February 28, 2008

I'm sorry officer, I thought this was America

At the level of play that Division-I sports provide, if a player can't keep up with the intensity of an 8 student crowd at Case for a women's basketball game, do they really deserve to be on the court for competitive play? At the women's basketball game against New Hampshire last night, everyone from the staff at the roof to UNH parents in the crowd attacked us until we were forced into silence. I'm sorry, but I thought this was America.

Apparently that image of a flag waving means nothing to anyone anymore. Isn't that why the Hot Dog carries a flag? Does no one love America?

Our ability to express our thoughts at games has gone down the tubes as Allan Weinberg (facilities manager) has virtually cut off most of our rituals/chants. After chanting "Sucks" during starting lineups last night, we were given a warning. After witnessing an airball as UNH's first shot of the game, our traditionally "AIRBALL, AIRBALL, AIRBALL...YOU SUCK!" chant warranted a near ejection from the game for the Hot Dog and I. 
We can adapt. We changed the suck to "sunk" and things were fine...or were they?
With about 12 minutes to play in the first half, a dad of a UNH player (likely an airball victim) approached the Hot Dog and I. He looked something like this: 

 Gotta love New Hampshire.

Anyways, he approached us to tell us how "obnoxious" and "offensive" we are and how this type of language does not belong in a college gym.  

Really? College? DI? And we wonder why we can't get students into the seats.

The Hot Dog and I responded by telling him of our recent switch to "sunk," but it did not seem to phase him. We continued to reason with him for five minutes, but after I placed my hand on his shoulder to try and mediate the situation, it pissed him off all the more. He slowly moved closer to my face until he was about 6 inches away and in spitting distance. I saw a fist fight in the making, but instead Allan came over to settle down this crazed father. After the nascar enthusiast rode back to his seat on his high horse, Allan pulled us aside, stating he "needs to think about this for a few days" before he can make a decision on what to do. Where's the love? 

We had our first near-death experience with a player's parent. Just another episode to cross off the to-do list...

And by the way, there was a women's basketball game, too. Another blowout win for the Terriers at the roof, 66-39. The women's team (+ HD and J) are unstoppable. When we arent't there, well that's another story.

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