February 15, 2008



Simply put, Boston University (athletics, let me specify) is so hot right now. (Kind of like Hansel)

Monday: BU Men's Hockey beats NU
Tuesday: BU Men's Basketball beats fake BU (Binghamton)
Wednesday: BU Women's Basketball beats fake BU
Thursday: BU Men's Basketball BEATS UVM

Both the women's game on Wednesday and tonights Valentines game were tremendous for the Terriers. Here's what I learned from these past 2 games (and what the hell, Tuesday nights too):

1. If Kristine Kinneary wants to score she will score.

2. Coach Dennis Wolff's famed defense is back.

3. Tyler Morris isn't the same Tyler Morris from last season.

4. John HOLLA will win Rookie of the Year in the America East.

5. UVM is very easily beatable. But Marqus Blakely is goood. His shithawk is still ugly though.

6. BU Women's team has a whole lot of weapons on the bench.

7. Marques Johnson really knows how to pass. And Corey Lowe is starting to have faith when he passes. YAY PASSING!

9. Matt Wolff has stepped his game up. Can he thank Dad??

8. BU Men's basketball is playing the best it's played in the last 2 years. If BU matches the 2004-2005 result of an 8 game winning streak it would leave BU at 13-14 overall and 9-5 in AEC play. But I don't want to jump to conclusions, I don't have my mat.

Obviously, I'm excited about what's going on. But we all have to remember, we've won nothing yet. BU needs to stay confident and poised down the stretch. I hope this hot, hot momentum continues into tomorrow nights Men's home hockey game against Maine. Shake that bear.


LittleMike said...

The new beast of America East Johnny H-bomb (John Holland) has my vote for Rookie of the Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dog, Holland is tops. Great post all the way through, now add one over the Black Bears at Agannis tonight with the shortest overtime in history.

Anonymous said...

There were three takes to the hole in the UVM game that were big time: Corey's amazing finish when the 30-year old CPA intentionally fouled him, MJ floating free and finishing with confidence, and, maybe best of all, Matt doing what had to be done.

Oh yes, H-Bomb is absolutely the rookie of the year, and I would love to see a conference dunk contest.

GIANT TERRIER FAN, signing off