March 17, 2008

America East Championship Game - BU vs. UHA - 3/16/08

Topping: Ketchup + Relish
Sport: Women's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 45 UHA - 61

That was rough. It's tough to see this team lose. I've never had it happened before. Until this AEC Championship game, I'd never seen the women's basketball team lose...and now it's happened, and the seasons over.

I won't have anymore basketball for months. The worst part - both season-ending losses came at the hands of the Hawks.

The obvious problem yesterday was shooting - BU: 26% UHA: 42

Can't when games when shooting like that. The only time the Terriers weren't losing in the game was the first 31 seconds. That was all too painful.

It was absolutely destructive to look at the BU bench and to see the seniors in tears. I had to hold it. I did a better job than the girls.

As soon as the game ended I took off the costume, put my sweatshirt hood up and tried to get out of there as soon as possible. I won't forget looking back onto the court before leaving and seeing the Hartford team jump up onto the scorers table and point to their fans.

I want that.

I want that so bad.

I have 2 more years here and a little bit left this year. It can be done?

The thing that I think bothered me the absolute most during these two losses was seeing Howie the Hartford Hawk. Don't get me wrong the UHA Dance Team is down right awful. They run funny/terribly awkward and they act like sloths when they perform.

Two words: Male cheerleaders.

Anyways, back to Howie - there was no Rhett at the Championship game, but there was plenty of Howie. I don't know what exactly it is, but there is something that just makes me want to blindside tackle the Hawk more than any other mascot.

I think it's because he's kind of fat. At least that's what he looks like to me (these last two games). Not that I have anything against fat people, but he is oddly shaped, and in a way, that irritates me.
He doesn't really look like fat there. Must be an anorexic UHA girl

He also looks a lot like a duck. I think more so than a hawk. He also drags his feet when he walks. He was makin' a lot of noise when he was walking past the BU section...

Maybe Howie was why we lost? That f*ckin' mascot. I'll get him one day...

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