February 19, 2008

HD&J Kicks it Up a Notch

We have been attending so many basketball and hockey games that my grades have taken a good slap in the face and I find myself with no free time outside of the hours spent at The Roof and Agganis arena. Naturally, this would be a problem if we were losing. 

Beginning this semester, The Hot Dog and I started to attend every women's basketball home game on top of our normal men's basketball and hockey games. Last week we sat through roughly twelve hours of sporting events in the three hockey games, two men's basketball games (one on TV), and one women's basketball game. My roommate works fewer hours than that...and he has a real job.

Either way, our record while in attendance since The Hot Dog and I kicked it up a notch has been very rewarding. Sure, my grades are going to hell. But I am willing to sacrifice that. Since I am an athletic training major, shouldn't I get some sort of extra credit for helping out...?
Here are some stats with us in attendance after the fall semester ended:

Hockey Games: 5-3-2 (Compared to a 12-14-4 record)

Women's Basketball Games: 7-0 (Compared to 14-10)

Men's Basketball Games: ____ I'd rather not say, given that in late December we had a bit of a road trip and it was not pretty. For more assuring records, see women's basketball.

Ok the actual record is 2-7. But that isn't much of a stretch from their current record. I'm doing what I can dammit! 

Also, this semester we've noticed a lot more of the creepy/candid Hot Dog and Jesus pictures being taken. They are running all around facebook, I don't know whether to be scared or flattered.
The first picture was taken by a University of Wisconsin student at the BU Holy Cross basketball game. Something isn't adding up. I'm still waiting for when I wake up in the middle of the night to see someone with a knife in hand standing over my bed breathing heavily. Once again – Should I be scared or flattered? I just don't know anymore.


The Hot Dog said...

we're in the wrong order for picture 2. just noticed that now for the first time.

JohnnyC said...

the 3rd picture was taken by none other than Laura Stoeth