March 12, 2008

The America East Men's Basketball Tournament - 3/8/08, 3/9/08 - Part 2 - BU vs. UA and Postgame Celebrations

Topping: Just Mustard
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 68 UA - 64

I'm going to pick up where I left off...only, when I got to the game, all sense of time was distorted as my heart, body and soul all became invested into the game at hand.

Once we arrived the band/dance team separated from the 12 Dog Pound members that had made the trip. We (the Dog Pound) entered through the main entrance and found our "section" behind the close basket. When we got there we found 2 "bros" decked out in UAlbany gear. For those of you who aren't all too familiar with America East basketball, SUNY-Albany is by far the most hated team in the conference. Well, UVM might be, but in most circles, everything from the coach, to the back-to-back conference titles, to the purple/yellow colors of the Great Danes are despised.

Anyways, these bros started shit with us as soon as we got there. This was really the last thing I needed. I had just been on a bus the entire day, missed a whole days worth of America East basketball and the first thing I see in my section are two Great Danes who just want to pick a fight. I ask the security guard to make them leave but it's Binghamton, why would he do his job? He says they can be there. These bros alternate between heckling the Dog Pound and cheering on their team during layup lines. One of them, no joke, had a claw. Like he had a messed up hand and only had a claw. Bizarre/Normal for UA.

Jesus and I decide we've had enough of this bull-s and step up right next to them on the court. After they "cheer" on their players we heckle them. Most of our insults deal with their decision to get mohawks, 3 of them at least. It is ridiculous. These UA bros get more of the friends to join them but it really doesn't matter to me. I know they're just the groupies. Like their actually groupies (sex).
Josh Martin's new haircut

Al Turley's new haircut

Brett Gifford's new haircut. (HAHAHAHAHA)

With about five minutes to go until the game the groupies head across the arena to their section, which was much more full than BU's.

Shortly after they left I was able to meet Tall Boy and High Roller from the BU hoops blog. I gave Tall Boy his "loweholland08" shirt. He seemed very pleased. It was nice to have some support from people other than BU students. In addition to him and his crew a good amount of fake BU students/alumni/supporters stuck around behind us to cheer on real BU. The reason...they hate Albany and hate the coach Will Brown even more. In addition to joining BU cheers they started their own "Will Brown SUCKS" chant and held the "More Cowbell" sign.

BU came out slow. It wasn't until John Holland got shoved into the scorers table that the spark was ignited. Everything culminated in a last second Carlos Strong three from the corner off a beautiful Dennis Wolff designed play.

About midway through the first half the female "guard" who was in front of our section told us that we couldn't say our "PUSH IT" cheer because "it sounds too much like bullshit." This young lady had to have been a fake BU student. She wasn't really going to stop us. Especially after we asked to talk to her manager. Of course when he came, he was fine with it.

During the second half the UA supporters from the pregame approached the Dog Pound again. They stood behind us BU fans, but before they could say/do anything the female "security guard" moved them out. GJ "security" lady.

The second half was something else - BU took the lead early and really didn't look back. UA knotted the score quite a few times, but to the best of my knowledge, UA didn't get a lead. Free throws were the thorn of our rose. BU could've easily put the game away much earlier, say in regulation, if they had shot better than 17/30 from the line. That is terrible. There is no reason why a college basketball team should shoot their free throws so bad. Every time a Terrier was at the line it seemed like a 50/50 chance they were going to make it. That felt terrible.

Of course, UA sent the game to OT on with 5 seconds left on a Jon Iati three, and of course BU couldn't get a shot off in that remaining time. That's just the Terrier way. OT went very similarly to the game...BU got the lead and then couldn't finish off the Danes, because of free throws.

The referring was absolutely terrible. So bad that when Matt Wolff fouled out he kicked a chair over into the railing behind the bench. He was PIIISSSEED. But the officiating was terrible, there was no dodging that. The last foul against Corey Lowe that sent him out of the game was pitiful. The AEC should be ashamed.

Nonetheless, BU held on to win and I was ecstatic. I have never ever been more pumped up/happy after a victory. My voice was gone, but that did not matter. The feeling amongst the band/dance team/dog pound was complete jubilation. We didn't storm the court, but we did make our way over in front of the band to dance near the dance team as "Hey Baby" blasted. I was overjoyed and I really didn't know how to display my happiness other than repeatedly bro grab Jesus.

After the game it was a short walk to the bus, an overjoyed call to home and a 5 minute ride across the street to the Holiday Inn.

We got there and we all had only one thing in our minds - celebrate. Well, everyone but the dance team (such a shock, right?) The reason for that is because they are on a strict no drinking period to look as good as possible for Nationals in April (They're 2:1 odds on Vegas to take first this year). Nonetheless, the party had to go on.

I needed to get cherry Pepsi, for undisclosed reason, but had no singles ($2 at the HI). Who else did I turn to to break my $20 than the sophomores on the Dance Team (One of the strongest BUDT class' in years). Do you think they broke that 20? You're damn right they did. 2 fives, 3 ones, 4 quarters, and 2 "Sacajawea" dollars. These "Sacajawea" dollars didn't have any Indian on them, there was Thomas Jefferson. I accused #31 Kimie Matsuo of giving me fake money. However she said no...I still haven't used this "monopoly" money. Regardless, I had money for drinks and the party began.

And where did it go down? None other than Flute Guy's room. Let me tell you, the band knows how to celebrate. They came prepared and everyone was wearing a smile. Shit got crazy. All I can distinctively remember is a massive dance party, one Dog Pound member trying to sleep in the corner of the dance room, UA band members, 42 year-old UA band DIRECTOR, (maybe BDCP as well), and Flute Guy absolutely running shit. He is the party.

This is a direct quote from the Frantic Fantastic Fans of Flute Guy Facebook group:

"I heard that flute guy slept with all the members of the hartford, umbc and vermont dance teams in vestal

and needless to say, it was the greatest achievement of those girl's lives (cause we all know that it's not their dancing)..."

True story.

We woke up right in time to get some food before the Sunday games...continue on...

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