February 29, 2008

John HOLLA Has Metal Legs - BU vs. Hartford - 2/28/08

Topping: Ketchup
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 97 Hartford - 66

It may have been pricey and they may be kind of heavy, but John Hollands December metal leg operation has truly proved to be a success.

I think his vertical is like 67 inches or something like that. I mean, that's what I read somewhere (in my mind).

Jesus Christ. John Holland. He made a fucking statement last night. He declared himself the America East rookie of the year and proved to the rest of the league in years to come he will be the most dominant player. He will be better than Marqus Blakely. He will be better than Jamar Wilson. He will be nearly impossible to contain in this conference.

Jesus and I were talking last night about the likely hood or imporbability of a John Holland transfer. He has clearly proved to be a VERY good player. But where would he fit in. There are tons of players just like him in the big conferences. Atlantic-10...maybe, but why? Why transfer? There are very few players and teams in the America East that can cover a player like Holland (and Blakely and Wilson). He isn't huge, but he plays huge. He hustles for every minute he's on the court. He could be is the best dunker in the AEC. He's found his outside shot. And he is playing like a superstar right now.

Did I see this coming? I want to say kind of. I never thought he would drop 38 in a game. You tell me someone's scoring 38 in a game, I'm guessing Corey. But I'll take HOLLA.

Oh hey, Matt Wolff. I didn't know you liked to act like the mailman? 7 assists. I applaud your work.

Oh, and 11 boards. I would give you a bro hug if you were here right now.

Finally, we had 3:08 to get 3 points. And we couldn't do it. DAMN I wanted 100. So close yet so far. Tunde was working for it. Killen was busting his ass (goaltending included). Tully...play with confidence out there. I know you're better than that(?). Maybe we'll get a chance to see them again on Sunday at Albany on NESN. Or maybe even the tournament. If BU wins Sunday the #2 seed is highly probable. (For 2nd - BU win. UMBC win. That's all it takes to get UNH next Saturday.)

My god, this team looks good heading into Vestal, NY.


Anonymous said...


Everything is on the up here from Holland scoring the first 10 to Killen, who really did bust his ass. The sickest alley oop yet, the pass coming off the dribble from 40+ feet away. Somewhere the boys started playing with confidence, and lately with joy. It was the pits for a while, but it's worth it to see the enormous improvement.

Anonymous said...

Holland is a creature from another planet.

Anonymous said...

Homerism aside, as sick a dunker as Holland is, Blakely is in another planet. Sorry, but right now it just isn't close, even if you were to somehow throw out Blakely's 360 today IN A GAME, he still has holland beat. He has over a dozen Alley's alone on the season, and he POSTERIZED Holland earlier this year...

Holland's vertical leap is sick (we're talking high 30's), but Blakely's is like 42"

The Hot Dog said...

Missed that - I did put this down before this alleged 360.

Don't get me wrong, I think both players are fabulous but I see John Holland as better than Blakely was at this point last year.

I love watching each of them play and I hate playing against Blakely, just as I'm sure UVMers hate playing Holland (or will now).

There also is a reason why Blakely will win PotY and Holland only RotY. Yes, Blakely is better now.

Anonymous said...


You can find the video of the Blakely dunk there under "UVM Routes Maine."

2-handed 360 is rediculous in a game.

Holland may well end up better than Blakely, but he isn't/wont be a better leaper...

Also, just keep this in mind, in 2001 Hartford had a freshman named Charles Ford go beserk down the stretch, including a 38 point game. He never panned out...

The Hot Dog said...

It's just a shame he has that shitty mohawk.

He could be the face of the AEC otherwise.