March 14, 2008

The America East Men's Basketball Tournament -3/9/08 - Part 3 - BU vs. HU

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 52 HU - 59

The day just didn't feel the same. Really. It was a weird feeling like a looming feeling. There wasn't that excitement I felt on Saturday morning.

Anyways, we took turns showering while watching Sportscenter, packed up our belongings, dropped it off at the bus and walked to Denny's which was right across a highway. No biggie. As the Dog Pound walked we kicked around a BU mini ball. I don't know how that made it to Boston considering the dance team didn't throw anything to the crowd this weekend.

We got to Denny's, 15 deep and realized it would take like an hour to sit down, eat and get out of there. Not enough.

Half of the Dog Pound went to KFC (11:00 AM, a little early fro chicken?) and the other half went to the pizza place that I guess rules fake BU (I had it 3 times while in Vestal).

After we hate we walked through the cold (orange bucket included) and got into the Events Center. We found lower level seats next to the dance team and watched the 2nd half of the UMBC v. UVM game. I wasn't impressed with Blakely (with a freshly cut mohawk) or Jay Greene. Mediocre performances by them. Trimboli and Proctor on the other hand played great. Proctor more so as the result shows. Supposedly Brian Hodges blew up in the first half and dropped a boatload of points...I didn't see any of that.

During the game I explained to the Dance Team what Shake That Bear was. Allegedly I stole one of the BUDTeamers innocence with that.

The UMBC dance team is henious. I don't know who praises them. Not to be mean, but on dance team standards they are near the bottom. UVM - better than UMBC, but still, tough to look at. And they did the lazy arm. That should never be done by a dance team. Ever. I described it all as like a car crash, you don't want to look, but you do. alhdg;lashkasg, thinking about it gives me douchechills.

The nice thing was this girl Stasi. A baton tosser. She was nasty. I had to hold up my "that was awesome" sign for her. The crowd was real into it too, which made it sweet.

The HU fans showed up with about 5 minutes left in the first game. They were rooting HARDCORE for UVM, in a dying effort. We noticed that they had numbers and a guy with "Jesus" painted on his bag. It looked like he was wearing a wig, but not beard. We called him "Fake Jesus" or "Whitetrash Jesus" or "Shirtless Jesus."

UMBC won and I went to see my dad quickly before the game. I met up with everyone else and threw the costume on. First I met Stasi, the UMBC tosser then I answered some questions for some sort of reporter and finally I talked to 3 little girls who wanted to know what I was.

The section was UMBC's the game before and they lefted it an absolute mess. Trash, everywhere. Used posters scattered about. It was difficult to position ourselves, especially on the far end. The bleachers weren't as wide and were awkwardly positioned in relation to the basket. And while I'm on the topic of the flaws of the Events Center, the worst - the scoreboard. It KILLED me (and I'm sure others as well) that there were no statical displays. I'm talking the necessities on a scoreboard - Player #, Points, Fouls. Come on. I know the score and time but I need to know who's doing what and who's close to fouling out. GET A NEW SCOREBOARD and lose those f*cking rotating advertisements.

The game started off with a Corey Lowe 3. But that was about it. That game sucked and it was the worst I've seen BU play all season. Nothing was working. The defense was letting up. I mean it was bad in the first half. I thought that was as bad as BU could play and it was only going to get better like it had the night before. I was so wrong. If anything it got worse.

Corey Lowe and Joe Zeglinski had nearly identical stats but it felt like Zeglinski dominated the game. He had a better shooting percentage, but that wasn't even it. He convinced me why he's a first-team all America East guard.

John Holland should have played more. 20 minutes? He had a poor first half, but Wolff should have got him in there at some point in the last 10 minutes of the game. He's the rookie of the year, he scored 38 the game before against this team, he is a spark plug. Nope. Wolff chose not to. The result...well, a bad 59-52 loss.

We did get some support from the UMBC faithful who stayed. They were all rugby players, but seemingly nice. They even started some of the cheers. I didn't really mind because well, the one guy was fucking gigantic. He looked like the Xtreme Pterodactyl guy from Harold and Kumar. But bigger and with a mohawk (theme of the weekend?)

The funniest thing about the game was the Hartford dance team.
1. They were big (heavy/pigish/ugly/fugly/pugfugly)
2. They were incredibly slow moving. They danced like Jesus and me.
3. They ran in the most absurd manner when they came on and off the court. I was blown away. They like kicked their legs back when they ran and just looked like retarded Nazi's (especially in their black/red/white colored uniforms.)

This weekend just proved to me how good the BUDT really is. They are the hottest, hands down, and they are the best dancers, hands down. The other teams I saw didn't even come close to comparing to the hottest thing in the America East. No question in my mind.

About midway through the second the BU band started playing over the HU band, but the same song. Band Director Chris Parks did it on purpose and the HUBD looked PISSED/overmatched. BDCP rules. And BU's band absolutely dominated.

Nothing could help though. It was a rough feeling knowing that the season was ending. And unfortunately, this was the same point that BU made it to last year. Semifinal bust.

The HU fans celebrated. But I didn't even look. I couldn't. They have a strong fan base and a seemingly active/good one. I heard coach Leibovitz addressed the HU students on the court after the game. Would Wolff have done that? (No.) Good for them. They've had little success in the America East until now. But then again neither has UMBC. I'm pulling for UMBC on Saturday. I think they would end up with a 15 seed, HU would be a 16, maybe even play-in game. Regardless, the UMBC fans stood by us, I have to stand by them. Plus, they're the better team and a better representative for the AEC.

I shake my head right now, because I know this BU team could've gone farther. I know this team could have represented this conference in the Big Dance. I know they could have, but it just didn't happen this year. It was exciting, it was fun, it was really up and down. It was college basketball and for another 6 months I would be without it. (Kind of...BU women's basketball TODAY.)


Anonymous said...

My buddy was all hyped up to watch John holland. He had heard of him but never saw him play. He gets home and turns the game on in the middle of the second half. Holland is riding the pine and never gets into the game. My friend calls me up and says what the hell is wrong with that Wolff-man. He doesn't even use his best player. He has a 3rd team all conference selection and ROY and the kid doesn't play. No wonder you guys stink!!!!!!

I didn't know what to say....

Anonymous said...

Just for the record,as "unimpressed" as you were with Jay Greene, the kid is the best PG in the conference, hands down. He makes that UMBC team, he gets into the lane and penetrates, causes the defenses to collapse, and then has an ungodly ability to hit the open man, often without looking. Key sat, for the AE Tournament/Championship game, 25 assists to 3 turnovers, 25 to 3!!!!!!! that says it all. Can you imagine how good Corey Lowe and John Holland would be with a pg like Greene on their team?

The Hot Dog said...

No, I completely agree. I do think Jay Greene is one of the most talented players in this league and I would take him in a heart beat.

In an interview I did for fake BU's Pipeline I said that I would take Jay Greene over Marqus Blakely. Greene would be the first player in the entire conference I would pick.

However, on Sunday his game against UVM didn't do much for me.

Last Saturday, you know, showed a different more versatile and dangerous Jay Greene; something I was kind of expecting to see in the semifinal.