February 6, 2008

BU @ UAlbany - 2/6/08

The women's basketball team suffered a devastating 76-50 loss to UA today during a noon game on a Wednesday?? See, that just doesn't make sense and it even angers me. Who was the mental patient who decided it was a good idea to have women's college basketball at 12 during the week. F-ed up.

This all just supports Jesus and my theory -

BU women's basketball:
@ Case Gymnasium: 7-0
when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 5-0
@ Case Gymnasium when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 4-0
Away from Case Gymnasium when Jesus/Hot Dog are there: 1-0
Away from Case Gymnasium: 5-9

Well, looking at this, as long as Jesus and I are there at ever remaining game the rest of the season you can expect another national title for Boston University.

Congratulations to Cherri Raffo on her 1,000th career point. That is quite an accomplishment.

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