February 13, 2008

BU vs. Fake BU - 2/12/08

What a game.

What an unbelievable performance.

What the hell just happened?

That sure as hell didn't look like the Terrier team I had gotten used to from a month/2 months ago. This team looked like the team that everyone had been picking to take the conference at the beginning of the season. This is how the Terriers should have and could have played all season. But hey, peaking now is good. As long as this isn't the climax.

Everything worked for the Terriers. And when I say everything I mean John Holland. He is an absolute machine. Last night he convinced me he is not from this earth, but I'm okay with that. Some other things that made last night THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER BEEN TO:

- Mass collision from the dance team as they ran off the court after the starting lineups. #38 Jorie Larson bent down to pick up pieces of the pom pom that had come off and littered the court. #22 Kate Busconi literally truck sticked her into the ground creating one of the most entertaining dance team performances of the semester.

- 45 fouls called. I mean that sucked. It was terrible, but I guess I'll take those high school refs in 26 point blow out.

- The dunks - John Holland can fly. He also enjoys doing it.

- Matt Wolff double digits. Max Gotzler double digits. When will this ever happen again? ENOUGH SAID.

- 26 point win.

- First 4 game winning streak since the 04-05 season.

- Coach Wolff showed ever single emotion. Usually he shows every single emotion except happiness. Last night he showed happiness - he smiled as he left Case to the locker room. HE SMILED.

- The BUDT member I asked to be my Valentine via giant sign said yes.

- BU band right on point.

- Cheerleaders?

2 terribly tough road games - UVM/UMBC. This team can win them both. Yes. They. Can.

See you at the roof tonight (?) for the Women's Pink Out game.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Dog Man and J. This is how the Terriers used to play a few years ago. It took a long time to loosen the reigns on the offense with this group, but maybe now! Keep everyone healthy and CONFIDENT and let's see. Back when the Terriers won 20+ four seasons in a row, we always laid a hurt on the other team, ground them down on D, AND scored. Saw it last night for the first time in a long time. The Bearcats wanted to pack up and go home, but wait, there were still 15minutes to play. Holland is a beast. Jerk from Binghamton ruined a great smash down with his intentional foul. Corey is learning to dish. Coach W. is (let's hope) learning to trust the players on offense. The white-haired ref. was the worst, but we won't dwell on that.

P.S. We thought the divine one would walk on water for the free-throw contest, but he didn't even give off the halo effect to his partner.