struggled to receive recognition from the university and had little success at national competitions. As that class now exits BU, the dance team has enjoyed back-to-back Top 10 finishes in the nation after earning a seventh-place finish last weekend."

I really wanted to post this and just draw attention to what is happening.

BU, despite what millions of people might think, is actually working hard to get more people to sporting events. People will run their mouths non-stop about how bad a job this school does at getting people to games, but they are trying. It's a lot harder than it seems to get people to come out to games, let alone keep them coming back. The BUDT greatly helps with the coming back part. It worked on me (in women's basketball, until I became a fan (after the first game). So all in all, kind of).

One thing BU is thinking about doing, which Jesus points out, is making the "Spirit Corps." which will combine all elements of BU spirit - Rhett's, cheerleaders, dance team.

I don't think this is a good thing. For the dance team at least. The BUDT has done some incredible things this year. They've performed nonstop ALL YEAR, they don't miss any men or women's basketball games, and have put together 2 back to back Challenge Cup Championships and 6th/7th place finishes at Nationals respectively. Yet, they could be getting punished rather than rewarded. They need to keep their club status and need to get more support from the school. The dance team is doing some amazing things, and this isn't even me sucking up to them (for once).

It's time BU starts showing their gratitude for some of the most positive contributors to this schools spirit. If you listen to me for anything, BU, listen to me about this. Everyone will reep the benefits of an even better/improved dance team (males especially).

That's my two cents, take it for what it's worth.

April 15, 2008

NDA 2008 - The Dance Team Nationals - Daytona Beach, FL

We had to go. We had to do it. We're the #1 fans of the BUDT. There's no question about that in my mind. The haters can talk, but it doesn't faze me.

And as the #1 fans of the Dance Team we had to show our support in Daytona Beach at their Championship. HAD TO.

Jesus and I emptied basically our remaining savings and booked a hotel flight totally around $400 each. This didn't include transportation, food, and any souvenirs we wanted.

It's been about a week since we left, and I think it's time we provided some insight about what goes down at dance/cheer events. Let me just tell you, my mind was blown.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

We left as soon as we were out of class last Wednesday (April 9th) and flew to Washington. Then hoped one more flight to Orlando. Once we got to Orlando we had to figure out a way to get to Daytona, which sits about an hour and half North of Orlando.

Luckily we were able to meet up with 3 of other BU Dance Team Entourage that was getting in from Boston. We were able to hitch a ride with a former Rhett who now lives in Florida. It was rather uncomfortable to start as we packed 4 in the back seat of a Sedan. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that if we saw a Sonic, we were stopping. Sure enough we pulled off an exit to get gas, and there it sat. A drive-in palace. I had been before, but only once. This time I took my time deciding my order (Sonic Breakfast Burrito/Cheese Fries).

Full of food we continued on, riding in basic fear of getting pulled over by any law enforcement. Fortunately, that didn't happen. We got to the Daytona area and realized something: it's pretty red-trash. It had all the big fast-food/sit-down restaurants, some stores, two-room houses, and then BAM - Daytona Motor Speedway. I had never ever seen a motor speedway. I expected something, hmm, smaller. That thing was a beast. It just went on and on and I just kept feeling dirty and dirtier.

Anyways, we got to Daytona Beach, saw the HUGE hotel the Dance Team was staying in, and drove about a mile down the main road of Daytona Beach. It just got trashier and trashier until we got to the Ocean Shore Resort. Now, I don't know what type of standards the word "Resort" is being held to today, but walking into the OCR, I couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable. First off, the security guard who was walked into the hotel after us walked with an enormous limp. I was thinking, if I did something wrong and this guy had to chase me, would he possibly be able to keep up?


We checked in and found out that we had to give the hotel a $100 deposit in cash, to insure we didn't f*ck their sh*tty hotel up. Jesus had no cash. I had no cash, so we were forced to walk 2 blocks down the main street to the closest ATM. On that walk we were inquired 3 different times about drugs. Once asking if we were selling, twice asking if we wanted any. We were also asked if we had been throwing rocks.

We got the $100 and locked ourselves in our room. All 3 locks of the door were used. This was all around 2 am.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wake up call was at 7:30. Which is far-too early for my normal functioning. It pains me to have my eyes open, much less walk a mile, which is exactly what Jesus and I had to do.

Once we got to the Peabody Auditorium (I believe that's what it was called), we paid $25 and found seats in the BU Entourage section. The Entourage was comprised of about 15 parents, 2 siblings, 2 former Rhetts, 3 former BU dancers, and Hot Dog and Jesus. Oh and the 3rd biggest BUDT fan. I think her name is Allison or something.

Regardless, we sat down and pretty much had to change immediately into our costumes. When the BUDT walked out we went nuts. As much as we could. Waving signs, gesturing frantically, screaming anything we wanted to. And then this:

That was the first performance (at 8:57 AM), which was good enough for 8.368. Pretty good. In the first round (The Prelims) top 9 teams move on. The remaining 8 who do not score high enough in the Prelims compete in the Challenge Cup with only 1 moving on. This is just in Division 1 - the top Division with emphasis on a Hip-Hop portion, a Jazz portion, and a palm (Hand Movement basically) portion of the dance. There are 5 Divisions. BU, in the top Division of schools without a football team (the only different between Division 1 and Division 1A)

However, that 8.368 that BU got was only good enough for 10th, missing the 9th place team by .024. Rediculous. This meant that the BUDT would compete again at 6:15 PM.

After the BUDT performed Jesus and I stayed and watched the remaining competitors to see if BU would be moving on right then and there. That never game and we both nearly fell asleep, more than once.

The funniest part of watching the remaining competitors (and those from Open Division 1 and II) was in Open Division 1 with Georgia Southern University. I was busy watching the lone guy dancer when out of no where a single shoe flies through the air. It's a very special moment when shoewear flies high through the air. The flying show didn't cost GSU any deductions, but it still wasn't good enough to get them onto round 2.

Jesus and I walked another mile back to our hotel and collapsed on the beds. A good 3 hours later we woke up and did it all again - walking back to the Auditorium. At that point in the day Jesus and I had only ate junk food, with no real meals. We were trying to keep it that way.

We watched the same performances over again - same routines, just a different order. No shoes flew off though, which was disappointing. The atmosphere was much different from the morning. In the Prelims they announced all the scores of each team shortly after they performed. In the Challenge Cup they didn't say any of the scores until the very end and trophy ceremony. So instead of clapping and motivating the other teams, there was some booing, some hand gestures, even some trash talk. Oh, it was heated.

The second round started at like 5:30 pm and BU didn't get on until 6:15. When they took the stage we made sure ourselves and the BUDT Entourage was huddled around the stage, making as much noise as possible. Everything and anything that I could think of I yelled, trying to get the ladies pumped up. Turns out, the mike on the stage that picks up any thing the Dance Teams might yell while performing picked up everything I was yelling. The most notable, which the dance team told me they heard backstage right before they went on, "Everyone who isn't BUDT can just go home. And suck it." Okay, I might have added the "suck it" for dramatic purposes, but the other part is legit.

I don't know what it was this time around, but here is the Dance Teams Challenge Cup performance (You can see Jesus/Hot Dog's silhouettes with signs right in front of the stage):

This was good enough for a 8.852. Let me tell you the suspense sitting there with all the competitors up on stage was intense. Mind you, we didn't know what BU scored after they danced so the NDA naming off school after school was gut-wrenching. It got down to BU and the UMass-Amherst dance team and once the judge read off "in 2nd place from Amherst, Massachusetts" the BU Entourage and Dance Team erupted in screams of absolute joy.

BU won the Challenge Cup last year and REPEATED. No matter what place they finished in the next days competition they would walk away champions of something.

Some BUDTers cried, some just smiled, some were too nervous to even speak. Regardless, the atmosphere was extremely positive - everyone was happy.

Once BU composed themselves and gathered their Challenge Cup trophy everyone walked over to the "Band Shell" which is a stage located right on the beach. There, BU practiced their routine, getting coaching from their coaches who don't exist (the only BU team that this is true for. And I'd just like to point out that the cheerleaders have a coach, yet their team doesn't even exist half of the school year).

Once BU's alloted 5 minutes on the Band Shell ended everyone went their separate ways in search of food. Jesus and I ate with some of the team and then let them get to bed, since they were waking up at like 4 am for the third day in a row to apply makeup and do up their hair.

Jesus and I walked the mile back to our hotel and watched epic hockey (not BC) in the UND/Michigan game. Not going off or anything, but both Jesus and I said, during the game, that in order for BC not to win a National Title UMich needed to beat UND - that didn't happen and now BC is one title short of BU's tally. Sigh.

Friday, April 11th, 2008

We awoke at an hour far too early in the morning and repeated our (what was seeming to become) our daily routine - shower, change, walk a mile, sit down with our eyes barely open while we waited to see the BU dance team perform.

Since the team won the Challenge Cup they were guaranteed at least 10th place. They were the first Division 1 team to perform...at 8:57 am.

The BU Entourage practiced the same procedure that they had roughly 10 hours ago - hugging the stage and yelling as loud as possible. The result:

After they got off stage Jesus and I hit up the Burger King across the street. I have to say, the BK Cheesy Bacon Wrapper is f*cking amazing. I'm salivating thinking about it right now.

We returned and sat through what seemed like 3 hours of dancing, but was just another hour and a half more. BU scored an 8.748 with a .05 deduction due to a fall at the very end of the performance. If you watch it enough, you can probably catch it.

Towson University won first place, and let me tell you this - no one could even compete with them. First off, in Thursday's Prelims, their music stopped suddenly about 10 seconds in, yet they continued dancing, without hesitation. They got a redo and owned it. Again. On Friday, it was clear, there wasn't a team that came close. My final accessment - Towson University is nothing but a bunch of dancing robots.

Towson may have been good but BU was the one who got chosen as 1/10 teams that the NDA did a feature on. And a damn good one at that:

After the D1 winners were announced some of the Entourage dispersed (some girl who thinks she's the #1 fan...like Lavey or something) others stuck around to watch the D1A and cheerleaders.

Jesus and I stuck it out. The dance team joined us (all in bathing suits :o) and we enjoyed the remaining competitions.

Cheerleading competitions are insane. "Bring It On" had to have been extremely close in it's representation because people go crazy. The area where the show was held was PACKED full. It didn't help that everyone just sat in the sun - as we had to make a couple trips back and forth between the show and the ocean. First off I'd just like to say none of the dance team knows how to take a wave. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia but I've been to Ocean City, NJ every year for the last 12 and I have learned how to successful swim in the ocean, you know, avoid getting OWN3D by waves. It was clear the BUDT wasn't as familiar. Not like it matters.

Anyways, the band shell during the cheerleading competition - absurd. THE WHOLE AREA WAS PACKED THOUGH AND ONLY CAUSED MORE SWEAT. In addition, there was a lingering smell around the entrance caused by the port-o-potties. I'll let you guess what it smelled like.

After an afternoon with the dance team (can't give too many details) Jesus and I walked back to our hotel and got ready for dinner. This dinner included a $40 Seafood buffet. First off, since when does a buffet, of any type, from a hotel, cost that much, and second off, since when is it required to tip the waitress even when there is a buffet. I could continue to rant, but I won't.

The dinner ended with a birthday (ICE CREAM) cake for #38 Jorie Larsen, who celebrated her 20th. Nice job with the ice cream cake, Mrs. Larsen, everyone was happy.

The whole evening ended with a game of "Never have I ever" with the dance team. Let me tell you, my life hasn't been the same since that game. I can't give you anymore details, but, well, I have nothing to say - I am still speechless.

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

This morning started at 6 am. What a wonderful change. Jesus and I hitched a ride on a $35 shuttle from Daytona to Orlando. Our assholes nearly disappeared in fear though as the shuttle that was supposed to pick us up at our hotel between 6:30 and 7 didn't show up until 7:05. Everything was all good though as we made it to Orlando International with ample time before our flight and the capability to use the internet for the first time in days. It was truly magical. And I'm talking about the whole trip. It was exhausting physically, emotionally, monetarily, but I had a great time. It was fun to meet the parents and biggest supporters of the ladies on the team and it was great to see a BU team actually win something. Furthermore, after the whole competition, fortunately/unfortunately, I'm actually into watching competitive dancing. Amazing. Way to go girls.

April 9, 2008

Hot Dog/Jesus Status - Exhausted

We've been running this Dance Team Tournament for 2 weeks now. It's tiring. Exhausting. Our grades are suffering. We're up far too late into the night. And there is nothing we need more than a break. A break from the site, a break from class, a break from Com Ave, a break from Boston. We deserve it.

Hmmm, Daytona, FL perhaps...


Let's be honest. All the girls are winners and let's hope they prove that in Daytona, FL for the NDA Championships. You go girls.

And Chad Jackson.

April 8, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament - Day 13 - THE FINALS - #38 Jorie Larsen vs. #5 Grace Lam

Their personal bios are below (last two days posts), but I urge you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Only you can choose who is the Dance Team Tournament Winner.

Choose Wisely.

April 7, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament - Day 12 - #31 Kimie Matsuo vs. #5 Grace Lam

You asked for it and you got it - the final FINAL FOUR matchup - the battle of the Asians - Grace vs. Kimie. Let's get it on!!

Last night, in Cheyenne, WY, Jorie Larsen took down Sarah Shelton in a hot showdown. I'm talking hot and close down to the wire. Anyways, the winner of today's matchup travels to the finals, tomorrow. WOW.

Once again, before you look into the bios/pictures I remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Now, let's take a look at the competitors:

#31 Kimi Matsuo

Name: Kimie Matsuo
Number: 31
Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Education: CAS '10 - International Relations
Dance Background: 12 years of ballet, 10 years of jazz, 7 years of tap, 6 years of lyrical, 4 years of hip-hop
Campus Involvement: CAS Honors Program, FYSOP, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society
Favorite BUDT Memory: Getting to know the new girls with "never have I ever" at the team sleepover... and finally meeting Kaitlyn's famous donkeys!
Interesting Fact: I can count to ten in six languages
Career Goals: After college, probably law school and a career in either law or international relations

This all comes from her provided bio:

As stated earlier, Kimie is obviously silingual. She speaks a ridiculous amount of languages. But can that help her in the ring?

Kimie has met Kaitlyn George-Busconi's donkeys, which as a matter of fact, do actually exist. I found out that is a 100% fact tonight as Kaitlyn lives in a Mass. mansion/palace (with a dance studio in the basement). I'm speculating like 8-10 bathrooms, 13-15 bedrooms. And pretty, just like KGB.

Let me tell you, from what I hear, Kimie is flat out bad at MarioKart 64. Not knockin' her, it can be a tough game (for some), but if you get in a 4 player game with her, know the worst that can happen is a 3rd place trophy.

Driving video game cars - does that translate to the essential Driving abilities category?

And just throwin' it out there - Kimie also has exactly 420 tagged pictures at the current moment.

Here are some more pictures of Kimie, just for you. And as they would suggest, Kimie has been skydiving, and is a Yankees fan. (Click to enlarge):

#5 Grace Lam

Name: Grace Lam
Number: 5
Hometown: San Marino, CA
Education: SMG '08 - Business Administration, concentration in Finance
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, pointe, and jazz at Pasadena Civic Ballet Centre. I began taking hip-hop classes in high school at Athletic Garage and the Edge. I was a 4-year member of the SMHS Dance Co. of which I was Student Choreographer my junior and senior year. I danced as a member of the chorus and was the Assistant Choreographer for my high school musicals Chicago and The Wiz. I was a 2-year member of the Varsity Pep Squad and served as captain of the Song Squad.
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority (undisclosed 'til after recruitment), Rho Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Going "around the world" at Nationals freshman year at Disneyworld, the creation of the Legacy, jammin' out to "Hey Baby" at the end of each basketball game,
Interesting Fact: I used to get paid to play the harp at weddings and other functions,
Career Plans: I'll be working as an ERS consultant for Deloitte based out of LA starting Aug 2008

Grace is the Captain of Terrier Dance Team and is an All-America. She is elite.

This time (write-up) I'd like to draw attention to who Grace commonly hangs out with:

Boston Red Sox Beast - #34 Big Papi

Boston Red Sox Centerfielder - #10 Coco Crisp
Boston Red Sox First Baseman - #20 Kevin Youkilis

New England Patriots Wide Receiver - #17 Chad Jackson

Hey what the hell is that, Chad? Is that snack food?

Tostitos? Poor form Chad. You're supposed to be staying physically fit.

So there you have it. I don't get to party with Boston athletes, but then again, I don't really want to. I'm fine partying with Jesus.
And apparently Grace is a Boston sports fan? From Cali and a fan of USC college basketball (and probably football). I smell some frontrunning.
With fellow Dance Teamers

Finally, Grace is from California, which generally produces better drivers than the state of New York. Could geography be the deciding factor in deciding the Driving abilities category? It could be the determining factor in this matchup.

Here are some additional pictures of Grace for your convenience (Click to enlarge):

Who's going to the finals. Only you can choose that.

April 5, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 11 - #38 Jorie Larson vs. #3 Sarah Shelton

I am writing this live from Cheyenne, WY as the BU Dance Team Tournament Final Four kicks off with the final matchup of the East side of the bracket. #38 Jorie Larson takes on #3 Sarah Shelton in what looks to be a very competitive race to the finals.

Here is what the bracket looks like now:

And for a slightly zoomed in view of the first final four matchup, take a look:
As with every Dance Team matchup, we remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:
- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Bios might get a little repetitive after so many rounds, so we're just going to combine the first two rounds when doing write-ups:

Let's meet the contestants:
#38 Jorie Larson
Name: Jorie Larsen
Number: 38
Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL
Education: COhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifM '10 - Broadcast Journalism
Dance Background: Lake Park High School Lancettes Dance Team four years, eleven years of studio jazz training
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Cape Cod retreat, team dinners at T. Anthony's, team breakfasts at West, weekend get-togethers
Interesting Fact: I was a gymnast for about ten years
Career Goals: I want to be a local Chicago news anchor, or write for a magazine

This all comes from Jorie's
provided bio.

Jorie has the fresh legs as she received the first-round bye and only competed in one previous round in this tournament. The second round saw Jorie come from 40 votes down with just 3 hours to go to take home the victory. I am told that she has groupies all over Comm. Ave. that were camping out in tents until Jorie's final four matchup just to get the first vote. I admire the dedication.

If you've ever spent less than 3 seconds around Jorie you'll know that she is insanely nice. I don't know how she does it. I can tell Jorie has never killed anything - no bugs, no ants, no earthworms, nothin'.

Jorie is currently the youngest officer of the Dance Team, holding down the secretary position. Unfortunately, such organization would do nothing during a mud wrestling match.

She was also part of one of the most amazing Dance Team performances in recent history:

Oh, and you know who else wears number 38? My role model.
The 2008 NL Cy Young Winner: Kyle Kendrick. Believe the Hype.

Here are some pictures of Jorie for your own benefit (Click to enlarge):

#3 Sarah Shelton
Name: Sarah Shelton
Number: 3
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Education: CAS '11
Dance Background: Trained in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet for 11 years
Favorite BUDT Memory: Taking corny family pics every time we get together
Interesting Fact: I was in a professional production of Disney's High School Musical during summer
Career Goals: Not sure yet...but I know I want to keep dancing

Sarah took down a surging Jaime Beith in the regional final as she continued her hot streak coming into Cheyenne.

She currently leads all dance team members in total votes and comments on blog entries with her in it. She also holds the individual records for each, receiving 287 votes and 20 comments in the first round.

An inside source told me that, aside from the thirty United States Marines that Sarah gave food poisoning in Korea back in the day, she happens to be a very talented cook that knows how to make a hell of a couscous dish.

Sarah once wore the wrong number to one of the home games this year. I admire her style, she always keeps fans on their toes. And my god, was I confused; I thought her evil twin sister locked her in the Case Gymnasium storage closet, only to dance in her place like nothing ever happened. That would have made for a nice bedtime story, but I guess I'll have to wait for another day.

Instead of letting you in on anymore secrets, here are some pictures (click to enlarge):

Choose Wisely

April 4, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 10 - #6 Rachel Scott vs. #5 Grace Lam

The final four is 3/4 complete after Sarah Shelton's dominant victory over Jaime Beith in the Southeast (Montgomery, AL) regional.

The freshmen have had great success in the tournament thus far, going 3-1 with one representative in the Final Four. The seniors, on the other hand, have gone 1-3 with Grace as the only representative left.

Once again, before you look into the bios/pictures I remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Don't they look so happy? Too bad one will lose tonight.

#6 Rachel Scott
Name: Rachel Scott (a.k.a. Scottie)
Number: 6
Hometown: Unadilla, NY
Education: CAS '11 - Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in creative writing...tentatively, as of now
Dance Background: Ten years of studio training
Campus Involvement: BUDT
Favorite BUDT Memory: BUDT sleepover...even though I'm sure this will change since the year is just beginning!
Interesting Fact: I'm part Cherokee
Career Plans: Being a perpetual student until I find my life calling
Fresh off of a tight victory of Kate "No-Neck" Stanton, Rachel looks to keep the hot streak up.

I once heard a rumor that Rachel always leaves notes if she gets into an accident with an unattended car. Couldn't we all learn a thing or two from that?

Andrew Jackson may not have been a big fan of Rachel Scott's part-Cherokee decent, but let's be serious, Ulysses Grant made it on a higher bill than our lovely yet racist 7th president.

I think I should stop talking before I offend anyone else. Here are some pictures to help sway your decision (Click that jawn to enlarge):

#6 Grace Lam
Name: Grace Lam
Number: 5
Hometown: San Marino, CA
Education: SMG '08 - Business Administration, concentration in Finance
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, pointe, and jazz at Pasadena Civic Ballet Centre. I began taking hip-hop classes in high school at Athletic Garage and the Edge. I was a 4-year member of the SMHS Dance Co. of which I was Student Choreographer my junior and senior year. I danced as a member of the chorus and was the Assistant Choreographer for my high school musicals Chicago and The Wiz. I was a 2-year member of the Varsity Pep Squad and served as captain of the Song Squad.
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority (undisclosed 'til after recruitment), Rho Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Going "around the world" at Nationals freshman year at Disneyworld, the creation of the Legacy, jammin' out to "Hey Baby" at the end of each basketball game,
Interesting Fact: I used to get paid to play the harp at weddings and other functions,
Career Plans: I'll be working as an ERS consultant for Deloitte based out of LA starting Aug 2008

Grace is the captain of the BU Dance Team. She enjoys long walks on the beach and indoor Badminton.

Ok, I made that up. Grace hails from California and she once used the word "bomb" as an adjective. AN ADJECTIVE. That was 4 months ago, but I'm still trying to figure out what it means. Grace also took home the 2007-2008 category for "Female Asian Willis Hong." That is a rather prestigious award, and if you don't know who Willis Hong is, please kill yourself. Or compare your life to Willis Hong and kill yourself.

At any rate, here are some pictures of Grace (again, click that jawn):

The winner gets a trip to the Final Four. Show no mercy.