February 24, 2008

BU vs. NU - Home/Home - 2/22/08 and 2/23/08

Topping: Chili
Sport: Men's Hockey
Final Score(s): 7-4 (W), 3-2 (W)

In the last 10 Terrier sporting events I've gone to, BU is a perfect 10-0. Awesome. It feels so good to be a fan right now. Granted (as I've said this before) we've won nothing yet. We haven't won home ice for the quarterfinals of the Hockey East tournament and we surely don't have any seed locked up in both men and women's America East basketball tourney.

But for now, it feels great.

I would like to attribute all this Terrier success to two things:

My Tom Morrow Coast-to-Coast T-shirt

My 2003 Love it Love NBA Playoffs Tour Headband that I got at a Philadelphia 76ers game, you know, back when they were good

You see, I've changed up shirts a lot during the early part of every season. I needed to find the right one, the most consistent shirt in getting Terrier team wins. It started out with the Coast-to-Coast as that was my go-to. Then I tried changing it up to other red shirts. Like:

And all the standard BU basketball/hockey/soccer/lacrosse shirts they always hand out.

Well, after 10 games of straight victories I can safely say Coast-to-Coast is back. The memory of Tom Morrow lives on.

I've been through 3 headbands this year. I lose them. A lot. I don't usually lose things, but for some reason, headbands disappear on me. Luckily, I haven't lost this headband (yet) because it has never seen a loss.

This weekend was fun. Beating NU TWICE. Doesn't get much better than that. Well, it would've been a lot better if I (BU) had won the hot dog eating contest during the first intermission at Matthews.

Do you remember this? Well, it actually was for real. Nancy, head of basketball marketing at BU, asked me if I could do it. Knowing it was legit, I agreed. I wasn't about to wear my costume though. I picked two solid eaters - Mr. Chris Deacon and Mr. Nooka Jones - and at the 8 minute mark of the first period we went to the zamboni entrance to prepare for the first annual Matthews Arena NU/BU Spikes Hot Dog Eating contests.

My teammates both ate their hearts out. Chris Deacon led off and destroyed the overmatched NU kid. Then Nooka Jones controlled the lead, passing the pressure all onto the anchor - me. I thought I pounded the actual hot dog pretty well. When I got to that beast of a Spikes bun though, things got rough. I tried dipping it in water like Takeru Kobayashi but it wasn't helping much. I looked over to the NU anchor who had broken the dog in half and forcefully shoved it down his throat. When he got to the bun it looked like he just deep-throated it. I had lost, I had let my team down. I was dejected, disgusted and full. BU was defeated, but for the only part of the night.

The rest of the game was awesome though - 7 goals. SEVEN. Hot damn. It felt good to walk out of Matthews, back into a blizzard, finally seeing a win at NU. (1-1-1 all time).

Last night's game was a little crazy. Crazy in that it was one of the ugliest if not the ugliest win for this team this season.

Boomer Ewing is a stud. After taking control of the game in the third with a goal and an assist he decided to treat the crowd by getting a 10 minute game misconduct with 1.1 seconds left. Awesome.

Gryba's second period hit at around the 10 minute mark was electric. I've never seen a crowd get up for a hit like last night.

I thought that the crowd was pretty good at HAA last night - it wasn't a BC atmosphere but it was definitely more lively than against Maine. And section 108 got a visit from Sasquatch? What's up with that. I did like that little graphic they had made for him though I found that funny.

My signs got a lot of love on the jumbotrons. Unfortunately, my two favorites were not thrown up there -

The NU players (and all the dudes working in the zamboni pit) did all laugh when they saw the Strathman sign. Sometimes the truth really is hilarious.

Let me just tell you about the greatest thing the band has ever come up with - the "Ole" song. Okay, so BU gets penalized and all of a sudden a trumpet starts blaring out what sounds like a triumphant theme. Everyone in 118 was looking at each other like, "hey, what is going on? This sounds new." And then, there it was, the drums, the brass, the flute, everything, in perfect unison doing the "Ole" song. This catapulted all of 118 to join in and it led beautifully into the penalty kill. And what was best was how it kept everyone in unison together. My god Band, what will you do next?

Did anyone else smell a very strong smell of marijuana during the first intermission in 118? Cause I sure did. I looked around for David Strathman but couldn't find him. I need answers!?!

That GOALrilla is sweet. I didn't know they could train monkeys to talk but I hope he's at every game from now on.

Okay, I'm done. I'll give you a basketball weekend write-up/look ahead sometime tomorrow. BU is tied for 2nd in the Hockey East now and has a .500 record for the first time all season. My guess is they might break into the top 20, at least top 25 in tomorrow's rankings. Who would have thought that? Oh right. Me -

"Look, our teams don't have good records, there's no dodging that, but you can't possibly tell me there is no potential. I am confident that these teams will pick it up. But it's only going to get delayed as long as the support isn't there. For your sake, I don't want these teams start dominating in Vestal, N.Y. at the America East tournament or in the quarterfinals of the Hockey East when most people are home for break. I keep on being reminded of how awesome the Dog Pound was in Walter Brown Arena, before I got here. I heard it was so loud, so ferocious, so intimidating. I want that, and our teams want it." - Hot Dog - DFP 12/4/08

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Matt Whitrock said...

Re: your rankings comment, check out the PWR, which is the sole determinant of a team's NCAA tournament prospects (apologies if you're familiar with the selection criteria). We've been in the top 25 since before last weekend. With the team's strong play, it's now mathematically possible for BU to make the NCAA tournament without securing the autobid that comes with a Hockey East title.

If you're only concerned with the polls, I figure that BU will be ranked if Northeastern is, being as the records are almost identical and we're 3-0-1 against them on the year with six straight victories. Then again, I don't have a vote...

Pretty crazy that a team with such a poor performance through mid-January can remain in the conversation for NCAA bids.