March 24, 2008

It's All Over - Hockey East Semifinal - BU vs. UVM - 3/21/08

Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 1 UVM - 3

I wasn't supposed to go to this game. I was supposed to have to work with Jesus for our job with Mountain Dew. We did all that we could to try to be able to make sure we could go but to no successful result.

Well, we didn't need to do anything...BC/UNH took care of that with a 3OT game. This enabled me to leave BU at 11:30 when I was done working and still see about half of the game. I made the trip, but Jesus didn't.

There were a couple problems though - I didn't have a ticket, they wouldn't let anyone in, and there was basically no way of getting tickets.

When I got to TD Banknorth I asked a nice-looking security guard if there was anyway I could get in. I thought he might have a heart/soul and would be nice to me, you know, show some sympathy. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was an asshole, plain and simple and didn't give a flying f*ck that I busted my ass to make it to this game.

I asked a couple of UNH fans if I could try to use their already scanned ticket to get into the game. They let me, but it didn't help me get past the turnstyles. I was feeling defeated and pissed off.

Then I realized something - TD Banknorth is poorly designed and in the midst of a rediculously long double header. People are leaving all the time through the back exits, all I had to do was wait by one of them to open and then sneak in.

This is exactly what I did and it worked like a charm.


I got into the game and literally, as soon as I got to the BU section UVM put in their first goal. Then as soon as I got a seat they put in the second goal.

And that was about it for 2007-2008 BU hockey.

I've been flip-flopping with Brett Bennett all year, but I've made up my mind - he's bad. The goals he let in were embarrassments. He needs to start listening to his coaches and stop flopping on the ground, trying to make miraculous/lucky saves. It won't work here. He's got a lot of work to do in the summer.

After UVM put in the 3rd goal - an empty netter - I felt empty. This loss was much different from last years semi-final in two ways - 1. it did end the season 2. it wasn't a blowout. I think this is why it sucked more and no one really had any words to say to one another on the way out. It was bad.

The nice thing was that Dean Elmore got buses for students back to campus since the T had shut down. However, there were only two buses and they were both being escorted by the BUPD. I knew it was going to turn out bad, and sure enough it did.

I missed the first two buses and waited for at least half an hour in the cold with probably around 50-75 others. The BUPD cars showed up before the buses did. The buses didn't come for at least 20 minutes after the cops showed up. I thought they were supposed to escort the buses? Apparently, that was lost in translation to Boston University police (but hey, what's new?) When asked where the buses were one BUPD car driver said that he got too impatient for one of the buses to make a turn and continued on without it.

Needed to be a BUPD officer - proof of birth.

We made it back to campus then tried to forget these winter sports seasons ever happened.

Look for season in review for each of our favorite Terrier teams coming in this week.

Go spring sports?

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