March 5, 2008

Jason Lawrence, Sucked Off Hard By The Freep

Today BU's Daily Free Press ran a 4-page suck-off piece on J-Lo. While I would love to dwell on how he has his mom and Mrs. Higgins come to Boston to clean their StuV apartment, cook for him and Chris and do their laundry, I would rather focus on this piece of gold:

"If a passerby were to peek in the bus window, they might find MacArthur in the back with headphones on, sophomore Zach Cohen reading Star Trek books and Lawrence curled up fast asleep - according to roommate Chris Higgins, at least."

All I have to say is...why am I not surprised?

I'm glad this team's 9th leading scorer can have almost the entire sports section dedicated to him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey dickweed, i bet ur regretting writing this stupid diss of "j-lo" since he's now tearing up the hockey east and is a dominant figure on the BU team. way to be a stupid arrogant fuck.