February 19, 2008

BU @ UMBC - 2/17/08

And the streak ends. The 5-game men's basketball winning streak and the 6 day Terrier athletic winning streak.

Men's basketball in playing how they should right now; they're playing the way every preseason fan of the America East (all 14 of us) thought the Terriers would play.

The men's game Sunday was on TV here in Boston and thank god it was. From what I saw, first off, UMBC has a NICE gym. Looking at the box score - 3,492 in attendance, that ain't half bad for America East play.

Furthermore - our scorers scored - Tyler, John HOLLA, Corey and Scott all in double figures. And Matt Wolff (MATT WOLFF?) with 8. 19 lead changes in the game. Holy shit that's a lot.

UMBC played 6 guys. That 6th guy killed the Terriers. The only player off UMBC's bench, transfer Cavell Johnson dropped 19 which proved to be the difference.

To be fair UMBC was missing their second best player, Brian Hodges. BU missing Carlos Strong. (I really hope he comes back soon. But, where will he fit in on this team? HOLLA has filled his void.)

Woa, woa, who is UMBC's #1 then? As much as I hate to admit it, it is Jay Greene. Jay Greene is the Nate Gerbe of America East basketball. He's so easy to hate but I would take him on my team in a heartbeat. It is nice to see Wolff's defense hold him to a mere 5 assists, 2 lower from his game average.

I am very confident in this team. They will be the most dangerous in the tournament for any other opponent. But here's the catch, any seed lower than the 2 seed will mean playing another very scary America East team.

1 - UMBC
2-6 - BU/fake BU/Albany/UVM/Hartford
7-9 - UNH/Maine/SB

I don't want to be stuck playing UVM or Albany in the first round of the tournament. But that is a very real possibility. Shit. BU needs 3 wins. That would leave them at 10-6 and in a great position to take the 2nd seed. And it's also 2 games better than last years Terriers who made some noise in the conference tourney. Maine on Wednesday - should be a win. Women's basketball against Maine tomorrow. As long as Jesus and I are there that should be a win too.

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