March 11, 2008

BU vs. PC - 3/7/08

Topping: Just Mustard
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 2 PC - 0

I know this is dating a while back (it seems like) but the finale of the regular season was awesome.

If you had told me in November that BU would finish their regular season in 2nd place in the Hockey East and shutout Providence for the second night in a row, once with Bennett and once with Karson Gillespie I would've called you crazy.

Karson looked like a goalie out there on Friday. He looked better than Brett Bennett did during his string of 3 shutouts. With BU's shutout sweep of PC it makes 4 shutouts in 7 games for 2 different goalies.

And all of a sudden there's a goalie controversy. Right back where we started in October. Who does BU start on Friday night against first round opponent and 7 seed UMass-Lowell? I have to assume Parker goes with Bennett and sees what happens. However, if they win on Friday, which I'm hoping they do, who plays on Saturday night? Do you give Karson a chance? I think you have to.

Before his outrageous 33 save performance I was saying that there is no reason to play Karson again the rest of the season. However, I've changed - he convinced me he wants to play and wants to win. He proved that he knows how to make saves, saves that BB doesn't/couldn't make. Furthermore, he didn't look hesitant or scared in net like I often see BB looking.

My pal Jesus is all for Brett to start. I am too, but I don't think Karson should be overlooked at this point. BU can win with both goalies in net.

The final game of the season meant that something had to be done - in regards to the one that Jesus and I call "hot girl." Let me explain - for 2 years now Jesus and I haven't missed a home hockey game. Because of this, we notice a hell of a lot of things around the Agganis Arena. We notice people, patterns, songs, you name it. One of these things we've noticed in our two years is a "hot girl" who hasn't missed more than 3 games in our time there. Her and her dad (we assumed) sit in section 102, roughly row 5, and seem to be as faithful as Jesus and I to this team. Here's a picture of her -
Yeah, that's about right

Anyways, we've had no idea who she is and why on earth she attends nearly every BU hockey game. We knew that this very well might be our last chance to get answers. With a large amount of peer pressure from our friends who know of the "hot girl phenomenon" in section 118, and the most opportune time (when her dad left to (we once again assume) get a beer) we made our way over to 102. It took about 3 minutes of standing at the top of the section to muster up the courage (no pun intended) to go down to talk to her. We knew that all eyes were on us, everyone in 118, everyone in 102 and surrounding sections, but we had to do it.

I led, and started out by saying, "call us crazy, but we go to a lot of BU hockey games and we notice a lot. We've seen that you haven't missed a game hardly if ever in our two years here and we need to know, are you a student, are you a sibling of a player, are you just a crazy fan?" And just like that a full on conversation began. Jesus and I were standing in the row behind her and she immediately stood up and turned to us. Our mere presence seems to do that to people sometime. Things were going good in the conversation as it was getting more and more personal. That is, until we were heavily cockblocked. And when I say cockblocked, I mean the biggest in recent history (at least in Agganis Arena).
Four middle aged men, who we have talked to before about random things regarding our costumes/BU hockey/athletics interrupted our conversation with hot girl to ask something about the hockey team or one of our signs or something along those lines. I really forget what they wanted, but it totally took us out of conversation with hot girl. The worst part was that they acknowledged the cockblock. They said, "oh, sorry about interrupting." Dahhh, frustration.

Why I oughta

The thing is, we never got hot girl's name. But maybe that's a good thing, I mean, this way, the myth will live on. We know that she is going to college somewhere next year, but not a school that has hockey because, as she said, "she would never go to a school that played against BU." Furthermore, she said she'll be back for breaks to cheer on this team with her alumni dad. There's always Friday/Saturday/(hopefully not) Sunday to find out more answers. Hopefully our cocks will be guided, rather than blocked.


The Hot Dog said...

Parker has announced Bennett will start Friday, Gillespie on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

where's the post about bu losing to the MIGHTY HARTFORD HAWKS

The Hot Dog said...

Coming. I'm still drying my tears.