February 25, 2008


First, Men's basketball:

The Terriers win in Saturday's Braketbuster was a big win. It wasn't a pretty win, just looking at the box score, but it was a win. It's not just good for Terriers - it's good for all of the America East. A 3-1 AEC record on Bracketbuster Saturday bodes well for the conference and the conference's RPI. And BU gets the first AEC Bracketbuster win ever. WE ARE HISTORIC.

ANYWAYS, the Terrier defense came to play Saturday. Again. I've said it before and I'll say it again (I hope) - Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back. That is great going into the stretch -

The Terriers had 11 steals while forcing 19 St. Peter's turnovers. The dynamic duo (Lowe/Holland) continued to impress/dominate - 40/69 Terrier points. I think this game has sealed the deal for me - I'm now a firm believer of this -

Screw just going to the game. I liked Obama but their campaign pitch makes a lot of sense - throw alley-oops, slam dunk a lot, run shit. I'm even going to put aside the fact that they're both in CGS.

I'm so pumped for the last Terrier home game of the season - Senior Night (will feature no seniors). But there will be sweet 2008 campaign T-shirts and Mountain Dew a plenty. Mountain Dew? Yes, MOUNTAIN DEW. SO EXTREME!!!!

Unfortunately there won't be any Dorito's.

Jesus and I are showing off some new Mountain Dew Green Label Art cans -

Come by the table in the lobby for free Dew and a chance to win a BU basketball jersey.

I think BU will win. My honest opinion right now. I'm hoping the game will be another fake BU/Maine game. Domination the entire way. Thursday's also going to be a good showcase of the frontrunners for RotY - John HOLLA and Hartford's Morgan Sabia. I can't wait. (Also - Dance Team member singing the National Anthem...what can't they do?!?!)

Women's Basketball:

Home is where the heart is. Or is it home is where Hot Dog and Jesus are? This women's team, for whatever reason, can't seem to win games when Jesus and I aren't there. The Terriers dropped a tough one @ UVM on Saturday - 65-56.

The Catamounts shut down Christine Kinneary which pretty much led to their win. Kinneary was held to 2 points with 3 assists to 4 turnovers. The Terriers limited UVM star Courtnay Pilypaitis to a game high 17. Still, didn't matter, BU women continue to have major trouble on the road.

Unfortunately, Wednesday nights game will be the last regular season game Jesus and I will be able to attend for the women's team. (AE Men's tournament during Senior Night) That means the ladies will have to win 3 without us. Or try to at least.

Right now BU is tied with fake BU at the 4 slot in the conference. 4 games left, I could see BU winning all of them - UNH/UA at home where the Terriers don't lose and then UMBC/SB on the road, two weaker teams.

Regardless, all that really matters in both men's and women's is the tournament. Everyone is on a level playing field and all that matters is the game at hand. As February comes to an end I realize how excited I am getting for March college basketball.


Tall-boy said...

Dude... for real... I NEED one of those t-shirts. I live so far away (and work in politics!)... help a brother out!!


The Hot Dog said...

I'm guessing a large shirt tall-boy?

Anonymous said...


Dog, love your blog, but don't dis CGS unless you know about it firsthand. Some of us are alumni, and we found the work there more challenging than what we did at CAS (floating through so many classes), and (for sure) COM.

tall-boy said...

Medium if they have one! If not Large is fine. Thanks!

If you can snag one bring it to the tourney. I guess let me know if you want some kind of tshirt from the dc area