February 20, 2008

We <3 You Too Valdas

Under that always-angry-look on your face there is a loving Lithuanian.

I just gotta say, and I think I speak for Jesus too, Valdas Sirutis rocks. Only this year I've really noticed this. Well, ever since he started bangin' 3's. But this really makes our relationship with Valdas all the more awesome - from today's America East Kid Corner: Meet...Boston's Valdas Sirutis:

Q: The best thing about being a BU Terrier is...
A: Having Jesus and HotDog cheering for you at every game. They are the two best fans in the America East.

Seriously, that's flattering. We're fans of you guys, I'm glad you enjoy what we do too. I won't miss you play, Valdas and (as long as you don't transfer *cough cough Creekmore*) I'll never stop cheering for you.

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