February 6, 2008

BU vs. Merrimack - 2/1/08

So I was sitting on my couch, preparing for the Duke/UNC game, only to find out at 9 pm that the game is BLACKED OUT. I'm enraged. I love watching these two teams go at it. It's gets almost as ugly as the teams respective fans.

This was supposed to be the most epic week of sports and now I don't get to watch what is the greatest rivalry in all of college basketball? F that. (EDIT: All I had to do was go up 8 channels from ESPN 30. Finding this out right as the second half starts = moral victory) Here's how this last week of sports has gone:

Why does Merrimack even bother anymore? BU is 12-0 against MC since the 2004 season and 6-0 at Agganis. What's the point? I'm actually mad at Merrimack because the only thing that could possibly happen is an injury. BU won't lose, they could only get hurt.

The Terrier's third period was how everyone wants them to play. Unfortunately, that only seems to happen against Merrimack.

Notable events from the game:

1. Before the game started Eric Gryba's sisters approached me and asked for a picture. I don't care who you are or how/if you know Gryba, if you can get me this picture I will pay you large (by small standards) amounts of money. His sisters names are Sarah and Mathias. I know Sarah was one of the Gryba sisters to take a picture, while the other one didn't look like "Mathias" on Facebook, at least.

2. I was heckled while dancing during the dance contest. These hecklin' "bros" would later haunt me on Monday. It's funny though because they know nothing about hockey and are probably in CGS. Not that that's a bad thing, just they are the scum of the earth.

3. Jade Phame, a fellow BU student, wanted to get on Kiss Cam. There isn't a better way other than to hump my weiner. Dreams do come true, we got on kiss cam.

Watching a win, felt...I'm not sure. Even at the time I knew the game didn't mean much. It's Merrimack, and BC was next.

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