March 14, 2008

Hockey East Quarterfinals - BU vs. UML - 3/14/08

Topping: Relish
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 5 UML - 3

So I was going to go to the women's quarterfinal America East game today in Hartford...but I missed the bus.

It was like the worst feeling ever. I got to the bus, saw it hadn't left yet, so went across the street to get Dunkin' Donuts. By the time I got out, walked back across the street towards the bus, it was pulling away. I tried to run and catch up to it but that didn't matter. I had missed the bus. When I saw the Band Director at the hockey game he was incredibly apologetic. He felt terrible, but it really was my fault. BD Chris Parks - you are a perfect individual.

The good thing is the women's basketball team dominated the reigning AE champs - UMBC and will play tomorrow night at 7 against #2 seed UVM. A win will send them to the AEC final, a game that Jesus and I would be able to attend.

However, missing the bus allowed me to get very ready for the hockey game.

No dance team selling raffle tickets meant no purchase of them tonight. I think this might be the first game all season, but hey, the dance team is the real selling point to the 50/50. Bring them back and you'll see me purchase at least 6 of them.

Tonight also seemed like Agganis was training a whole new set of employees at the concession stands. Seriously, the ones I dealt with seemed inept working the register and finding the difference between Buffalo Chicken Tenders and regular Chicken Tenders.

Before the game began Jesus and I posted Carter Hutton's phone number up against the glass. We got the number through a variety of unspecified means. It didn't last long though as it was taken down by about five minutes into the first half.

UML seemingly came out hotter than BU did, but sure enough, by the end of the first, it just seemed like BU was going to win.

Bennett seemed back to old Bennett, letting in some weak goals (the third). The best moment of the game, for me at least, was Pete MacArthur, after scoring his first goal, pointing to the section 118 and the BU students who came back early from their Spring Break. He did promise a National Title and this is his last opportunity. He played like he wanted it badly tonight. If only he had gotten the empty net goal instead of Higgy with 5 seconds left, chips and salsa for all.

The problem tonight seemed to be keeping out of the sin bin. All UML's goals were on the power play. 3/46 overall. That needs to change. Tomorrow. Or else this postseason could be very short.

With all the HE action BU dropped to #18 in the PWR rankings which means they might actually need to win this tournament rather than relying on an automatic bid.

They need to continue this 11/12 game winning hot streak tomorrow, same place, different time (7 pm). A win sends BU to the semis at TD Banknorth next weekend.


Anonymous said...

i listened to the game today but was wondering if you could somehow describe the save made by colby cohen...tried picturing it with the limited amount of info given on the recap on hockeyeast but I couldnt..

The Hot Dog said...

Everyone's talking about this Colby Cohen save, but I really don't remember it.

I'm assuming it was during the first or third period because if it was in the second I would've been able to see it as it would've been right in front of me.

When the puck is near the net in the far end I have trouble seeing what is going on. I'm looking for that save my self because I guess he saved a goal...

Anonymous said...

no it was during second period, Bennet went to chase the losing puck on the other side while falling on the ground, and the puck goes to the oppsite side whihc becomes a chaos, and I just see Colby Cohen laying down in front of the net instead of Bennet.