March 30, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 6 - #19 Liz Stilwell vs. #5 Grace Lam

What the hell just happened? Somehow this tournament is registering a lot of votes. Might have to start charging. In the most voted in matchup to date #3 Sarah Shelton defeated #4 Miranda Trohon with %54 of the vote in an epic race. EPIC. Over 500 votes were registered. JESUS CHRIST. Thanks for making our website look half decent.

Moving on - the last matchup of the first round. 14 members quickly went down to 9. Now it's time to make that 9 an 8. Jesus is asleep and I don't know what font he uses for those cool zoom in shots of the bracket so I'm kicking it old school:

#19 Liz Stilwell (vs.)
#5 Grace Lam

You won't find youth in this matchup. (I don't mean it like that.) These are two seasoned vets who have been with BUDT their whole way through school. It's the theme of the tournament but it's a shame someone has to lose.

Of course, before you get carried away with the competition, be sure to remind yourselves of the voting criteria:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

With that in mind, let's see the competitors:

#19 Liz Stilwell

Name: Liz Stilwell
Number: 19
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Education: CAS '08 - Psychology
Dance Background: Studio training since age 3 at Dance Dance Dance Ltd., Staten Island Tech Dance Team - Co-founder/co-captain for four years, Planet Dance Studio - Head choreographer/competition coach for two years, 4th year member of the BUDT
Campus Involvement: Research Intern at the Trauma Center (JRI)
Favorite BUDT Memory: Making it to finals at the 2006 NDA Nationals
Interesting Fact: MTV made a True Life episode about where I live and where I go on vacation
Career Goals: Graduate school in NYC

This all comes from her provided bio.

I must say Liz is truly a pleasure to be around. She's like the Jordan of good feelings - she makes everyone else around her feel better about themselves. AMAZING!

Here are some other pictures of Liz for your own benefit (Click to enlarge):

#5 Grace Lam

Name: Grace Lam
Number: 5
Hometown: San Marino, CA
Education: SMG '08 - Business Administration, concentration in Finance
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, pointe, and jazz at Pasadena Civic Ballet Centre. I began taking hip-hop classes in high school at Athletic Garage and the Edge. I was a 4-year member of the SMHS Dance Co. of which I was Student Choreographer my junior and senior year. I danced as a member of the chorus and was the Assistant Choreographer for my high school musicals Chicago and The Wiz. I was a 2-year member of the Varsity Pep Squad and served as captain of the Song Squad.
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Sorority (undisclosed 'til after recruitment), Rho Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite BUDT Memory: Going "around the world" at Nationals freshman year at Disneyworld, the creation of the Legacy, jammin' out to "Hey Baby" at the end of each basketball game,
Interesting Fact: I used to get paid to play the harp at weddings and other functions,
Career Plans: I'll be working as an ERS consultant for Deloitte based out of LA starting Aug 2008

This all comes from her provided bio.

Only harp player on the BUDT. Just sayin'. I'd also like to point out that Grace is the captain of the Terrier dance team. She clarified that she is the ONE and the ONLY captain. Amanda Looney's co-captain status is equivalent to "vice-captain."

Anyways, in addition to being the captain Grace is also an All-American dancer. Compare your dancing skills to her and kills yourself. Or just don't try dancing. How 'bout that.

I also hear that certain no-name return men for a losing NFL organization pay Grace simply to be seen with a member of the dance team. TO BE SEEN!

Grace is also ridiculously nice. Too nice if you ask me. Why are these senior dance team members outstanding human beings in nearly every way.

Here are some more pictures of Grace (Click to enlarge):
Is it weird that in all her pictures she's angled to her left, viewers right?

Why am I making myself choose one! AHHHH!!!1! Help me with my decision and vote! And discuss. (Also a new record yesterday - 18 comments on one entry. HOLY HELL.)

Voting is now closed. Grace Lam has moved onto the second round.

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 5 - #4 Miranda Trohan vs. #3 Sarah Shelton

Yesterday we saw two powerhouses go at it and we received a rather even matchup that went down to the final minutes. In the end, Rachel Scott walked away victorious to move onto the second round to play the winner of tomorrow's matchup.

Here is a peak at what the bracket currently looks like as the tournament progresses:

Enough living in the past, it's time for another good matchup: Senior Miranda Trohan vs. Freshman Sarah Shelton.
Of course, before you get carried away with the competition, be sure to remind yourselves of the voting criteria:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

With that in mind, let's meet our contestants

#4 Miranda Trohan
Name: Miranda Trohan
Number: 4
Hometown: Danvers, MA
Education: CAS/COM '08 - Psychology and Advertising
Dance Background: Studio dance since I was 3, Competition Team since I was 8, high school dance team for four years, All-Star dance team for 2 years. This is my 4th year on BUDT!
Campus Involvement: Vibes Hip-Hop Dance Troupe
Favorite BUDT Memory:Definitely team dinners/sleepovers! It's so nice to hang out outside of the studio. I love just getting away from the world and being girls for the night with 14 of my best friends.
Interesting Fact: I bartended next to Dustin Pedroia and Mike Lowell :)
Career Goals: I'm moving to Miami to pursue a job in Advertising but eventually I want to come back to Boston and settle down...maybe work for Arnold or Hill Holliday as a creative director/copywriter

I stole that from her bio page. But wait, there's more.

Miranda is one of four seniors on the dance team and somehow manages to belong to two separate dance groups, meaning that yesterday she labored through double the workload as both the BUDT and VIbes, BU's Hip-Hop dance group, performed multiple times a piece. I would hate to mess with Miranda in a mud wrestling cage match as she often shows her gymnast skillz during halftime performances. Plus I heard she has a left uppercut reminiscent to that of The Hot Dog in prime form. Don't mess with Miranda.

A little extra credit: An anonymous poster commented on The Hot Dog's post on 3/11/08 audaciously stating his opinion on Miranda: "#4 is easily the hottest dance team member in the history of AE dance teams."

Not convinced? I know Miranda has David Ortiz's vote.

#3 Sarah Shelton
Name: Sarah Shelton
Number: 3
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Education: CAS '11
Dance Background: Trained in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet for 11 years
Favorite BUDT Memory: Taking corny family pics every time we get together
Interesting Fact: I was in a professional production of Disney's High School Musical during summer
Career Goals: Not sure yet...but I know I want to keep dancing

Sarah's bio says it all.

Sarah has earned the nickname "Kansas" because she is from the mean streets of Wichita.

I am slightly concerned that Sarah will end up like Jeremy Bloom with this whole professional dancing ordeal listed in her bio. Hopefully, the courts don't subpoena her like they did to Mr. Bloom, and BU will be blessed with a true professional.

But how could the NCAA ever argue with this washable tattoo?
I don't even want to think about it
So there you have it. Another Freshman vs. Senior matchup, and the freshmen look to stay undefeated in the 2008 tournament.

Choose wisely.

Voting is now closed. Congratulations to Sarah Shelton as she registered 54% of the vote in the most voted in matchup to date.

March 28, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 4 - #14 Kate Stanton vs. #6 Rachel Scott

Yesterdays matchup was not all that close. These results always come as a surprise to Jesus and I. You crazy voters. Anyways, Jaime Beith advanced with 70% of the vote. The bracket now looks like this:

Your matchup today is as follows:

A recent conversation between Jesus and I:

"This matchup is two number one seeds against each other. Basically." - Jesus
"It's unfair that anyone would have to choose between these two. What a slap in the face from your dad." - Hot Dog

Yes, truly, it saddens me that once again, someone must lose. Today's matchup will put some of the finest of the underclassmen against each other. Godspeed.

Once again, before you look into the bios/pictures I remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Keeping all this in mind I present to you the competitors:

#14 Kate Stanton

Name: Kate Stanton (a.k.a. Stannie)
Number: 14
Hometown: Leicester, MA...also known as L-Town or Lei-chester (not that its the correct pronunciation :-P)
Education: CAS '10 - undecided
Dance Background: I danced at Dance Techniques in Spencer, MA for ten years. I was trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip-hop. I also taught classes there and continue to guest teach. This is my second year on BUDT and I love it!
Favorite BUDT Memory: Nationals 2007! Eating at T's after basketball games, practice, basically any time all the time! "And we're marching..."
Interesting Fact: I'm taking Arabic and can write your name in it sometime if you would like. I have wings on my back...not real ones. I have a dog named Booger who is very true to his name. I own a pair of multicolored striped leggings
Career Goals: I couldn't tell you as of now. All I know is that I like to help people and that has always been a major goal for me and a value that I will certainly take into account when choosing a career.

This all comes from her provided bio.

Bonus points for being Corey Lowe's girlfriend. Just sayin'. I hardly ever hear Kate referred to as "Kate." It's really always "Stannie." I find it ironic that this matchup is also between two girls who are constantly called by their nicknames. Each ending in "ie.

Kate is also a recurring character on the BUTV show "Warren Towers." You will also notice Kate has angel wings on her back. Literally.

And now for your convenience, some more pictures of Kate (Click to enlarge):

#6 Rachel Scott

Name: Rachel Scott (a.k.a. Scottie)
Number: 6
Hometown: Unadilla, NY
Education: CAS '11 - Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in creative writing...tentatively, as of now
Dance Background: Ten years of studio training
Campus Involvement: BUDT
Favorite BUDT Memory: BUDT sleepover...even though I'm sure this will change since the year is just beginning!
Interesting Fact: I'm part Cherokee
Career Plans: Being a perpetual student until I find my life calling

This all comes her provided bio.

There you have it. Rachel Scott is part Indian. (Don't) Consider that when voting.

Rachel isn't really called Rachel, she's called "Scottie." This has always been a little weird to me because Scottie is a name you call your 4-year-old nephew who likes to eat clay and glue. Nonetheless, Rachel is a female, better looking version of the 4-year-old (possible) kleptomaniac "Scottie."

For your liking, here are some more pictures of Rachel (Click to enlarge):

Only you can choose who moves onto the Elite 8. Pick carefully!

Voting is now over. Congratulations to Rachel Scott who won with only 51% of the vote in most voted in match up yet. Rachel moves onto the second round.

March 27, 2008

BU Dance Team Tournament Day 3 - #10 Amanda Looney vs. #1 Jaime Beith

Another great day of voting leaves us with another winner - Emily Plucinak moves onto the second round to face Kimie Matsuo. Emily squeezed it out getting 31/61 votes. Congrats to you Emily.

Today's matchup puts up the BUDT co-captain against BU newcomer. Experience vs. youth? You decide.

Once again, before you look into the bios/pictures I remind you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Keeping all this in mind I present to you the competitors:

#10 Amanda Looney

: Amanda Looney
Number: 10
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Education: CAS '08 - Political Science
Dance Background: Studio dance since age 5, competing since age 9
Campus Involvement: Habitat for Humanity, working at FitRec teaching children's dance classes and working the front desk
Interesting Fact: My friends and I from high school started a Habitat for Humanity group and every summer since have traveled down the east coast building houses for a week in the summer. It's the best week every year by far!
Career Goals: I would like to work in either Public Health or as a legal rep - the sky's the limit!

This all comes from her provided bio on the BUDT official website. I can also tell you that Amanda is indeed the co-captain of the Terrier dancers. I've always been confused about that though because the other "co-captain" is only identified as "captain" on their site (and their programs). Regardless, Looney is a leader.

She also works at the front desk of the FitRec and always greets me with a smile and a pleasant "hello hot dog."

Here are some additional snapshots for your viewing pleasure (Click to enlarge):

#1 Jaime Beith

Name: Jaime Beith
Number: 1
Hometown: Franklin, PA
Education: CGS'11 - Biology with specialization in Ecology and Conservation Biology

So what's the skinny on Jaime? Well, first her last name is pronounced like "Keith" with a "B" instead of a "K." I know you were wondering.

Jaime sang the National Anthem at the last two basketball games of the year (for me at least). You know what happened each time she sang? BU basketball won. Coincidence? I think not. I must say, it was probably the best sung National Anthem in Case the entire year.

Another thing I would like to point out is that Jaime is short. Not that is a bad thing at all. She's the shortest on the team. I only say this in hopes that you consider it when judging who would win in a mud wrestling cage fight. Just sayin'.

Here are some more pictures of Jaime for your liking (Click to enlarge):

Both wonderful, but someone must win. Only you can decide who advances. Vote now!

And feel free to discuss the daily matchups/bracket in the comments section. We don't even care if you keep your identity anonymous!

Voting is now closed. Congratulations to Jaime as she receives 71% of the vote and moves onto the second round.

March 25, 2008

The First Matchup of the Tournament: #22 Kaitlyn Busconi vs. #37 Kailene Bernard

The moment we've all been waiting for: The lighting of the torch of the 1st annual BU Dance Team Tournament. 

The first matchup is a big one: 

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi vs. #37 Kailene Bernard

Before you spend your valuable vote on one of these talented dancers, we are obligated to state the facts about these girls. In the end, it will be tough, and we ask for everyone to try and put their emotions on hold and get down to business.

Before looking at their biographies, we ask that, as for every matchup in the future, you consider the criteria for voting:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio 

With that in mind, let the games begin

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi

Number: 22
Hometown: Berlin, MA
School: SMG '09
Dance Background: Danced at Dawn's School of Dance from ages 3-13 and then Dance Arts Center from ages 13-18, trained in studio style
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi
Favorite BUDT Memory: This is hard, I have so dinners, holiday parties, birthday parties, NATIONALS, dance camp, eating/dancing in T. Anthony's, Cape Trips, "Never have I ever," and nights on the town with my favorite girls!
Interesting Fact: Currently holds the "Top Gun Turner" award and owns six donkeys
Career Goals: To become a medical device salesperson

And her opponent:

#37 Kailene Bernard

Unfortunately, her bio is empty as she is in her first year with the BUDT. Instead, we will list what we know.

Kailene is a transfer from Dean College and is now in the School of Education, set to graduate in 2009. I am told that she loves Burmese Mountain Dogs. Actually...I just saw her facebook profile picture one day. Nonetheless, it makes for a lovely picture:

How wonderful.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Six donkeys vs. A Burmese Mountain Dog, such a tough decision. And it will be decided solely by you.

Choose wisely.

Voting is now over. Congratulations to #37 Kailene Bernard as she moves on to the next round.

It's That Time Of Year Again - Tournament Time

Well, BU went 0/3 (0/4 if we're counting women's hockey) in making NCAA collegiate tournaments. This lack of regular season/playoff success has translated into absolute boredom for Jesus and I as we're left watching schools we have no affiliation with/care for on TV in their respective tournaments.

This boredom has led to the creation of a tournament to end all tournaments. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "The 1st Annual BU Dance Team Tournament:"

Click to enlarge. I suggest you print it out.

Yes, we've done it. We've created a dance team tournament. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions (we still don't have our mat) we want to let you know how this bracket was formed. We are the committee after all, and a more knowledgable one than that of the NCAA.

First we divided the team into two regions: East and West. The members were divided by where they stand during basketball games. In the East region you can see that all the participants stand to the left of the basket (to the East if you look from their POV) while the West stands to the right.

Next we placed the participants with our complicated randomization system:

We knew there would be one bye in each region so the first member to get drawn 3 times automatically was awarded that top position. Once the bye was determined the names were then drawn in order and the bracket was filled in.

And there you have it. The most beautiful looking bracket to ever grace God's green earth.

So now you come in. We ask you, the reader/admirer of the BUDT to vote on who should advance each day. Voting is based on more than just looks though. Please consider the following while choosing who should advance to the next round:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

We will give you a matchup each day, but we need you to vote. We'll give you some pictures, some info, you know, things you need to vote (really only a picture). Let's be honest people, these girls are all smoking hot, determining a winner isn't going to be easy. No one said it would be, dammit.

The polls will open midnight and run until midnight. Check back to vote on the first matchup in the tournament:

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi vs. #37 Kailene Bernard. Damn that's a tough choice.

March 24, 2008

It's All Over - Hockey East Semifinal - BU vs. UVM - 3/21/08

Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 1 UVM - 3

I wasn't supposed to go to this game. I was supposed to have to work with Jesus for our job with Mountain Dew. We did all that we could to try to be able to make sure we could go but to no successful result.

Well, we didn't need to do anything...BC/UNH took care of that with a 3OT game. This enabled me to leave BU at 11:30 when I was done working and still see about half of the game. I made the trip, but Jesus didn't.

There were a couple problems though - I didn't have a ticket, they wouldn't let anyone in, and there was basically no way of getting tickets.

When I got to TD Banknorth I asked a nice-looking security guard if there was anyway I could get in. I thought he might have a heart/soul and would be nice to me, you know, show some sympathy. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was an asshole, plain and simple and didn't give a flying f*ck that I busted my ass to make it to this game.

I asked a couple of UNH fans if I could try to use their already scanned ticket to get into the game. They let me, but it didn't help me get past the turnstyles. I was feeling defeated and pissed off.

Then I realized something - TD Banknorth is poorly designed and in the midst of a rediculously long double header. People are leaving all the time through the back exits, all I had to do was wait by one of them to open and then sneak in.

This is exactly what I did and it worked like a charm.


I got into the game and literally, as soon as I got to the BU section UVM put in their first goal. Then as soon as I got a seat they put in the second goal.

And that was about it for 2007-2008 BU hockey.

I've been flip-flopping with Brett Bennett all year, but I've made up my mind - he's bad. The goals he let in were embarrassments. He needs to start listening to his coaches and stop flopping on the ground, trying to make miraculous/lucky saves. It won't work here. He's got a lot of work to do in the summer.

After UVM put in the 3rd goal - an empty netter - I felt empty. This loss was much different from last years semi-final in two ways - 1. it did end the season 2. it wasn't a blowout. I think this is why it sucked more and no one really had any words to say to one another on the way out. It was bad.

The nice thing was that Dean Elmore got buses for students back to campus since the T had shut down. However, there were only two buses and they were both being escorted by the BUPD. I knew it was going to turn out bad, and sure enough it did.

I missed the first two buses and waited for at least half an hour in the cold with probably around 50-75 others. The BUPD cars showed up before the buses did. The buses didn't come for at least 20 minutes after the cops showed up. I thought they were supposed to escort the buses? Apparently, that was lost in translation to Boston University police (but hey, what's new?) When asked where the buses were one BUPD car driver said that he got too impatient for one of the buses to make a turn and continued on without it.

Needed to be a BUPD officer - proof of birth.

We made it back to campus then tried to forget these winter sports seasons ever happened.

Look for season in review for each of our favorite Terrier teams coming in this week.

Go spring sports?

March 19, 2008

Pay to Spend Time With Us!

Everyone's favorite Hot Dog and Jesus will be auctioned off like hot pieces of @$$ tonight at BU's Date Auction.

Hosted by WTBU Radio and the BU Community Service Center, the Date Auction kicks off at 7 pm on the second floor of the George Sherman Student Union. You won't want to miss your chance to put down cold hard cash on Jesus/me.

Well, if you do miss it, here are some examples of the questions/answers we gave that will be read off when we walk out tonight.


Fun fact about you: I'm have a hot sauce addiction.
Describe your dream date: It starts and ends with ice cream.
What do you look for in a partner?: The complete opposite of me.
Favorite love song?: "Tiny Dancer" - Elton John

Hot Dog:

Fun fact about you: I own a candy machine.
Describe your dream date: Spike's, Sports, Sleep
What do you look for in a partner?: A kind face.
Favorite love song: "If She Wants Me" - Belle & Sebastian

Ladies, this sh*t ain't free.

March 17, 2008

America East Championship Game - BU vs. UHA - 3/16/08

Topping: Ketchup + Relish
Sport: Women's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 45 UHA - 61

That was rough. It's tough to see this team lose. I've never had it happened before. Until this AEC Championship game, I'd never seen the women's basketball team lose...and now it's happened, and the seasons over.

I won't have anymore basketball for months. The worst part - both season-ending losses came at the hands of the Hawks.

The obvious problem yesterday was shooting - BU: 26% UHA: 42

Can't when games when shooting like that. The only time the Terriers weren't losing in the game was the first 31 seconds. That was all too painful.

It was absolutely destructive to look at the BU bench and to see the seniors in tears. I had to hold it. I did a better job than the girls.

As soon as the game ended I took off the costume, put my sweatshirt hood up and tried to get out of there as soon as possible. I won't forget looking back onto the court before leaving and seeing the Hartford team jump up onto the scorers table and point to their fans.

I want that.

I want that so bad.

I have 2 more years here and a little bit left this year. It can be done?

The thing that I think bothered me the absolute most during these two losses was seeing Howie the Hartford Hawk. Don't get me wrong the UHA Dance Team is down right awful. They run funny/terribly awkward and they act like sloths when they perform.

Two words: Male cheerleaders.

Anyways, back to Howie - there was no Rhett at the Championship game, but there was plenty of Howie. I don't know what exactly it is, but there is something that just makes me want to blindside tackle the Hawk more than any other mascot.

I think it's because he's kind of fat. At least that's what he looks like to me (these last two games). Not that I have anything against fat people, but he is oddly shaped, and in a way, that irritates me.
He doesn't really look like fat there. Must be an anorexic UHA girl

He also looks a lot like a duck. I think more so than a hawk. He also drags his feet when he walks. He was makin' a lot of noise when he was walking past the BU section...

Maybe Howie was why we lost? That f*ckin' mascot. I'll get him one day...

March 16, 2008

Hockey East Quarterfinal Game 2 - BU vs. UML - 3/15/08

Topping: Just Mustard
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 1 UML - 4

Walking into Agganis tonight Jesus and I told each other, both women's basketball and the hockey team had to have the same result. Either both lose (not preferable) or both win. This way we would avoid any decision making for Sunday.

Of course what we wanted didn't happen. It never seems to. I'll get to my conflict in a minute but first...

Karson decided he didn't want to play the rest of the season. Such a shame, really. The rest of the team...flat/hard to watch/painful. The first period at least. Come the second and the third it was BU not getting puck luck and Carter Hutton stealing the game for the Riverhawks. This was one of the worst BU games I've been to, because it was so painful sitting there knowing that I would have to make a decision between two different Terrier teams in rather important games the next night.

Furthermore, when I first got there tonight someone told me Colin Wilson was out with a hip flexer. I later heard that he was a healthy scratch. If the healthy scratch part is true I have one question - is Dennis Wolff all of a sudden coaching this hockey team???? What the hell? Sitting Colin Wilson is the exact same thing as sitting John Holland - you just don't do it. Neither may have put out a great performance in the first half (Holland) or the first game (Wilson) but you don't sit them when they are need the most. BU lacked a spark in both playoff losses, basketball and hockey. Those sparks were the best freshmen in their respective conferences.

Men's hockey put out a pretty poor first period which resulted in a pretty painful loss. Women's basketball did the complete opposite in a THRILLING double overtime semifinal victory against UVM.

So our choice has been made - WOMEN'S BASKETBALL.

I'm not passing up an opportunity to see a Terrier team go dancing. What could the hockey team give me? Disappointment. Simply disappointment. I won't be overjoyed if they win. I don't think I should be. They should have swept. A #2 seed...UML...a #7 seed. Forgive me if you don't agree with me, but I won't have the same feeling if the hockey team won that I would if the women's basketball team won.

I won't get to storm the ice at Agganis. The extent of celebration would be singing "Hey Baby" as I paraded out of Agganis for the last time of the 07-08 season. I will get to storm the court at Chase if the Lady Terriers get the automatic bid tomorrow. Plus, they deserve it more. This team (women's basketball) has done nothing but treated me the entire season. I have never seen them lose. I don't plan on starting tomorrow, and I don't think they plan on it either.

Barring some miraculous change of events, I will miss my first game at Agganis Arena, ever. But, I would much rather be in Hartford with a chance to go dancing.

March 15, 2008

BU vs. GMU - 3/15/08

Topping: Relish
Sport: Women's Lacrosse
Final Score: BU - 15 GMU - 19

The first women's lacrosse game of the season was brutal to say the least.

It was f*cking freezing and the Terriers just didn't show up to play.

After coming off an impressive 17-7 win at #10 Vanderbilt on Wednesday the Terriers started out flat and stayed flat during their home opener. They did score the first goal of the game but George Mason jumped out ahead to get a 6-2 lead, only 10 minutes in.

The game was back and forth from there on out, but come second half, George Mason grabbed a lead and never looked back with 5 unanswered goals.

The Mason fans (one drunk? dad) went nuts the entire game. However, they only really said two things. "Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom" when GM had the ball and then "Tick-Tock" as the Patriots held the ball for 6 minutes resulting in a goal in the final frame of the second half.

If this team was a bunch of Lauren Morton's they would win every game, but that's not the case, and some other ladies need to step it up. Especially on the defensive end. (But hey, what do I really know about lacrosse?)

Hopefully, this will be the only home loss for the Terriers this season. There are only 5 games remaining at Nickerson. Also, hopefully, all those games will be warmer than today because my hands are still frozen.

March 14, 2008

Hockey East Quarterfinals - BU vs. UML - 3/14/08

Topping: Relish
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score: BU - 5 UML - 3

So I was going to go to the women's quarterfinal America East game today in Hartford...but I missed the bus.

It was like the worst feeling ever. I got to the bus, saw it hadn't left yet, so went across the street to get Dunkin' Donuts. By the time I got out, walked back across the street towards the bus, it was pulling away. I tried to run and catch up to it but that didn't matter. I had missed the bus. When I saw the Band Director at the hockey game he was incredibly apologetic. He felt terrible, but it really was my fault. BD Chris Parks - you are a perfect individual.

The good thing is the women's basketball team dominated the reigning AE champs - UMBC and will play tomorrow night at 7 against #2 seed UVM. A win will send them to the AEC final, a game that Jesus and I would be able to attend.

However, missing the bus allowed me to get very ready for the hockey game.

No dance team selling raffle tickets meant no purchase of them tonight. I think this might be the first game all season, but hey, the dance team is the real selling point to the 50/50. Bring them back and you'll see me purchase at least 6 of them.

Tonight also seemed like Agganis was training a whole new set of employees at the concession stands. Seriously, the ones I dealt with seemed inept working the register and finding the difference between Buffalo Chicken Tenders and regular Chicken Tenders.

Before the game began Jesus and I posted Carter Hutton's phone number up against the glass. We got the number through a variety of unspecified means. It didn't last long though as it was taken down by about five minutes into the first half.

UML seemingly came out hotter than BU did, but sure enough, by the end of the first, it just seemed like BU was going to win.

Bennett seemed back to old Bennett, letting in some weak goals (the third). The best moment of the game, for me at least, was Pete MacArthur, after scoring his first goal, pointing to the section 118 and the BU students who came back early from their Spring Break. He did promise a National Title and this is his last opportunity. He played like he wanted it badly tonight. If only he had gotten the empty net goal instead of Higgy with 5 seconds left, chips and salsa for all.

The problem tonight seemed to be keeping out of the sin bin. All UML's goals were on the power play. 3/46 overall. That needs to change. Tomorrow. Or else this postseason could be very short.

With all the HE action BU dropped to #18 in the PWR rankings which means they might actually need to win this tournament rather than relying on an automatic bid.

They need to continue this 11/12 game winning hot streak tomorrow, same place, different time (7 pm). A win sends BU to the semis at TD Banknorth next weekend.

The America East Men's Basketball Tournament -3/9/08 - Part 3 - BU vs. HU

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 52 HU - 59

The day just didn't feel the same. Really. It was a weird feeling like a looming feeling. There wasn't that excitement I felt on Saturday morning.

Anyways, we took turns showering while watching Sportscenter, packed up our belongings, dropped it off at the bus and walked to Denny's which was right across a highway. No biggie. As the Dog Pound walked we kicked around a BU mini ball. I don't know how that made it to Boston considering the dance team didn't throw anything to the crowd this weekend.

We got to Denny's, 15 deep and realized it would take like an hour to sit down, eat and get out of there. Not enough.

Half of the Dog Pound went to KFC (11:00 AM, a little early fro chicken?) and the other half went to the pizza place that I guess rules fake BU (I had it 3 times while in Vestal).

After we hate we walked through the cold (orange bucket included) and got into the Events Center. We found lower level seats next to the dance team and watched the 2nd half of the UMBC v. UVM game. I wasn't impressed with Blakely (with a freshly cut mohawk) or Jay Greene. Mediocre performances by them. Trimboli and Proctor on the other hand played great. Proctor more so as the result shows. Supposedly Brian Hodges blew up in the first half and dropped a boatload of points...I didn't see any of that.

During the game I explained to the Dance Team what Shake That Bear was. Allegedly I stole one of the BUDTeamers innocence with that.

The UMBC dance team is henious. I don't know who praises them. Not to be mean, but on dance team standards they are near the bottom. UVM - better than UMBC, but still, tough to look at. And they did the lazy arm. That should never be done by a dance team. Ever. I described it all as like a car crash, you don't want to look, but you do. alhdg;lashkasg, thinking about it gives me douchechills.

The nice thing was this girl Stasi. A baton tosser. She was nasty. I had to hold up my "that was awesome" sign for her. The crowd was real into it too, which made it sweet.

The HU fans showed up with about 5 minutes left in the first game. They were rooting HARDCORE for UVM, in a dying effort. We noticed that they had numbers and a guy with "Jesus" painted on his bag. It looked like he was wearing a wig, but not beard. We called him "Fake Jesus" or "Whitetrash Jesus" or "Shirtless Jesus."

UMBC won and I went to see my dad quickly before the game. I met up with everyone else and threw the costume on. First I met Stasi, the UMBC tosser then I answered some questions for some sort of reporter and finally I talked to 3 little girls who wanted to know what I was.

The section was UMBC's the game before and they lefted it an absolute mess. Trash, everywhere. Used posters scattered about. It was difficult to position ourselves, especially on the far end. The bleachers weren't as wide and were awkwardly positioned in relation to the basket. And while I'm on the topic of the flaws of the Events Center, the worst - the scoreboard. It KILLED me (and I'm sure others as well) that there were no statical displays. I'm talking the necessities on a scoreboard - Player #, Points, Fouls. Come on. I know the score and time but I need to know who's doing what and who's close to fouling out. GET A NEW SCOREBOARD and lose those f*cking rotating advertisements.

The game started off with a Corey Lowe 3. But that was about it. That game sucked and it was the worst I've seen BU play all season. Nothing was working. The defense was letting up. I mean it was bad in the first half. I thought that was as bad as BU could play and it was only going to get better like it had the night before. I was so wrong. If anything it got worse.

Corey Lowe and Joe Zeglinski had nearly identical stats but it felt like Zeglinski dominated the game. He had a better shooting percentage, but that wasn't even it. He convinced me why he's a first-team all America East guard.

John Holland should have played more. 20 minutes? He had a poor first half, but Wolff should have got him in there at some point in the last 10 minutes of the game. He's the rookie of the year, he scored 38 the game before against this team, he is a spark plug. Nope. Wolff chose not to. The result...well, a bad 59-52 loss.

We did get some support from the UMBC faithful who stayed. They were all rugby players, but seemingly nice. They even started some of the cheers. I didn't really mind because well, the one guy was fucking gigantic. He looked like the Xtreme Pterodactyl guy from Harold and Kumar. But bigger and with a mohawk (theme of the weekend?)

The funniest thing about the game was the Hartford dance team.
1. They were big (heavy/pigish/ugly/fugly/pugfugly)
2. They were incredibly slow moving. They danced like Jesus and me.
3. They ran in the most absurd manner when they came on and off the court. I was blown away. They like kicked their legs back when they ran and just looked like retarded Nazi's (especially in their black/red/white colored uniforms.)

This weekend just proved to me how good the BUDT really is. They are the hottest, hands down, and they are the best dancers, hands down. The other teams I saw didn't even come close to comparing to the hottest thing in the America East. No question in my mind.

About midway through the second the BU band started playing over the HU band, but the same song. Band Director Chris Parks did it on purpose and the HUBD looked PISSED/overmatched. BDCP rules. And BU's band absolutely dominated.

Nothing could help though. It was a rough feeling knowing that the season was ending. And unfortunately, this was the same point that BU made it to last year. Semifinal bust.

The HU fans celebrated. But I didn't even look. I couldn't. They have a strong fan base and a seemingly active/good one. I heard coach Leibovitz addressed the HU students on the court after the game. Would Wolff have done that? (No.) Good for them. They've had little success in the America East until now. But then again neither has UMBC. I'm pulling for UMBC on Saturday. I think they would end up with a 15 seed, HU would be a 16, maybe even play-in game. Regardless, the UMBC fans stood by us, I have to stand by them. Plus, they're the better team and a better representative for the AEC.

I shake my head right now, because I know this BU team could've gone farther. I know this team could have represented this conference in the Big Dance. I know they could have, but it just didn't happen this year. It was exciting, it was fun, it was really up and down. It was college basketball and for another 6 months I would be without it. (Kind of...BU women's basketball TODAY.)