February 11, 2008

BU vs. SBU - 1/9/08

BU men's basketball wins at home? I haven't seen this since Will Creekmore was still on the team.

In all seriousness, BU played the exact game they needed to in order to win this game. It wasn't pretty, by any means, but the score - 64-60 wasn't as close it would seem.

John Holland should be Rookie of the Year in the AE in my opinion. I know some would say that Alvin Abreu of UNH or Morgan Sabia of Hartford are the front runners but John Holland comes into every AE game on the verge of a double double. Every single game. I am so glad he is here at BU because it is obvious this kid has a very bright future; his style of play is perfect in the AE - he's physical, he's fearless, he's a beast. He is my pick this year for RotY.

Emanuel Neto, the Stony Brook center (Favorite musical artist - Coldplay), looks like that guy from the Under Armour commercials - roided up and really scary. He should've done a lot more against BU than he actually did.

BU men get a visit from Binghamton then go on the road against Vermont and UMBC all this week. It is easily the toughest week of basketball for this team. However, a nice thing about the week of Feb 11-17 is that there is a Terrier sport every single day. (Men's basketball/hockey and women's basketball. There is women's hockey, but you know...)

Elsewhere this weekend the lady Terriers lost at Hartford, mostly because Jesus and I weren't there. The men's hockey team got an impressive win over UMass-Lowell. Tonight is the Consolation game of the Beanpot - BU's first since 1994. I've never been more pumped for such a meaningless game. This is only because the student section war that will ensue tonight will probably be as entertaining as the hockey game. Of recent, mostly because of Jesus' article, NU fans and their fan group, The Dog House, have decided the Dog Pound is their arch rivals and that BU and NU has some sort of rivalry. For them, tonight is about proving their manhood, while for the Dog Pound it's a strange unusual 5 pm Monday night game in the second week of February - something none of us are familiar with.

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