March 25, 2008

The First Matchup of the Tournament: #22 Kaitlyn Busconi vs. #37 Kailene Bernard

The moment we've all been waiting for: The lighting of the torch of the 1st annual BU Dance Team Tournament. 

The first matchup is a big one: 

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi vs. #37 Kailene Bernard

Before you spend your valuable vote on one of these talented dancers, we are obligated to state the facts about these girls. In the end, it will be tough, and we ask for everyone to try and put their emotions on hold and get down to business.

Before looking at their biographies, we ask that, as for every matchup in the future, you consider the criteria for voting:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio 

With that in mind, let the games begin

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi

Number: 22
Hometown: Berlin, MA
School: SMG '09
Dance Background: Danced at Dawn's School of Dance from ages 3-13 and then Dance Arts Center from ages 13-18, trained in studio style
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi
Favorite BUDT Memory: This is hard, I have so dinners, holiday parties, birthday parties, NATIONALS, dance camp, eating/dancing in T. Anthony's, Cape Trips, "Never have I ever," and nights on the town with my favorite girls!
Interesting Fact: Currently holds the "Top Gun Turner" award and owns six donkeys
Career Goals: To become a medical device salesperson

And her opponent:

#37 Kailene Bernard

Unfortunately, her bio is empty as she is in her first year with the BUDT. Instead, we will list what we know.

Kailene is a transfer from Dean College and is now in the School of Education, set to graduate in 2009. I am told that she loves Burmese Mountain Dogs. Actually...I just saw her facebook profile picture one day. Nonetheless, it makes for a lovely picture:

How wonderful.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Six donkeys vs. A Burmese Mountain Dog, such a tough decision. And it will be decided solely by you.

Choose wisely.

Voting is now over. Congratulations to #37 Kailene Bernard as she moves on to the next round.

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