March 8, 2008

The Perfect Game?

Following a weekend that saw just how inconsistent BU hockey can be, the home and home against Providence College would prove to dictate exactly where this season is heading. 
Naturally, I had to make the bumper-to-bumper drive to SCHneider Arena to watch BU try to clinch home ice. The obvious 6-0 result alone would have made my night, but here are some other interesting details of the game that made the game perhaps the...perfect game?

-Upon arrival, we received PC shirts from their pathetic attempt at a "White-Out" Night. I said to my good friend n00ka, "When Zach Cohen gets a hat-trick, I'm launching this onto the ice." I've never actually seen a hat-trick in person since arriving at BU, and in the 9 years it will take me to graduate, I never thought I'd see one.
Which brings me to another amazing part of the night:

-Z couldn't put the puck in the net, but Pete MacArthur's hat-trick just 4:22 into the SECOND period was a nice alternative. It looked something like this:

We were only up 3-0 early in the game, but you knew this was gonna be a show. I threw my shirt towards the ice, only to watch it hit the boards, inches away from the ice.

-On senior night, PC's very own senior goalie Tyler Sims was pulled after 2 periods full of half as many goals as saves. As embarrassing as that must have been, I'm glad BU forced him out of Providence with his head in his hands.

-Early in the third period, a PC fan who had an ESC (estimated shot count) of 14 came over to BU's student section and ripped off the flag we taped up to the railing. One of our students got into a shoving fight with him until it was broken up. As exciting as it was, it got much better 15 minutes later when a PC fan (possibly a high school student, we still have no idea) took the recently taped flag off the railing once again and sprinted around the arena until he found the nearest exit. As we watched the doors to the arena come to a close, the whole student section looked at each other in disbelief. We attempted to find justice in this situation, but much like the security at UMass' Mullins Center, the staff wears these shirts to tell people how they really feel:

And just like that, a bitter PC fan stole a BU flag.

As the game concluded, we reached two amazing marks for a game that a fan can only hope to expereince:

-6 goals, much to many fans' dismay, is in fact a TOUCHDOWN. I just feel as though our kicker has as much talent as "3 times" Tynes of the New York Giants. I'll sacrifice the extra point any day of the week in hockey.

-Brett Bennett, a goalie among boys, played by far his best game of his career. His third career shutout was by far his best yet, and it seems like every single player on this team is really pulling it together. I took pictures of him last night but the only thing that developed when I uploaded the pictures was this:

Agganis is nice, but I prefer being surrounded by a few thousand fans who hate me.

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