February 22, 2008

BU vs. Maine - 2/20/08: The Maine Finale

Topping: Onions
Sport: Men's Basketball
Final Score: BU - 73 Maine - 54

The Terriers 3rd straight televised game was won in the first minute and a half. BU started the game on an 8-0 run when Maine coach Ted Woodward had to use his first timeout. One minute and thirty seconds into the game.

BU established dominance early and did not let up. John Holland is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I don't care what anyone else says he should be the Rookie of the Year in the America East. He will make a huge impact on this conference for years to come.

Which brings me to my next thought - the years to come. I think the theme of "transfers" loomed with the Terrier team for the first half of the season. First, Will Creekmore called it quits by early December, then BU saw two past players - Etienne Brower and Tony Gaffney - during a road game at UMass, then rumors of Corey Lowe leaving at the end of the year circulated around the internet. John Holland's recent, unbelievable play has made me wonder...could he be the reason that Corey will stay? Corey Lowe is a great player with so much talent - he has options to leave if he wanted to play elsewhere. But Johnny boy and Corey were quite a tag-team on Wednesday. Corey would throw the ball feet to the left of the basket and then all of a sudden John HOLLA would be there catching it and throwing it down.

John's dunking ability amazes me. I remember on an uncontested fast break in the first half Case Gym went completely silent in anticipation of John Holland's leaping abilities. He threw down the hardest dunk I've ever seen at Case. I'm sure he'll change that though - there will be dunks for years to come.

Corey and John have great chemistry. Maybe Definitely better than Corey and Carlos. And speaking of Carlos, he proved he hasn't really lost a step. He dropped 10 and contributed solid minutes. BU is deep on the bench and very dangerous when healthy. Tons of weapons.

Their most useful weapon on Wednesday though - their defense. 22 Maine turnovers, 15 in the first half. Hey, thanks for losing the game in the first half Black Bears! BU had 14 steals, which is absurd/awesome. This defense SHUT down Maine. SHUT DOWN. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back. (Becuase the Terriers are COMPLETELY healthy for the first time all year.)

Overall these 6 days/4 games of BU vs. Maine action were sweeeeeet.

Men and Women's Basketball combined totals (2 games):

BU - 28
Maine - 49

BU - 150
Maine - 109

BU - 27
Maine - 11

BU - 42
Maine - 19

The only statistical category BU lost to Maine at all was rebounds. But who really needs rebounds these days?

Is that Colby Cohen?

Thank you Maine. Thank you Corey Lowe and Christine Kinneary for 9 assists. Thank you BU for dominating America East basketball recently at the Roof. KEEP IT UP.


- The female ref from last game told Alan, who told me, that she had to include the "heckling" from the BU student section (6 kids). I am shocked and amazed. She is reporting us for "Push It" among getting on the girl's case who cried. We really toned our trash talk down for that game, but that's still not enough. I don't know what could/would result from her report.

- Flute Guy returned. The band sounded HOT.

- A young kid, probably like 14 walked by and put his hand up for a high five from me. When I went to give it to him HE PULLED AWAY. His friend behind him asked for one but I refused saying, "you can blame your friend. No more free high fives. Five dollars." The kid didn't have the money. What is up with that? Gimme a high five if you raise up.

- When the BU fan section busted out a "Push it" on a debatable call one of the refs turned to us and said, "Hey, come on that hurts my feelings." I chuckled. That's all the though. These refs, unlike nearly all of them before them, were good refs. Maybe that's just because it was a blowout.

- Yes, Jesus wasn't there. He can't help it that he is completely overloaded with homework and not getting paid for going to basketball games...Unfortunately, like all athletes - Grades > Sports (Maybe?)

- BU basketball fan base is growing? Or was that just because of it being on TV? I'd like to believe the former.

Great game. Again. Again. Too many sports this weekend - I can only watch 2 of them. Home/home with NU hockey. It's gonna be fun.

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HD: They felt the earth shake in Orono when HBomb threw down the tomahawk dunk in the first half. Rookie of the Year in AE!