March 3, 2008

How to Disappear Completley...From Any Potential at Home Court In A Championship Game

Everything that needed to happen, did happen...for BU to get bounced from a 3-way tie in second, all the way to the six seed in the AEC conference basketball tournament.
Not that the 3-6 seeds really matter, it just would've been nice to have that 2 spot and UNH in the first round.

Instead BU gets the most difficult opponent they could've asked for in Albany. 0-2 on the year against them, and the team that matches up the best against BU. Really, only cause they have depth at 3 and can stop John Holland.

Furthermore, the only way a championship game would be played at Case (if BU gets that far) would be if Stony Brook/Maine won their side of the bracket. (HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE).

I didn't get a chance to see/listen to any of the game against Albany yesterday other than the first seven minutes. Albany knows how to beat BU. Hopefully it ends up like the Giants/Patriots - BU can win in the only game that actually matters.

Oh well. There's nothing that can be done now. A 3-game win streak is all it takes to go dancing. This team has proved this year they can win 3+ in a row. It's just a matter of doing it at the right time.

8:30 pm on Saturday in Binghamton. Hopefully BU will get the support of all the drunk fake BUers that will remain (maybe?). If not, the band, dance team, and 12 BU students that are taking the bus to Vestal will need to do some work to be heard.

That's Vestal and I really don't see anything to do


Anonymous said...

Good point on home court advantage. Every fan in that place from other schools will root for BU against Albany except Albany fans of course. To your point, the worst possible scenerio (start time = 8:30) occured. Many fans may not show up after a full day of tournament hoops. Too bad for the Terriers.

Anonymous said...


You're right, HD, Albany is the toughest matchup, and a crazy way to have things shake out at the end of a down, then up year. A lot is on Scott's shoulders for the Saturday night game. Yes, the gym may empty out, but BU fans can make themselves heard anytime, anywhere. Go Terriers!