March 30, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 6 - #19 Liz Stilwell vs. #5 Grace Lam

What the hell just happened? Somehow this tournament is registering a lot of votes. Might have to start charging. In the most voted in matchup to date #3 Sarah Shelton defeated #4 Miranda Trohon with %54 of the vote in an epic race. EPIC. Over 500 votes were registered. JESUS CHRIST. Thanks for making our website look half decent.

Moving on - the last matchup of the first round. 14 members quickly went down to 9. Now it's time to make that 9 an 8. Jesus is asleep and I don't know what font he uses for those cool zoom in shots of the bracket so I'm kicking it old school:

#19 Liz Stilwell (vs.)
#5 Grace Lam

You won't find youth in this matchup. (I don't mean it like that.) These are two seasoned vets who have been with BUDT their whole way through school. It's the theme of the tournament but it's a shame someone has to lose.

Of course, before you get carried away with the competition, be sure to remind yourselves of the voting criteria:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

With that in mind, let's see the competitors:

#19 Liz Stilwell

Name: Liz Stilwell
Number: 19
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Education: CAS '08 - Psychology
Dance Background: Studio training since age 3 at Dance Dance Dance Ltd., Staten Island Tech Dance Team - Co-founder/co-captain for four years, Planet Dance Studio - Head choreographer/competition coach for two years, 4th year member of the BUDT
Campus Involvement: Research Intern at the Trauma Center (JRI)
Favorite BUDT Memory: Making it to finals at the 2006 NDA Nationals
Interesting Fact: MTV made a True Life episode about where I live and where I go on vacation
Career Goals: Graduate school in NYC

This all comes from her provided bio.

I must say Liz is truly a pleasure to be around. She's like the Jordan of good feelings - she makes everyone else around her feel better about themselves. AMAZING!

Here are some other pictures of Liz for your own benefit (Click to enlarge):

#5 Grace Lam

Name: Grace Lam
Number: 5
Hometown: San Marino, CA
Education: SMG '08 - Business Administration, concentration in Finance
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, pointe, and jazz at Pasadena Civic Ballet Centre. I began taking hip-hop classes in high school at Athletic Garage and the Edge. I was a 4-year member of the SMHS Dance Co. of which I was Student Choreographer my junior and senior year. I danced as a member of the chorus and was the Assistant Choreographer for my high school musicals Chicago and The Wiz. I was a 2-year member of the Varsity Pep Squad and served as captain of the Song Squad.
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority (undisclosed 'til after recruitment), Rho Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Going "around the world" at Nationals freshman year at Disneyworld, the creation of the Legacy, jammin' out to "Hey Baby" at the end of each basketball game,
Interesting Fact: I used to get paid to play the harp at weddings and other functions,
Career Plans: I'll be working as an ERS consultant for Deloitte based out of LA starting Aug 2008

This all comes from her provided bio.

Only harp player on the BUDT. Just sayin'. I'd also like to point out that Grace is the captain of the Terrier dance team. She clarified that she is the ONE and the ONLY captain. Amanda Looney's co-captain status is equivalent to "vice-captain."

Anyways, in addition to being the captain Grace is also an All-American dancer. Compare your dancing skills to her and kills yourself. Or just don't try dancing. How 'bout that.

I also hear that certain no-name return men for a losing NFL organization pay Grace simply to be seen with a member of the dance team. TO BE SEEN!

Grace is also ridiculously nice. Too nice if you ask me. Why are these senior dance team members outstanding human beings in nearly every way.

Here are some more pictures of Grace (Click to enlarge):
Is it weird that in all her pictures she's angled to her left, viewers right?

Why am I making myself choose one! AHHHH!!!1! Help me with my decision and vote! And discuss. (Also a new record yesterday - 18 comments on one entry. HOLY HELL.)

Voting is now closed. Grace Lam has moved onto the second round.


Jesus said...

wait let me get this straight -- you are saying grace runs a brothel in cooperation with the National Football League that whores out dance team members? My god why was I only now informed of this????

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace said...

Lies, falseties

You may be confusing me with international porn star Grace Lam. Common mistake... Google if you don't believe me.


The Hot Dog said...


I am embarrassed/wished I had googled your name before I did the write up.

My apologies.

Miranda said...

I would just like everyone to know that, as Liz's roommate, I can vouch that she is a GREAT cook!! She makes a mean meatball and her chicken pot pie is to die for... spoken like a true fatty :)