March 11, 2008

The America East Men's Basketball Tournament - 3/8/08 - Part 1 - Everything Up To Tip Off

I've had to let it sink in for a couple days before I could write about it. These two BU men's basketball games were emotionally and physically draining for me. I've never been so exhausted from being a fan. I can only imagine how tired the players were. Anyways, I kept a running time table of what my weekend was like. From Boston to Storrs, CT to Binghamton, NY here is the America East Basketball tournament:

7:49 AM - I awake at an hour I usually never ever see. I am exhausted and desire two things - a shower and sleep. I shower, get my things together, and leave my apartment.
8:08 AM - Jesus and I aren't in the mood to wait for a T/bus so we get a $5 cab to west campus. We've sunk that low.
8:12 AM - stop at Dunkin' Donuts. We see some dance teamers, which always brightens my day. I order a ham, egg and cheese and 2 French curlers.
8:16 - Board the bus. Jesus and I choose to sit right in front of the dance team. Don't tell me you're surprised. I eat my food and try not to let anyone talk to me at such an early hour.
8:45 - the bus leaves Boston. Once we get onto the highway I pass out. As does half the bus. Zoolander is playing though, but I don't remember past "hey Mugatu screw you and your little dog too."
10:23 - I awake in Storrs, CT. The bus is in some sort of parking lot and everyone aboard is told that we have 15 minutes to get food or use the bathroom. Jesus, me, among others cross the street to the Subway. I realize I want no food and walk behind the building to take a leak. I stop in the convenience store though to get a bag of Reese's Pieces. You can never go wrong with Reese's Pieces.
10:45 - The bus leaves, drives up the road like half a mile onto the UConn campus. I see anything of value (the basketball stadium) and before I know it we're sitting in a parking lot about 300 paces from the hockey stadium.
10:51 - Everyone arrives at the hockey stadium for some WOMEN'S HOCKEY. I haven't been to a full game. Ever in my life. I'm not going to lie, I don't really have any interest in the sport, a sport where physical contact is not allowed. Nonetheless, I was here, so was BU which means support was due. However, it's tough when BU's semifinal matchup in the Hockey East tournament is against the #2 team in the nation, UNH - a team that has scored 99 goals in HE play while allowing only 15. Shiiiiit.
11:22 - The band, dance team, and limited number of dog pound members sit (un)comfortably in the bleacher seats of the UConn hockey rink. Why did they decide to hold the tournament here? I decide to make a sign, in anticipation of the 8:30 basketball game - "John Holland wants a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries" and then on the reverse side, "for free!" Based off of -

11:58 - The national anthem is sung by a boy/girl. No one can tell, which is probably why our entire section started laughing.
What a shithole

12:00 PM - The hockey game begins. It's boring, I'm not going to lie, and near impossible to get into. However, we cheer the team on. By the first intermission it's only 1-0.
12:50 - Minutes into the second period the score is 3-0. I know this game is over.
12:57 - The band plays "Apache" yet, the bleachers are far too small to spin around. This is getting bad.
1:14 - Touchdown Terriers. 6-0 UNH.
2:15 - The game is over, ending in an 8-0 loss. I'm just glad I'm back in a bus so I can close my eyes and wake up in another state again.
2:16 - "Drumline" is the movie of choice, which means I can definitely sleep the drive away.
4:45 - I wake up and there are a number of sets of eyes upon me. I guess we arrived in this Wendy's parking lot 5 minutes prior, yet Jesus didn't wake me up. People are watching me sleep, taking pictures of me. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little freaked out.
4:50 - I'm about to enter the Wendy's when I spot a Taco Bell across the street. Ohhhh yes. Time for a grilled stuft burrito. I also introduce the circle game to 2 dance team members. I can tell they're hooked. I also bond with some band members at the greatest fast food place on earth.

5:15 - Everyone gets back on the bus and we're on our way to the final stop - Vestal, NY and the Binghamton Events Center. I have nothing to do but sleep, so that is exactly what I do.
7:40 - I'm wide awake, knowing that I'm minutes from arriving and watching Terrier basketball. The whole bus seems to know this too. The dance team is bumping hot jamz on a mobile iPod dock and they are all getting into it. (It's awesome) A track team member and capeman of the Dog Pound David Barth hears the "apple bottom jeans" line from "Low" by Flo Rida and starts dancing in the aisle. It's not bad. Then #4, Miranda Trohon shows David why she's on the dance team, and literally "serves him."

8:00-ish - We're here in Binghamton...continue on...


Anonymous said...

#4 is easily the hottest dance team member in the history of AE dance teams

Anonymous said...

I went to UCONN and I have to say, the "new" rink might be shit but when I was working for the ice hockey team from 1995 - 1997, we had an OUTDOOR rink. Outdoor as in I filled water bottles and sharpened skates in below zero weather.

I, for one, think the rink in Storrs is awesome compared to what was there before. Yeah, it's not Agganis, but UCONN hockey isn't anywhere near as good as BU's. Don't forget, UCONN is a basketball school first and foremost. We were lucky they even found the funds to build that.

tam @