March 3, 2008

BU vs. UMass - 2/29/08, 3/1/08

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 3 UMass - 0

Yay, Brett Bennett. 2nd career shutout coming only 2 games after his first career shutout. It wasn't pretty (Bennett in net) but the defense and offense both showed up to play at Agganis last Friday.

Nothing too notable at the game, other than Bonino really teasing the crowd with his 2 goals, not 3. I was hoping that this game would lead to another home/home sweep, but alas, that did not occur.

The next night, Jesus, me, and many others loaded up three buses that travled to UMass-Amherst for Saturday's game. Things were great - full bus (bus 2), D2 was on, and getting good, and then BAM. I felt it, the whole back right side of the bus felt it. Flat tire, half-way to Amherst.

Basically it sucked. We're sitting God knows where with about 2 hours till puck drop. Fortunately, there was a bus behind us that stopped too, however, that bus only had room for 37 people. They chose who got to continue the journey, and who had to wait another hour until the next bus arrived by order you bought your ticket it. I knew I was the 110th person to buy so getting on the second bus didn't seem very likely.

I don't know how, I don't know why, but some people who were ahead of me decided they were going to stay and wait for the second bus. Jesus, our friend N00ka, and I were the last three to get onto the additional bus.

We arrived at the Mullins Center with about 10 minutes left in the first period. UMass was up 1-0 but that quickly changed with a beautiful Brandon Yip powerplay slapshot goal. It would end up being the sole BU score of the night.

The story of the night wasn't the November-esque play of the Terriers, or the awesome fight between Captain (?) McGuirk and the UMass version of Gryba, or how Picollo Joe got a penalty seconds after the fight. Saturday was all about realizing how much UMass-Amherst sucks.

The Mullins Center is hell on earth. The people that filled the building, rather the UMass students that filled it, are the scum of the earth. I am not afraid to say this because I really don't see myself ever going back there. Each time I go there I am miserable, not because of the 0-2 all time record there (for me), but because I am surrounded by the biggest douchebags in the planet.

I don't even know what the UMass fans call their student section. I call it a clusterf*ck. There is no sense of school spirit - no jerseys, no consistant color, nothing. There were a lot of UMass students, but it really looked disgraceful. There was no band which probably caused most of the tremendously disrespectful and immature chants from the Minutemen.

Cursing seems to be a prerequisite if you're from UMass. I'm not saying I don't curse, I just don't do it at hockey games. Keeping it classy is much more effective.

I'm not going to get into all the things that the Minutemen fans were saying, but I want to draw attention to one particular instance that really made me hate UMass forever (not as much as BC though).

In the third period, the game was over. I think at this point, it was like 4-1. The entire game there was a single row of (hammered) DRUNK UMass fans. All in t-shirts, none of which said UMass on them. They were turned around to the BU student section the entire time. They were trying to start fights, insult any of us, just being real real assholes. Dog Pound leader/Razzle-Dazzle Cowboy Steve Thaw signaled for a security guard who was working the section and said, "hey if you don't do anything about these guys who have just been trying to start shit with us, then we'll do something about it."

This security guard who looked like he was literally 15, Asian (not that there's anything wrong with that), small, weak, cowardly, with gloves, ripped at the fingers went down to the row.

I don't know what was said, but everyone in the row started laughing and calling Steve a taddle-tale. Are we in Elementary School here? Are you serious?

The security guard walked back up to his position, obviously without doing anything. I turned to him and said, "you suck at your job. Are you serious dude?" To which he gave me the middle finger. I was enraged. But what could I do? If I said anything more I would be the one getting kicked out.

I thought security guards were supposed to keep civility in arenas, not stir the pot more. I don't know who this asshole security guard was, other than a student at UMass, but I can only hope he gets what's coming to him one day, because that is bullshit.

How many dumbasses from UMass ran into the BU section to say we suck, or sucks to BU? So many. Furthermore, UMass fans are the dumbest in the Hockey East. It was clear that they did not know what the rules of hockey are. When there was a high stick they all acting like they were getting a penalty, waving their hands in the air in anticipating of yelling, "see ya asshole" when a BU player went into the box. "You're dumb ya assholes." I have one thing to say to all of UMass (current students):

F U.

Have fun with that state education you morons. We show our support by traveling over an hour, even after our bus breaks down, and you do nothing but act like the pieces of S you are. I hate UMass, I hate the Mullins center, I hate Minutemen.

Note: This post was completely motivated by anger.


Anonymous said...

BU fans are also complete jerks. I brought my 15 year old brother to the UMass-BU game in November, and he was wearing a UMass Jersey. 4 different groups of BU students threatened his life and security had to stand by us most of the game.

I'm sorry the security at the Mullins Center wasn't helpful. I'd also agree it's a hostile environment for visiting fans. However, don't act like you are a bunch of angels at Agganis. I'm pumped your never coming back to UMass.

Enjoy spending $120,000+ for a Community College level degree.

The Hot Dog said...

At least you got a little help from security. You should really count your blessings and keep living in anonymity. That's a big word for you I know. Enjoy state school!

Steve Aiello said...

Back off, Hot Dog. Just because some drunken idiots decided to harass you doesn't mean you can pull some elitist "not at state school" crap on us. I'd much rather deal with a few drunks here and there than a snob like you.