March 16, 2008

Hockey East Quarterfinal Game 2 - BU vs. UML - 3/15/08

Topping: Just Mustard
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 1 UML - 4

Walking into Agganis tonight Jesus and I told each other, both women's basketball and the hockey team had to have the same result. Either both lose (not preferable) or both win. This way we would avoid any decision making for Sunday.

Of course what we wanted didn't happen. It never seems to. I'll get to my conflict in a minute but first...

Karson decided he didn't want to play the rest of the season. Such a shame, really. The rest of the team...flat/hard to watch/painful. The first period at least. Come the second and the third it was BU not getting puck luck and Carter Hutton stealing the game for the Riverhawks. This was one of the worst BU games I've been to, because it was so painful sitting there knowing that I would have to make a decision between two different Terrier teams in rather important games the next night.

Furthermore, when I first got there tonight someone told me Colin Wilson was out with a hip flexer. I later heard that he was a healthy scratch. If the healthy scratch part is true I have one question - is Dennis Wolff all of a sudden coaching this hockey team???? What the hell? Sitting Colin Wilson is the exact same thing as sitting John Holland - you just don't do it. Neither may have put out a great performance in the first half (Holland) or the first game (Wilson) but you don't sit them when they are need the most. BU lacked a spark in both playoff losses, basketball and hockey. Those sparks were the best freshmen in their respective conferences.

Men's hockey put out a pretty poor first period which resulted in a pretty painful loss. Women's basketball did the complete opposite in a THRILLING double overtime semifinal victory against UVM.

So our choice has been made - WOMEN'S BASKETBALL.

I'm not passing up an opportunity to see a Terrier team go dancing. What could the hockey team give me? Disappointment. Simply disappointment. I won't be overjoyed if they win. I don't think I should be. They should have swept. A #2 seed...UML...a #7 seed. Forgive me if you don't agree with me, but I won't have the same feeling if the hockey team won that I would if the women's basketball team won.

I won't get to storm the ice at Agganis. The extent of celebration would be singing "Hey Baby" as I paraded out of Agganis for the last time of the 07-08 season. I will get to storm the court at Chase if the Lady Terriers get the automatic bid tomorrow. Plus, they deserve it more. This team (women's basketball) has done nothing but treated me the entire season. I have never seen them lose. I don't plan on starting tomorrow, and I don't think they plan on it either.

Barring some miraculous change of events, I will miss my first game at Agganis Arena, ever. But, I would much rather be in Hartford with a chance to go dancing.

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