February 16, 2008

BU vs. Maine - 2/15/08

Welp, that was cool. As I was sitting there watching Ben Bishop single-handedly stay in the game with the Terriers the only thought running through my mind was we're either gonna tie this game or lose it on a bullshit break for da Bears.

Thank god that didn't happen. And even better - the overtime only last 10 seconds. Only 10 seconds!!!

Some people might think this is one of the shortest overtimes in Terrier/college hockey history. I knew right away when I looked to see 4:50 on the clock it wasn't the shortest OT. I remembered distinctly - Yale @ BU - November 25th, 2006. Matt Gilroy gets the 2-1 gwg 9 seconds into overtime. Who had the first goal in that Yale game a season ago? Luke Popko. Who had last nights 2-1 gwg? Luke Skywalker Popko.

Luke's lovin' those games. Me - not so much.

BU dominated Maine last night. Maine actually looks VERY bad this year. Defensively, they were a mess. The only thing that kept this game from being a sever beatdown was Ben Bishop (and his dirty stick throwing). 31 saves for Bishop and one 2 minute penalty for THROWING HIS STICK TO STOP A GOAL. Shouldn't it have been a penalty shot for that?

And Bishop is like 6'5. He definitely resembles Manbearpig.

I feel bad for the guy though. I mean, he is a dirty player but this is the first year at Maine where he won't get 21 wins in a season. His team really does suck and there ain't nothing he can do about it.

Before the game started someone set Bennett's save percentage over/under at 89. I took the under. I lost - Bennett - 94%. On 18 shots. That's good, right?

And finally, 118 was at it's weakest last night. It doesn't motivate me to try to start cheers and even join in on other's when I know no one else around me is going to be chanting. I can't remember it being this stagnant/slow/boring in the student section ever. What's up with that? We have a 3 game winning streak! Where are the bandwagoners? Come back, we're getting better (winning record in the Hockey East. Winning record!!). 108 looked empty as did a lot of the seats in the arena - only 4,955 in attendance. Were they giving our free money somewhere else on campus? This is BU-Maine! We haven't lost to them in 8 games - this is Hockey East at its finest/worst.

Good Ok game. Good win. First Hockey East 1-goal-game victory for the Terriers. Now we go for 6 straight days of BU wins tonight against Maine. GO BU.

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