February 20, 2008

BU vs. Maine - 2/19/08

Terriers Women's basketball is awesome. I have not ever seen them lose a game live. Ever. 7-0. Even better - they haven't lost at Case gym all year.

Ya see, Memphis coach John Calipari said it best yesterday on Pardon the Interruption, "when a team is expected to win there is that added pressure on them." I do believe that every time the Lady Terriers enter the Roof they are expected to win, but I do not believe that they feel that added pressure.

From the start of the game this team completely controlled it. Actually I should say Christine Kinneary controlled it. She probably won't get recognition for player of the year in the America East but hey, neither will Jay Greene. Yet he is one of the most dominating players in the AEC. So much like Christine Kinneary. If Christine Kinneary was an another team I would probably hate her as much as I hate Jay Greene. But she is a Terrier and that is awesome.

She rocked that game last night - 12 points, 9 assists. I really wanted her to get that 10th, but whatever. She has proved she can score - last game against fake BU - 23 points. She knows how to pass, like, probably better than Marques Johnson (sorry, Marques). And she's all ours.

Cheri Raffo was honored at the game last night for scoring 1,000 points at BU. How wonderful, and again congratulations Cheri. Quite an accomplishment.

Before the game even started Alan approached me to tell me something (I was assuming something like, "don't curse tonight. You know the routine."). He told me that during warm ups one of the refs (the only female one) heard the band say "sucks," probably just in casual conversation. She warned Alan that if she heard this during the game it could mean a BU technical foul. Alan told me to tell all the Dog Pound (6 students) not to say that during the game. I sighed and thought to myself, "this ref is going to be a bitch."

When the game started, I could tell she was. When I yelled, "what nationality are you," to Kris Younan while she was on the free throw line (you know, just trying to find out some answers. We really coudln't tell), the female referee turned around and "No-no Mutomboed me."

I was shocked and awed. Did that just happen? I tried to limit my heckling through the rest of the game, but when Maine freshman
Christina Mosher fouled out with 17:49 left in the second half and started crying, I just couldn't resist. She had to hear a, "she's still crying" chant. That felt rewarding.

And finally, STRESS BALLS ARE BACK. Whenever there's a three you better believe the Dance Team (and maybe some cheerleaders tonight?) are gonna throw them to the crowd. I dont' know about you, but I'm pumped.

I love this Terrier women's team and I can't wait to WATCH THEM ON TV on Saturday at UVM. They currently stand tied at third with Albany. A win against current #2 Vermont on the road would do wonders.


Matt Whitrock said...

Seriously? The ref said that to Alan? You can't be serious.

...although I only got to the game about 5 minutes before tipoff, so I didn't hear anything that would be relevant.

By the way, "push it" as a replacement for bullsh*t is brilliant. Probably not worth using 15 times a game, but breaking it out for really egregious calls is awesome.

Anonymous said...

That Alan guy is a major dick.

Jman said...

Alan is the only guy nastier than Little Mike.