February 6, 2008

BU vs. UVM - 2/2/08

This game was very important for a couple different reasons:

1. BU women were undefeated (4-0) when Jesus and I were there. This would be a test as UVM is 2nd in the AEC.

2. This was "Pack the House" day where BU aimed at getting as many people to this game as possible as part of an NCAA contest.

3. Jesus and I were to dance at halftime with the dance team.

Not gonna lie, dancing is hard. Jesus and I worked out with the dance team twice during the week. We each went over our routine countless times in our heads and tried to master but just one dance. The final results looked like this:

We'll be better next time.

Courtnay Pilypaitis dropped 40 points for UVM. I think that's the most points I've ever seen a player score live. That girl is impressive (despite looking like a d00d) and the rest of her team sucks. Pretty much.
BU led the entire game even though I thought the final score doesn't show how close the game actually was, or felt.

The officiating at this game was easily the worst I've ever seen. I've seen a hell of a lot of basketball but these refs were unbelievable. I'm not sexist, at all, but there is no way that there should be three female refs out there. The game really really got out of hand and the officials seemed completely clueless as to what they were doing. A total of 4 players fouled out, 3 from BU, and one on a technical foul because she (Christine Kinneary) just threw her arms up in the air. That doesn't warrant a technical by 99.9% of refs standards.

The America East really needs to take a good hard look at the officials they've hired because I can honestly say, putting my bias aside, the officiating in this league this year is God awful. Terrible. Someone needs to do something.

When I got home I watched BU men win against New Hampshire on NESN. Oh happy day! And Corey Lowe dropped 23. Now please don't leave!!

Scott Brittain is in the f*cking zone right now. It's a shame another Midwestern white boy (Last name starts with C, rhymes with reekmore) thought he was better than everyone else because he could probably really being helping this team (Scott) during conference play.

Rock on weekend of perfection - BU men's hockey, BU women's basketball, BU men's basketball and hey, BU women's hockey.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus, we love you, man, but I think hot dog is a better dancer. No need to slap, though. Be patient. He'll learn the moves.